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—As the tower collapsed, as Reid’s flash washed over him, Subaru Natsuki’s life burned out.

His final moments completely evaporated.

There were a lot of questions Subaru had, like how had he kept his foothold in the crumbling tower, or how had he resisted that all-consuming shadow, or what did he intend to do next, but he set all that aside.

The one sure thing was that as Reid’s final flash consumed Subaru, he evaporated.

Most likely, he didn’t even have time to feel any pain, if he had to guess.

Of course, he wasn’t about to convince himself that was an act of mercy on Reid’s part, but not experiencing any pain or fear in his final moments was a rare experience for Subaru, who had died multiple times in such a short period.

There had not been any pain or fear—there was only rage.


How many times was he going to keep dying pointlessly?

Being able to bring something back, finding a hint for breaking out…so long as there was something like that, Subaru’s death wasn’t meaningless. His suffering wasn’t in vain.

What a terrible lie.

It was just an excuse because he wanted to avoid confronting his own powerlessness. He just didn’t want to believe he had died pointlessly, without any hope or recourse.

And so he sought meaning in his death, to convince himself he had not simply died for no reason at all.

If only I wasn’t weak.

If only I was smarter.

If only it were someone else, someone stronger, wiser, braver.


There was no one, save weak, stupid, pathetic Subaru Natsuki.

Because they always refused to leave Subaru alone.

Because they were the source of his battered and bloody resolve.

“That’s why I…”

That’s why Subaru Natsuki—

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