Seiji was confident in his own imagination, but he didn’t feel that it was far stronger than an average person’s or anything like that.In that case, it had to be his spiritual power that was outstanding.Was it because his soul had combined with another person's? Was it because of this body’s origin

Yun Yang glared, exasperated.Emmie had been fed well beyond expectations last night, so much so that it got overly ecstatic, exuding an air of vitality far exceeding Yun Yang’s expectation; not by one or two times but dozens of times.The result of such an unexpected situation was that everyone had

The destruction of the Royal Sacred Sect told the world that no matter how powerful a hegemon was, there would still be a possibility of it being destroyed. There was no such thing as an eternal power. Because of the un-exemplary conduct of the members of the Royal Sacred Sect, it was destroyed in

Chapter 162: The Shy Chu XinyunXiao Chen paused after he said this. Then he took out the dagger and continued, "The surface of the dagger would not be so clean if I did not do so. It would tear out a large chunk of flesh otherwise. I was afraid she would even bite through the piece of wood."Liu Su

Notes of melodious zither lingered in the air. Wu Qi could not tell if the tune was good or bad. He felt only relaxed and delightful as if he had returned to the very womb of his mother; free and easy, without any fear or sorrow. He thought he saw the growth of everything; he saw a flock of birds f

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Support the translator by reading My Wife is a Beautiful CEO on ! Thank you!   *Cough cough…*   (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Yang Chen nearly choked on his egg pancake and awkwardly smiled back. Although this chick didn’t w

Chapter 114CHAPTER 114 Bring a Thousand Elite Troops as Escorts! (Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`drizzle) “Huang Fei, you don’t know?” Yin Qiao blinked and then said, “Cold Food Festival is a major festival in Dong Qing’s country. At every Cold Food Festival, a ceremony will be held insid

Lu Tingxiao’s words dissolved Ning Xi’s worries.Oh! The devil! He was way too sweet! Too gentle! How she wished she could offer herself to him!Little Treasure thought his father was really going to give him to Aunty Xiao Xi, then he heard that he was only going to stay here for a period of time, so

Charge forward or not?That was the decision to make. Even Patriarch Seven was badly injured in just one move. Lu Li’s reaction was much slower than Patriarch Seven’s. He would be smacked away if he launched forward. Whether he would still be alive was not sure.Lu Li paused for the time for just one

"The Half Moon Immortal Palace has appeared on the Star Wars Battlefield...""The Star Wars is ongoing fiercely and I’ve heard that it is between three forces: our Zhen Mo Continent’s Cultivator Army, the alien demonic beasts cavalry and the space beasts…"…All sorts of news were spreading across the

“Speak. I will help you to the best of my ability.” Shen Wansan decided to make a commitment before he even considered it.If there was one person that Shen Wansan would give up his entrepreneurship principles for…It would definitely be Lu Li!At first, he had done this purely because it was good bus

Encounter Here's the third release of the week. Enjoy the read! The rumbling of horses' hooves broke the night's silence. About a hundred light cavalry rode forward at breakneck speed. They came to a halt at the edge of a valley. The leader waved his arms. Shortly after a squad of ten broke away

That was why they loosened their cautious heart against the poison.Especially when Feng Monarch further insulted Bu Jingtian’s body, they felt extremely furious. The caution in their hearts were completely gone!At that moment, when they all gathered together preparing to fight their enemy together…

Magnolia, a river bank in the forest… ring…. Magic stirred the air. Like a ripple it spread outwards and covered the beads making them float all around the master, the releaser of that wave of magic power. Noah has his eyes closed. Meanwhile, black beads with magically enchanted silhouette floated

"Oh?" Fang Xingjian exerted a little strength with his hands, and the little snake felt as if his body was going to be crushed. The little snake let out a horrified cry, "I can't bring you to the Terrene Shrine, but I can teach you black magic. Don't you wish to learn it? Black magic is several hun

Chapter 40VOLUME 10 CHAPTER 40: DON’T TELL ME THIS IS MY REUNION WITH SIMA HUI (2) Liu Bei POV “Un…” If she were not a weirdo, she would not choose to be a hermit scholar. But I do understand what Sima Hui means. Even though he said as much, he clearly hopes for me to go to meet Zhuge Liang. She is

Chapter 273Chapter 273: An Unhappy Gathering Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations The speaker was a youth clad in gray. When Wang Lin looked at him, he recognized him as a brother of his tribe. Initially, they had both joined the Hengyue Faction. However, while the speaker

Chapter 536: Haoyue’s Armor Transformation, Double Divine Swords (II)From another point of view, as the Scion of Light, a god’s chosen one, it would rather be unnatural if Long Haochen hadn’t made such qualitative progress after undergoing a year and a half of cultivation. Of course, he was still o

Chapter 175: Guilty and Deserves to be Punished"Get lost!"Looking at Zhang Meiyun’s frightened face, an intense relieved feeling suddenly gushed inside Su Shangwen’s heart. He just saw her true face. Such a lame woman who despised the poor and favored the rich whom he had been living together for m

