To Be a Power in the Shadows! (LN) - Volume 5 - Chapter 5.7

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Part 7

“Yes, it’s okay~.”

Eliza treats the injured female student with a gentle smile.

“T-Thank you very much……Eliza-sama……”

The female student’s voice was trembling. It was never due to pain. Next to Eliza, a large student at her side crossed his arms.

“I didn’t realize there were this many students left.”

Alexia looked around the room.

Except for Alexia, Eliza, and the others, eight students still remained. And four bodies.

“Suddenly I thought I was surrounded by a white fog, and then I was attacked by a monster that I couldn’t understand~ …… I’m still the vice president, so I had to fight really hard to keep everyone together~.”

A barricade had been built at the exit of the classroom.

The barricades were stained with blood. Blood was splattered everywhere, even on the walls.

Alexia stole a glance at Eliza’s remaining magic power. The number was 1971.

“The vice president has a lot of magic left, doesn’t she?”

“I was blessed with a good bloodline. My parents are my pride and joy~.”

Eliza said a little proudly.

“I see …… What are you going to do now? The students are gathering in the auditorium. I think it would be safer to move them there.”

“I’d like to, but I’m worried about moving. Everyone’s remaining magic power is low.”

All of the students in the classroom, with the exception of Eliza and her entourage, had less than 300 remaining.

“Shall I accompany you on the way?”

“I would be very relieved if you would~.”

Waiting for the preparations to be finished, Alexia and the others left the classroom. The female students were shaken until the end.

Alexia, Claire, and Isaac led the way.

This was to avoid depleting students who had little remaining magic power.

However, Alexia’s remaining magic power is not enough to spare either.

“Less than 1000……”

Alexia muttered quietly.

As her remaining magic power decreases, she realizes that death is approaching.

“I’m 1100.”

“I still have 1300. Leave it to me when it’s hard.”

Isaac and Claire continue while saying so.

They had more leeway than Alexia, but they were still mentally drained.

However, it was the female student they just helped who was in the hardest position of all.

“Ah, ah, no……”

She shuddered and looked at the numbers, which were slowly decreasing.

Her remaining magic power is 59.

She would have roughly 10 minutes left. But there is nothing could be done about it.


When she finally began to cry, no one could find the words to say to her.

At that time, they felt multiple magic reactions in their surroundings.

“Be careful.”

They look around, but there is nothing there but a white fog.

No, the magic gathers in the white fog and it takes the form of a ghost. Right now, a ghost is being created from the fog.


Before it could make its move, Alexia and the others slashed at it.

However, the number of ghosts created is large.

Christina, Nina, and the students in the rear joined the battle, and the small school building became a huge battleground of people and ghosts.

“Damn, even from behind!”

“This bastard!”

“Hiih, don’t come hereee!”

But there were those among them who did not fight.

“You’re not going to fight, Eliza-senpai?”

It was Suzuki who asked.

“Call me Eliza-sama. It’s not time for me to fight yet. You’re the one who’s not fighting, aren’t you~?”

Eliza dodged the ghost’s sword with her brilliant footwork and sneered at him.

“I have less magic left than Eliza-sama. I thought Eliza-sama should fight first.”

“Oi, shut up, you first-year.”

A large male student in her entourage glared at Suzuki. He, too, was only using a minimal amount of magic to protect Eliza.

Suzuki chuckled softly as Eliza and two members of her entourage glared at him.

“I feel sorry for her. After all the trouble we went through to treat her, she’s going to die.”

Suzuki looked at the female student, whose remaining magic power was finally below 10, and said.

She was desperately fighting the ghost with her injured arm with her remaining magic power.

“It can’t be helped~. There’s nothing more that can be done about it.”

Her remaining magic power is decreasing.

6, 5, 4, ……

“I don’t think so. I did some checking and found that this collar had an interesting feature.”

Suzuki said so, and approached the female student in the middle of the battle.

He flicks the ghost’s sword, which is swung at the female student, with the bottom of his magic-filled palm.

Pang, the sword popped into pieces.


The female student looks up at Suzuki with a surprised look on her face.

Pang, the sound echoed again.

The next thing she knew, the ghost’s jaw had been shattered into pieces. Suzuki slowly brought down his swinging palm strike.

“What did you do~?”

Eliza said in a stern voice.

“It’s simple taijutsu. Nothing to fuss about.”

Suzuki smiles lightly and touches the female student’s collar.

3, 2, 1…… and that number is decreasing.

It was clear that she could not be saved.

“Ah, aah…… No, I don’t want to die…… Please.”

She said this as if she were clinging to him.

“It’s okay.”

Suzuki said so and poured magic into her collar.

The next moment, the remaining magic power jumps up 50, 100, 150……

“Th……Thank you……”

Her magic power remaining is 251.

She exhaled in relief.

“Suzuki……What did you do?”

The one who said that was Christina who had finished the fight.

Most of the ghosts have already been defeated, and Claire has just cut down the last one.

Seeing that the battle is over, Suzuki speaks up.

“In the classroom, I examined the collars of the victim students. I let the magic flow through the collar to test it out, and the magic power collected in the collar. Then I thought, maybe.”

Everyone heard what Suzuki said.

“This collar has the function of passing on magic power. The magic power transferred is stored in the other party’s collar and consumed —— in other words, if the magic power is transferred to a student with low remaining magic power, the explosion can be postponed.”

“I’m surprised you noticed that……”

Alexia said, impressed.

“This may reduce the number of casualties.”

Claire said.

“The student with the most remaining magic power is …… Eliza-sama. Of course you will cooperate with us, won’t you?”

Suzuki says with a smile.

Eliza smiled too.

“When I arrive at the auditorium, I will consider it positively~.”

“That’s good to hear. By the way, …… when I was in the classroom examining the student’s body, there was something that bothered me.”

