The Great Thief - Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465

Although Lu Li was confused, he still felt surprised .

The defense was quite simple . There were also no news of Wings of Dawn employing a genius strategy, so it was extremely surprising that Peerless City's Stronghold had been taken that easily .

"Can I ask something? Why do you suspect Soul Eater?"

Water Fairy's wasn't using her usual assertive tone . Soul Eater was someone that had been with her for a long time and had a position in Drizzle Court too . Water Fairy was asking herself whether she had wronged Soul Eater in any way .

Although Peerless City was said to be founded with Water Fairy's support, it was with truth .

Normally, the branch guild would be much weaker than the main guild . If it became a club, then it would be a training-based guild for the main guild . It was already an accomplishment if they could enter the Donghua Cup . Professional players from the branch guilds would eventually be transferred to the main guild once they reached a certain level .

However, the Peerless City branch was different .

Drizzle Court not only transferred most of the male players to Peerless City, but she also sent Green Flag Wine, Deadly Gold Underpants and a specialised support, which formed a strong trio to build the foundation for their club . Peerless City instantly became a powerhouse .

"The Stronghold is only a part of it . The main part is the expiring contracts for the elite squads . Players are having trouble renewing the contracts," Vegetarian Mosquito explained .

"Does Tire Killer not know about this? Why is it that you're the only person talking to me about it?" Water Fairy questioned as she took a deep breath . If it was to the stage where contracts were being touched, then Soul Eater's ambitions were too terrifying . Furthermore, what was even more devastating was that no one had come and approached Water Fairy .

Was this an indication that the people from Peerless City were planning a betrayal?

"Tire Killer probably doesn't know . I observed for a few days and there didn't seem to be anything weird with them . The only reason why I realised was because of my cousin who recently joined the club's elite squad . He was a lawyer, so he would sometimes help drafting contracts in the company . He immediately realised that there was something wrong . "

"The original contract was signed under the name of Peerless City, but the new contract was different . It was signed under the name 'Peerless City Guild' . My cousin got some of his friends to help check the name and found out that it was only registered this year . The past two months' contracts were all signed under this name . Furthermore, for some of the players with expiring contracts, they were suddenly told to renew it earlier .

"When Haze went back just then, he exaggerated and added details to what had happened in the raid . From how Soul Eater usually dealt with things, he should have immediately scolded Haze and not allowed him to do what he wanted . However, he was clearly online today, yet he didn't say anything . It was only when brother Wine spoke up that things were able to be calmed down . "

"Furthermore, the most talked about topic in the guild nowadays is that Peerless City is only a branch guild of Drizzle Court . This was originally something that was forbidden to be mentioned . Although Soul Eater would scold the players talking about it, he was often quite late when doing so . "

"Oh, that's right . Some people also said that Drizzle Court would get swallowed up by Ruling Sword," Vegetarian Mosquito said after he glanced at the quiet Lu Li and decided to give one more clue .

"…" Water Fairy breathed a sigh of relief .

As for the things that Vegetarian Mosquito said, besides the contracts, the others were all guesses . However, these guesses were not based on pure speculation either .

"If you don't mind me asking, can I ask why do you want…" Lu Li began, then hesitated for a moment, before deciding not to say the word 'betray' . Then, he continued to ask, "Why do you want to stand on Drizzle Court's side? Did Soul Eater not give you a position? You're a pro player . "

"If Water Fairy didn't pull me over to Peerless City, Haze probably would have become the pro Hunter player instead of me," Vegetarian Mosquito bitterly smiled and said .

Normally, clubs wouldn't change their pro players, especially Hunters . Since Vegetarian Mosquito already occupied the Hunter position, Haze wouldn't have a chance at being a pro .

"After I joined Peerless City, there were still many chances to compete . However, it suddenly wasn't that peaceful anymore . Frustrating things after things were happening . I just wanted to compete, you know? Haze was the leader of the Hunter department and he always thinks that others owe him . He's also Soul Eater's friend in real life and Soul Eater has been there since the beginning . I can't win against him and don't want to fight him…"

"So you think that if Soul Eater leaves, then there will be those people who would leave with him?" Water Fairy didn't know what to do here .

Now she felt that she had given Soul Eater too much freedom . For the past two years, she hadn't really asked about Peerless City, yet she continued to support them by giving them pro players and funding .

"Brother Wine won't leave . Underpants probably won't leave either . Soul Eater can't give them what they want . Not sure about Specialised Support, since he has quite a good relationship with Soul Eater . Immortal won't, since she's friends with Water Fairy . Falling Smile probably would leave with him, since he's been quite close to Soul Eater lately . Soul Eater often invites him to drink together," Vegetarian Mosquito guessed .

"That's not too bad," Water Fairy breathed another sigh of relief .

Today was not a good day . She felt that the whole world was betraying her . However, if the pro players didn't have any problems, then it would be okay .

There would definitely be losses, but it was only the more recent contract signees .

The problem now was how to minimise the losses .

"Actually, it won't be that difficult to deal with this . Just get all the elite squad members to re-sign their contracts . We're doing that over at Ruling Sword . It's mainly to increase welfare benefits, but the old contract had quite a few holes," Lu Li suggested . He didn't see the situation as something too bad .

"I understand," Water Fairy nodded, then sighed, "Why is Soul Eater doing this?"

Lu Li then realised that Water Fairy wasn't like the average girl . She had received the best education and thoroughly understood how to deal with things like this . This ordeal with Peerless City wouldn't cause any waves .

After all, this was a legal issue for Peerless City . However, public reputation was still on her .

Even if Soul Eater dragged some people away, Water Fairy could still sue all of them . She didn't need to win against him, but all she needed to do was slow them down . The legal fees wouldn't even make a dent in her wallet anyway . Furthermore, she had the personnel to completely rebuild the guild .

For her, the more important issue was betrayal .

"Water Fairy sister, do you really not know?"

Once again, Vegetarian Mosquito felt unnatural talking with Lu Li here . He continued to explain, "Soul Eater has liked you for so long – for so many years! But you…you might not even be aware, but emotional damage can change a person . "

Lu Li rubbed his nose, acting like he was innocent . He was a little happy though .

He also knew that Soul Eater liked Water Fairy . Truthfully, everyone in the game knew . This was why his feelings towards Peerless City were quite complicated . He didn't particularly like them, but he didn't particularly hate them either . After all, it was part of Water Fairy's work .

He also couldn't hate on Soul Eater, since this would not be a good look . After all, he had followed Water Fairy for many years .

Soul Eater was like a thorn – not fatal, but not comfortable either .

He couldn't hold it anymore . After being fed for so long, he had finally bit the hand that fed him .

"I thought I already sorted it out with him . "

Water Fairy didn't know what Lu Li was thinking . Since he had a face of pity on, it gave her much comfort . She felt that she was lucky that Lu Li was here with her, because he made her feel that this betrayal by her closest subject wasn't anything major .

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