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263 Planning of the Goddess (2)

A little girl closed her eyes.

The goddess of light opened her eyes.

U | Ah

The sky is beginning to split.

Gold goes to the spear and the sound goes off. It is as if the terrible noise that evokes the sound of the North is covering the entire planet, from the end of Latna to the end.

A tremendous energy of destruction felt everywhere.

All those who were sensitive were terrified and stood up.


“What is this? ”

“Oh, my God!”

Kivier grabs Altia's neck.

“Hey! Are you really crazy? ”

It was only the incarnation of darkness that knew clearly what this little girl had done.

At this moment, Altia gave up on maintaining Latna.

I just laid down the goddess's duty.

The five remaining goddesses barely survived because of Kibriel's absence, and you drove all the way from here to Altia?

“Did you really let go? Let's all die together like this? ”

Altia clears Kivier's hand with a sharp face.

“So I told you not to be surprised. ”

“You're not surprised now?

If this is the case, Latna will be gone! ”

It was then.

Again, this side happened.

The shaking spear began to stabilize again. The energy of destruction, which covered the entire planet, also disappeared at an alarming rate.

Kivier scrambled around.

The world has regained its stability?

“How? There's no way the rest of the kids have this kind of power left. ”

Surprisingly, Altia did not look embarrassed.

“You have someone to carry the burden, right? ”

The girl pointed to the east as if she knew this would happen.

It was the direction in which the Arch of Dimension of the Drew Basin, Ompalos, descended.

“The one who robbed me of about 20% of Latna. ”


Same perspective.

Omphalos reached out his hands and pointed to the sky with a cold sweat.

“Hmm??????? ”

A huge golden river flows across the sky. The power of Mashin extends throughout Latna.

The faith of so many Latnines, drawn from this world through tens of thousands of angels, permeates between light and the absence of darkness, and instead supports the world.

“I didn't know this was going to happen like this. ”

Genovia, who was watching, was surprised and asked.

“What happened? ”

I could have guessed that something terrible was going on. But I don't know the inner lining.

“The goddesses love gambling surprisingly. ”

Looking back at her, Drinkin smiled with a hard smile.

“You left me a heavy burden. ”

If all the goddesses had left their hands together, there would have been no way to respond, no matter how ompalous.

Latna would have collapsed as it was.....

“I'd go home crying, too, wouldn't I? ”

But only Altia was the goddess who took her hand off. The rest were still supporting the world.

The shortage is roughly 20%, and so is the authority of Latna, which Omphalos finally acquired.

“This can't be a coincidence. ”

Altia is asking.

What are you gonna do, Omphalos? At this rate, we disappear and Latna disappears. You won't be delivering either. ’

Exactly, it's all about 20% of the faith I've had so far.

Do you want to eat this, or do you want to greed? ’

Sadly, I was forced to greed. It wasn't just for hundreds of years to eat this.

I decided to eat mustard weeping and carried the burden of the world instead.

“So what happens now? ”

In response to Genovia's question that followed, Omphalos posed a dilemma.

“It became very difficult. ”

My feet are tied.

The progress of the planetary predation process to stop the collapse of the world has also been suspended.

'Phase 2, Sky Observatory duvet room stopped, but current progress: 24.2%.

Altia smiled conscientiously.

“If you thought you'd be as bad as us, Omphalo AI,"


With this, Omphalos can no longer escape the Dimensional Bow. His feet were tied in one place, like any other goddess who supported the world.

In addition, the second stage, the ceiling duvet room was also suspended. I don't have to break an angel statue with blood like this until now.

Of course, the Heavenly Infant Toxin Zone was still covering Latna. Therefore, Altia's creed, which has returned for a while, will be suppressed in no time.

You have to deal with the work before then.

Altia shouts, pointing to Hanbin's group and ManaKiras.

“Awake, Essence of Latna! ”

All the sacraments were activated at a time.

A dazzling light enveloped everyone holding the sacrament.



? * *

Epir groaned.


She was wandering in the welcome.

It's the wind.

It was a beautiful, elegant, rough, cruel wind that broke everything and embraced all things.

At the same time, a strong energy rises in the body.

Swings and rises, reaching out to the limbs.

It was power.

A tremendous force she never even imagined!

Lightning erupted everywhere and the silver-haired girl roared.



Ryuhanbin laughed in vain.

“This is what it looks like when you look outside. ”

He had already experienced taking the sacrament of Darkness once. The sacrament acquisition process (?) was familiar.

Moreover, there are relatively few powers to be taken because the sacraments of light and darkness collide with each other.

Thanks to this, I had already taken all the power of the sacrament.

After finishing faster than the others and watching the other group, the crowd became quite busy.



I'm sure they're having a tremendous experience in the visions of wind energy harmony, but it's all about the third party just shaking and picking up the fire and lightning.