“Something that bothered you~……?”

“The victims had restraint marks on their limbs.”

“……Isn’t it just your imagination?”

Eliza’s eyes shook for a moment.

“Another strange thing. All their collars were exploding.”

“So what? If the magic power runs out, it’s only natural that the collar would explode.”

“I agree. But it’s a very strange situation to imagine. They died when their collars exploded while they were being restrained. I wonder what happened to them”

“…… I wonder what you are trying to say~.”

“Maybe someone has tried the same thing I did against a living person. They poured magic into them, or made them use magic. I’ve been trying to find out the conditions for activating the collar and see if I can’t release it …… and she was the deciding factor.”

Suzuki pointed at the female student.

“When I transferred the magic power to her, she said, “Thank you.” But that’s strange. Normally, she would be surprised. She didn’t know that magic power could be transferred …… You guys knew that, didn’t you?”

The female student turned pale and trembled.

“I, I…..”

“You knew that, didn’t you?”

“…… I’m sorry. Eliza-sama is a high noble and cannot be disobeyed …… and students who disobey are restrained and have their collars removed, or are forced to consume their magic until it reaches zero …… and I found out that the magic power can be transferred in the midst of it.”

“It was also strange that only Eliza-sama had an unusual amount of magic power remaining. All the other students had less than 300 magic power remaining. It was as if it had been adjusted.”

“…… Everyone transferred their magic power to Eliza-sama. But I had so little magic power that I couldn’t give it to her, so I ended up in the corridor……”

Then the female student began to cry.

“If it’s true, this is a very serious matter.”

Alexia glares at Eliza.

“So…… What are you going to do~?”

Eliza let out a sigh and said so.

“So you admit your sin.”

“Sin? As vice president, I was trying to help the students. I didn’t know then that if I tried to remove the collar, or if the magic was depleted, it would explode~.”

“What a nerve…… How are you going to explain that you stole the students’ magic power?”

“I didn’t steal it, I kept it~. Of course, I was going to share it fairly later~.”

“Do you think such an excuse will work?”

“I usually go through it~…… As expected, against Alexia-sama, the advantage is not so good. That’s right, let’s make a deal.”

“A deal?”

“I still have 1900 of my magic power. If you can let me go, I’m willing to give you this magic power~?”

Alexia clicked her tongue a little.

The students’ magic power had been reduced by the current battle. Receiving her magical power might help them.

But if she accepts the deal, it means that her guilt will be overlooked.

Even for Alexia, it is not easy to break a deal with a high noble.

“…… Are you really going to give it away?”

“Yes, of course. I’m willing to give away a lot of my magic power under certain conditions~.”

Eliza smiles comfortably.

She understands that there is no way they can refuse.

Alexia looked around at the students. Their faces were tinged with impatience and fatigue. Even at this very moment, their lives are being shaved off.

The only way to help them is to accept the deal.

“Got it. I’m agree wi……”

Just as Alexia was about to say that——.

“You don’t seem to understand the situation.”

Suzuki said overriding Alexia’s voice.

He stood behind Eliza.

“Wha——Since when~!”

“——Don’t move.”

As Eliza and her aides hurriedly tried to turn around, Suzuki stopped them in a low voice.

His hand was touching Eliza’s neck …… no, her collar.

“What would happen if I tore off this collar now? Eliza-sama knows that, right?”

“……What do you want? You know what will happen if you do this to me!”

Eliza is a formidable swordsman.

“Suzuki, stop it. Even the Hope family does not want to antagonize her yet.”

Christina also says.

“Yare yare. No one seems to understand the situation.”

Suzuki let out a sigh so that everyone could hear.

“What do you mean~……”

“Eliza-sama, the things that have protected you so far are nothing here. The prestige of the high noble family, the power of the factions, the wealth that has been built up so high, will not reach you through this white fog.”

“I am Eliza~. I represent the Kingdom of Midgar——”

“What about it? Does it protect you at this moment? If I killed Eliza-sama in this white fog, what will they all testify? Will those who have been deprived of their magic power by you testify for you?”

Eliza looked around at the students as if glaring at them.

None of the students wanted to make eye contact with Eliza.

“Do you understand? The position you are in……”

Suzuki whispered in her ear.

Then he applies more strength to the collar.

“……Okay, I apologize.”

Said Eliza in a small voice.

“No need to apologize. Please share your magic with the students.”

“…… Of course~.”

When Eliza said so, her eyes were filled with such hatred that she could have killed a person with her gaze.

“Do you mind, Princess Alexia? This is an emergency now. Eliza-sama’s punishment will be in court after everything is finished. And of course, if necessary, my punishment.”

“Are you sure? If you threaten a high noble, Suzuki-kun, you may be treated harshly.”

“I’m prepared.”

“That’s so…… What about the Hope family?”

Alexia asks Christina.

“If Alexia-sama can testify in court. The cause is ours. It won’t end so badly.”

Christina said so plainly.

“I appreciate it.”

Suzuki bowed his head slightly.

“Don’t mind …… I have any thoughts on the matter too.”

Pui, Christina said while looking away.

After that, the magic power was transferred.

Eliza’s magic power is now 400. 1500 was to be given to students with less magic power.

“I’m sure you understand, but you can’t take away their magic power again.”

“Let’s head to the auditorium quickly. It would be unbearable if we were attacked by ghosts~.”

After transferring the magic power, the group split into two.

Eliza and the students are in the auditorium, and Alexia and her team trace where the magic power is going.

“Remember this~……”

As they parted, Eliza glared at Suzuki and said so.

But he glanced past Eliza as if he were looking at a roadside stone.

“It’s all an illusion……all happening in the white fog……”

Then, with his back turned, he said so in a meaningful way.

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