Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 13.5 - Chapter Aft

Afterword & Acknowledgement 

Thank you for reading Fuse-sensei’s work and my translation. 
This is a revised version of the previous translation of side stories. We will include the mini side stories in vol 13.5 in the next main story volume.


[1] Psychidae is a cocoon like shell usually made up of wires 

[2] 極意(Gokui): Means a state of in between the limitation and beyond, not sure how to translate 

[3] There is a change of prononune from Ore to Watashi to show respect to Rimuru. 

[4] keikaku 

[5] refer to volume 5. 

[6] Or Shinigami, God of Death in Japanese. 

[7] 锏 —(Jian) Chinese sword-like mace 

[8] Wield-Sickle, a traditional Japanese weapon 

[9] A cow-deer hybrid creature (refer to volume 2), a creature in slime world 

[10] The following are “alternative narratives” in Rimuru’s head 

[11] 紅炎衆「クレナイ 」 Benimaru’s corps of soldiers 

[12] Keikaku 

[13] Ruminas addresses herself like a noble (boomer), using the pronoun of  妾 (warawa) 

[14] Explained in volume 11, Chloe coming to the world with Leon 

[15] Rimuru gets drunk in vol 8 using this knowledge. 

[16] シルベリア
[17] ブランシエ·ナム·シルベリア Special thanks to Waoweewoo for coming up with the EN name 

[18] Blanche - French for white (feminine form) 

[19]  レチイシア
[20]  エミリヤ
[21] Blanc - French for white (masculine form) 

[22] ガリアス
[23] ギイニアス·ナム·ガリアス

[24] Commander of the Armored Corps in Eastern Empire 

[25] バンス
[26] FYI: Negotiable – Testa, Rain, Misery; Non-negotiable – Guy, Carrera; Do whatever they want – Diablo, Ultima 

[27] Referring to the three members of the imperial army corp in E astern E mpire who “took down” Testa mentioned in empire invasion arc.


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