“It's kind of funny. ”

Rather than being the master of the great goddess's sacrament, it seemed to cause some kind of epileptic attack.

Hanbin looked back at Kivier and asked.

“Did I do that? ”

She shakes her head with the complaint.

“You don't look like you do now. ”

It would have been much more worthwhile if I had gained power in the Chamber of the Sacrament. The world must have flashed gloriously with flames, lightning and storms.

“I pushed it all into the collapsed city inn and just hit it hard, can't you expect it to be cool? ”

“What do you know, though? All you have to do is get your strength right. ”

Ryuhanbin examined the body's aura.

“You want to level up a bit? ”

“It's a level, I'm sure. ”

Kivier strikes the seconds.

Hanbin's level does not go up unless he harms monsters or lats or phosphorus and gains it as an EXP.

“And when you level up, that's more of a problem, right? ”

“Yes, I am. ”

What matters is not the level, but the real skill.

Certainly, the Aura sheep increased. I haven't been able to digest it yet, but I can feel the energy increased considerably.

“But it doesn't feel as stretched as it was then. ”

“I told you, 20% would be the best. ”

“But I really didn't expect to hit 20%. ”

I grumbled, and the other group opened their eyes.

Leon Hart, who is the goddess's blessing and has relatively little power to gain, was first followed by Artis, Epir, and Manachiras, who in turn regained stability.

“That's a lot of power……

Artis and Epir trembled, while Leonhart and Manachiras were relatively calm.

“I don't know. ”

“Yes, it's great, but it's not enough to say it's huge. ”

It was worth it.

Ryu Hanbin muttered, confirming their level of change to the guidelines.

“It certainly works with Artis and Epir. ”

"Race: Humans. Wizard 1V. 139J

"Race: Humans. Horse Inspection lv. 142j

“On the other hand, Leon Hart and that dragon lady have some regrets. ”

"Race: Humans. Scholar lv. 132j

"Race: Humans. Warrior, lv. 125j Leon Hart. Yes, but Mana Kiras isn't much of a leveller. It's a human form, considering that the level has been cut.

As you have already reached level 141 in Dragon status, there is a relatively small percentage you get.

Artis and Epir mutter autonomously.

“To be strong in a floundering tribe.

“We don't even have one specialist, do we? ”

“I'm ashamed to carry my face around. I gained more power than a dinosaur when I was only 150 years old, and it's not my effort, it's my strength. ”

“I've only lived 18 years. I'm worse. ”

Altia said in a refined manner.

“I did not give you a sacrament to be good. It's all for this world. ”

The incarnation of light and darkness shines.

“I barely fought back, but I still had my advantage. ”

“You can't miss this opportunity you just took. ”

“You think there's a multiplier, don't you? ”

Omphalos murmurs as he walks through the Ruby Jewel Corridor.

“It's good to hold hope, but it's hard to keep it up to chance. ”

It was also something to prepare for.

I certainly didn't expect this to happen, but.....

“Nevertheless, we can take action. ”

Genovia followed and asked.

“Where are you headed? ”

A ruby tower rises east of the Dimensional Palace.

Marcin stepped into it and looked up.

“Go to the recovered suitors. ”

All sides are decorated with jewels and gold. Feather duvets and carpets are all over the place, with all sorts of vagueness and exquisite beauty.

Thousands of suitors were enjoying paradise.

Eat and drink as much as you want with the presence of a handsome beauty. And it kills the handsome beauty that was on the market.

A desperate scream burst out everywhere.



A joyful laugh echoed.


“That's great, really! ”

In extreme pleasure, a dead man and a beautiful woman rise again. Then he shook his head and took the market again.

I ate and drank endlessly.

I killed him endlessly and killed him again.

The suitors shouted excitedly.

“This is a real paradise! ”

Looking at the large square inside the Ruby Tower, Genovia looks tired.

“What is this……? ”

Thousands of human beings were hesitating.

With the disc of light upside down on his head like a madman, he swallows his mouth and salivates with a lost eye like Izzie.

“I'm keeping my promise. ”

Omphalos replied as if it were a cliché.

“Didn't I promise them paradise? ”


Are you a visionary? ”

“Wouldn't that be the reality if you believed they were true? ”

Drinking, he laughed.

But Genovia did not smile as he followed.

Already an apostle of Omphalos, she lost most of her susceptibility when she was a human being, but still remained a human part of her.

“It's not easy to abandon the mortal's senses, though. ”

Drinks nod as he understands.

“But you don't even have a face like that? The goddesses you used to serve are doing it secretly and often. ”

The Latnines had valuable and valuable resources.

There is no reason to consume it for the useless scum.

“No, not garbage? ”

Now they're useful again.

Omphalos reaches for the air. A red light came down and wrapped thousands of suitors together.

The screen of light unfolds in the void of the square.

"Planet predation process, running temporary protocols.

Retrieve guidelines for the selected target.

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