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Chapter 643 The Ancestor Returns, Body and Soul Extermination!

Although the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor stopped the Pseudo-Sages of the Flame Race, he couldn’t kill them.

The leader of the Flame Race raised his four arms and shouted angrily, “Members of the Flame Race! Impart the providence of the Great Dao to me!” His voice not only resounded throughout the battlefield, but even the entire Immortal World could hear it. It was deafening.

More than a hundred million Flame Race living beings sacrificed their providence. Streaks of light flew out from their bodies and rushed towards their leader. The scene was magnificent and illuminated the dark space.

Because the leader of the Flame Race had retreated outside the Immortal World, the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor could not hurt him.

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor frowned. The Pseudo-Sages of the Immortal World who had the chance to rest attacked again. They couldn’t let the leader of the Flame Race become stronger.

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor’s power quickly spread throughout the Immortal World, making all living beings heave a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there was such an expert in the Immortal World. Han Jue had been watching the battle, delaying his cultivation.

This couldn’t continue.

Han Jue sighed and silently took out the Book of Misfortune. “The Dark Forbidden Lord has to save the world again. His fame and fortune are all occupied by you Sages. I’m the one taking the blame. Sigh. “How can there be a savior as low profile as me in the world!”

Han Jue started cursing Undying Dao. Five days later. Han Jue’s lifespan began to decrease. In just five days, countless people died in the battle at the edge of the Immortal World. Negative karma soared.

The Pseudo-Sages of the Flame Race began to split up and lead the troops to attack, causing the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor to be unable to take care of all the enemies. A group of Flame Race living beings had already entered the Immortal World. The leader was a Pseudo-Sage with fifty Zenith Heavens under him. The Immortal World was in chaos! The Sages had a headache. The morale of the Flame Race was too strong, even stronger than the living beings in the Immortal World. All of them charged like mad. As long as there was a breath left, they would fight a hundred battles without stopping! Han Jue didn’t pay attention to the Immortal World. He stared at his attributes panel and emails.

A trillion years of lifespan! 10 trillion years! 100 trillion years!

500 trillion years!

[Because of your curse, your enemy Undying Dao’s Dao heart has been damaged.]


Since he wanted to curse, he would send this guy off in one go. It was best to intimidate the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End!

Han Jue cursed with all his might. 800 trillion years! 1 quadrillion years! 2 quadrillion years! [Because of your curse, your enemy Undying Dao’s Dao is destroyed. His providence is in chaos and his soul is damaged.]

(Your enemy Undying Dao was attacked by your good friend Ancestor Xitian and was severely injured.)


Ancestor Xitian had returned?

Han Jue immediately stopped. Since Ancestor Xitian had made a move, he didn’t have to waste his lifespan. He looked up and saw that outside the Heavenly Dao, the space occupied by Undying Dao was shattered. Endless Chaotic lightning interwove, and Undying Dao’s aura rapidly faded. He felt another vast aura.

Ancestor Xitian!

The ancestor had returned at a critical moment!

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du also discovered this matter. With a wave of his sleeve, he directly destroyed the headquarters of the Flame Race, which was outside the Heavenly Dao. Tens of millions of Flame Race living beings turned to dust one after another. They were unable to resist at all.

The living beings who had perished looked at the dust ahead and fell into despair. The despair did not last long. In less than three breaths of time, the tens of millions of living beings of the Flame Race were all dead. Not even a remnant soul was left. It could be seen that Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du had attacked in anger after enduring for a long time. In the Immortal World. The leader of the Flame Race, who was still fighting, sensed something and suddenly turned around. His eyes instantly turned red. “No,”

The Flame Race member roared hoarsely and quickly waved his four spears, causing rolling flames to drown countless cultivators of the Immortal World

He wasn’t the only one. The other Flame Race mighty figures also discovered the situation behind them. “The Flame Race has nowhere to run. Once we leave, we will be slaughtered by Sages! “Children! We can only kill until the end! “The Flame Race will continue to grow stronger and not fear death!


The leader of the Flame Race roared. His aura soared, shocking the entire Immortal World! The ground of the endless Immortal World shook violently as if the end of the world was coming! The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor snorted and drew a circle with both hands. Three mighty divine shadows appeared in front of him. They each held a sword and slashed with it. Green, black, and white sword Qi erupted. Dense, they filled the world, drowning the leader of the Flame Race. The mighty figures of the Immortal World sensed that the Flame Race outside the Heavenly Dao had been eradicated by a Sage. Excited, they all tried their best to fight again. Han Jue was paying attention to the emails. What a pity!

Undying Dao was only severely injured and not killed!

The ancestor was still a little lacking. He actually couldn’t kill this fellow. Han Jue had spent 2 quadrillion years of his lifespan! The more Han Jue thought about it, the more depressed he became.


He had to kill Undying Dao.

Although two-star Hatred Points was not high, this fellow had always wanted to destroy the Heavenly Dao. Without it, he would be in danger. Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and continued cursing. Five days later. His lifespan began to decrease. At the same time, the Flame Race was already exhausted. Their weakest living beings were Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, with less than 300 members. They had nowhere to run and could only fight to the death.

In the north of the Immortal World, the ground was dyed red as blood rained down from the sky. The leader of the Flame Race stood on the ground like a huge peak that reached into the clouds. Above the sea of clouds, he was surrounded by thousands of mighty figures from the Immortal World. Even Deity Realm existences dared to surround him! The leader of the Flame Race was covered in blood and panting heavily. His scarlet eyes were filled with anger. “The Flame Race… lost…”

The leader of the Flame Race felt sorrow.

After the Immortal World knew that they were about to win, they were all extremely excited and mocked the Flame Race.

“You dare to invade the Immortal World with just you?”

“What Flame Race? I’ve never heard of them!”

“Hmph, where’s your Sage protector? Did he run away?”

“Poor thing. Do you really think that the Heavenly Dao can be destroyed by your race?” “Cut off his head and put it at the edge of the Immortal World to warn the hidden races in the Chaos!”

Although this battle was short, there were no fewer casualties in the Immortal World than in the Flame Race. At least ten billion living beings had died. Torrential anger filled the hearts of every participant.

It was useless even if the Flame Race surrendered!

The Flame Race didn’t plan to surrender, either!

In the distance, Great Loose Heaven said, “Sacred Ancestor, aren’t you going to kill him?” His words were agreed by the other Pseudo-Sages, who did not understand what the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor was waiting for. The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor did not answer. He stared calmly at the leader of the Flame Race. The leader of the Flame Race smiled sadly. “That’s right! Come and kill me! Let’s see how many pitiful Zenith Heavens I can drag down with me!” After recognizing the reality, the leader of the Flame Race no longer felt any pressure.

The Flame Race was about to become extinct. In that case, what did he have to worry about?

The other Flame Race mighty figures also revealed determined expressions. There was no change in this battle.

In the end, all the Flame Race members died!

The corpse of the leader of the Flame Race was sealed into a million-foot-tall mountain to warn his descendants. On the other side.

Han Jue was still focused on cursing Undying Dao. His lifespan was quickly deducted by a quadrillion years! [Because of your curse, your enemy Undying Dao’s Dao heart shattered and his body was destroyed.]


His body and soul had yet to be destroyed! Han Jue gritted his teeth and persisted. Another quadrillion years of lifespan was thrown in!

[Because of your curse, your enemy Undying Dao’s soul and cultivation dissipated. The Great Dao is filled with pity.) Thunderclouds rumbled as if the sky was crying.

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