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Chapter 213

After resting at home for a night, the team had neither the nood or physical strength to leave . Even if they wanted to go out again, it was not possible right away . What’s more, considering the duration of each zombie siege – a small-scale wave would be around three to five days, larger ones may last more than a week . The size of this wave was not large but if they were outside when they withdrew towards them…it would dangerous part way through .

They packed up everything in the room, Yan Fei brought the metal they collected to the basement and strengthened places that were not finished . The others also organized and packed before waiting for the new shelves to be made . Then they filled it with compost to grow crops, the process was repeated .

The Otaku squad was stuck at home for a day . At night, He Qiankun and Wu Xin sorted out the satellite photos and with the rest of the team they analyzed and observed .

“You see, there seems to be signs of the zombies retreating!” He Qiankun zoomed in on a few photos and showed the computer screen to everyone .

Unlike the previous two days, the zombies showed signs of leaving the southwest base . The past zombies had surrounded the outside regiments while others continued arriving . But now the group surrounding the army looked like a line, as if gathering towards the north-right side of the base .

“Maybe they are going to retreat, in this case the zombies should be heading north after this . There is no danger to our area or the warehouse . ” Luo Xun touched his chin and pointed at the screen . “If this continues, the zombies will be gone tomorrow or the day after at the latest . The base will wait a day or two before cleaning up the battlefield and sending out teams to do tasks . ”

Even if the base speculated that the zombies would leave, for the sake of safety they would temporarily keep people inside . After all, they could not control when satellite photos would get taken . It seemed that because some tech sites were destroyed after the end of the world, although the satellites would regularly photograph the situation and send, those on the ground could not control the target, frequency or other variables .

Coupled with the fact that many places had been destroyed with the apocalypse, there seemed to be no way to launch satellites into space . Once one was broken…the people on earth could not repair it . One satellite gone was one permanently lost .

The team temporarily withdrew their concerns about the satellite . After discussion, they decided to hurry and go out again . They would head to the transportation company from last time . If there were no supplies, they could go back to the warehouse and collect a lot of metal instead .

After making up their minds they acted very efficiently . The next day they drove out, the round trip took four days and Luo Xun harvested a lot . The place was strange, Luo Xun felt it was because – all kinds of strange food and drink were all mixed together . Although it was visited after the apocalypse, it was not a person’s first priority due to the mess .

So this operation was fruitful and efficient . With no zombies or other things to mess with their group, Luo Xun brought back all kinds of strange things .

From bottles, cans and flowers to washing machines, air conditioner and water purifiers . There was even a lot of dry food . They drove back with full cars .

The two women were looking at the shampoo, bath, dental and other high end skin care products . Although many of these things had limited shelf life, they could still be used . Luo Xun found a few parcels of strange flower seeds, he would take it back and see what plants would grow .

After this long-distance trip, Luo Xun and the others would not need to go far away for a while . Other than going out to collect metal, they could stay at home to completely renovate their base . Then they could pass their days in relative comfort .

This time after taking a closer look at the satellite photos, the crowd finally breathed a sigh of relief – the zombie wave at the southwest base had retreated and the base had not been broken .

“Boss, will we return at the end of the month?” Li Tie asked since it was close to the end of the month . The southwest base had just experienced the zombie wave, some places might not be open and prices must have risen a lot .

Luo Xun shook his head, “Not this month, we’ll go back early next month . First let’s finish with the stuff at home . ”

They only went out two times but found a lot of good things . The first time, not to mention salt, the shelves also had MSG and chicken stock powder, relatively durable seasonings . This month although they had harvested many green vegetables, the number was not to the extent that they were in a hurry to sell . Naturally there was no need to rush back to the southwest base .

One should know that after every zombie wave, the base would make some adjustments . If they rushed back, who knew what would happen . It was best to wait a little while until things calmed down .

After making up their mind, the team rested for a few days and then went out five or six times in a row to bring back enough metal to continue their unfinished work .

Dug the basement and created all kinds of things . After this was done and covered in metal, the team was finally ready to deal with the planting area above ground .

Yes, the greenhouse .

After a number of modifications, Luo Xun finally set the design and with Yan Fei’s input, they finished the plan .

The first step for building a greenhouse was to build metal walls . It was about half a meter thick, made from metal with the highest toughness after special treatment . They built it close to the edge of the mutant plants .

At first the plants were curious and constantly used their branches to check the new things . But with the smooth appearance, no parts to be grabbed, the rock-like posture, the plants treated them as real stones .

The second step was a secondary treatment of the metal walls – painting .

Luo Xun picked out some colors and adjusted them until they were similar enough to the mutant plants . Yan Fei did a good job of painting the metal and recreating the new circle of metal . The second layer melted on top of the wall and formed a semi-circular dome . It was like some stadiums that protected the audience but the center was empty .

The curved design from above closely resembled the surrounding mutant plants .

The purpose of this pattern was not only to hide from eyes but also even if the mutant plants grew taller, they would not reach the edges .

The metal fence was close to four meters tall, about the same height as the second floor building . From a distance if someone passed by although they could see the upper edge of the wall, it would be thought of as a mutant plant . Deep underground beneath the wall was tightly sealed with metal .

With the fence done, the rest of the work was more convenient . Luo Xun and the others were not in a hurry to start work . They first waited for a day for more satellite photos to examine their home . After confirming that the camouflage effect was good, even though they carefully looked there was nothing unusual, they decided to continue work the next day .

This time, Luo Xun did not directly lay a metal floor, but turned the ground into sand first .

The ground was paved with slate and asphalt before the apocalypse so the soil was not suitable for planting things . So they would deal with the area and use better soil for planting .

Luo Xun put aside some marble floor and other decorative things for the greenhouse . Yu Xinran started to use her power .

The sand was transported to the car and dumped on the hills at the farm land’s edge . They also decided to tear down several small houses – the contents were moved into storage . Anything that did not fit was temporarily set aside or placed on a metal platform .

After all, Luo Xun and the others could not use the tractors, sowing cars and so on in a short period of time, but these things were pretty good and a pity to throw away .


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