This chapter has been brought to you by me, and WanderingGummiOfDoom. Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty One – The Changes of the Little Ones There were all kinds of strange scents floating off Chun Yu Cheng's cloud island. Zuo Mo was reminded about this each time he came, especially the small of fres

I know some of you have been asking where the male leads are… hehehehe… One thing that I have noticed about this book is the lack of romance when I compare it with ZQ & LXY’s book. Boooooo… While this is also kind of disappointing to me, I still like the story because even though I crave for romanc

Such a large formation traveling together naturally could not be hidden from the watchful eyes of the other gangs. Those gangs whose headquarters were in the direction of the group all received quite a bit of a scare. Only when the entire horde passed by did they finally manage to relax. "What's go

Chapter 158(158) Growth Cheat Detour Translator: Tseirp     In another 48 hours, the monster sealed by the Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei would be released. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sheena told them that it was because a part of the barrier was broken.   “Sheena … do

"BAM!"On the beach, two figures collided forcefully against each other.Lu Sheng’s palms slashed against Gongsun Zhanglan’s hands continuously like sabers. A series of booms reverberated across the entire valley like rolling thunder."HUMPH!"Forced into retreat, Gongsun Zhanglan humphed in furore. Ra

Chapter 650 – Even If My Choice is Wrong, My Gaze Decides the ArrangementTranslated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: MichyrrThe scene of the Chenggong Mountains, the story within the Black Mountain Camp, occurred tonight in many places. The Western Sea Army returning to the capital was stopped at the Gu

HSSB536: (?)   Teaser: “Hand me your jade sword,” Yan Zhaoge reached out, taking the jade sword of Shi Jun’s that was proffered to him. Having received it, Yan Zhaoge put the tips of the two jade swords lightly together, a bright lustre extending as they met. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoo

“We can’t kill him here?” Priesia had no clue why Nainiae was saying that. Andal saw that the epidemic man’s neck was regenerating rapidly and pulled Priesia’s arm. “Ah…” “Let’s ask questions later.” The epidemic man’s neck was restored to its former state in a blink of an eye. Andal held Priesia’s

"Where did this gluttonous lady come from? To be so skilled, yet to have not heard about her before?"Huan Qing Yan asked, "Is it done? Can I eat now? There would be a loss of flavor if the dish gets cold."Her words immediately woke Old Imperial Chef Zhang out of his stupor as he waved his hand to s

Chapter 135VOLUME 2: CHAPTER 135 – SYLPH UNIFICATION WAR X Status     Race Goblin Level 59 Class King; Ruler Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery A-; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake

Chapter 117.2Chapter 117: Framed and who is the shameless (Part 2) Although Divine Doctor Mo was angry, he also felt embarrassed, so he only reasonably said: “Wangye, there were many strange events. So please, carefully investigate them first before accusing my innocent daughter.” “An innocent pers

Chapter 306: Actually, she saved her Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft. Teaser: “Han Yunxi, stop it!” “I’m warning you, if you don’t stop now, you’ll have to shoulder the consequences!” “Han Yunxi, d

Chapter 183 - Golden Conch (2) 4. The Highwood Forest was quiet.  This place used to have battles occurring for twenty-four hours seven days a week.  However, it was different now.  The Wood Devils were standing still as if they were statues, because they couldn't find any enemies.  They stood pa

‘His hands were a bit tight? Was he certain that it wasn’t because of other reasons?’ Qin Weiwei ground her teeth, silently cursing in her heart. She couldn't understand how Miao Yi could be shameless enough to deceive both the Mountain Chieftain and the Manor Head into fighting with each other. Su

Volume III : The Divine Emissaries Chapter 84 – Mount Horeb [3121 words] This was the question that Amon had asked Maria, which she had just thrown back at him today. There were many emotions and many meanings which had been compressed into this one question. “I’m fine. I’ve never lived such a goo

It was only now that Luo Feng truly realized how much he got from acquiring so many blood river crystals back in blood river continent! The benefit was even more than the demon note inheritance, of course it was mostly because the golden horned beast body was much more suitable for absorbing the cr

With three pieces of warm flesh in hand, Angele stood up and left the spell room. He left the basement and sealed the door. He then walked upstairs to the second floor. Angele stopped by the end of the hallway and tapped on the door several times with his right hand. *PA*A red handprint appeared in

Chapter 149 - Unwanted ResultIn Haili, Zhang Yuchu sat gloomily in the chairman's office of Yuchu Industries.He was the mastermind behind Mengyao's kidnapping, and he'd just gotten a scolding from his partner Jin Gubang for its failure. He wouldn't be taking that shit from Gubang if his boss didn'

Chapter 35. The Inexperienced Genius, and the United Body There was nothing particularly special about the next morning. As usual, Team Slayers ate breakfast as soon as dawn came, then Podorski did an informal roll call to check on the health of the adventurers. The results were good health. They w

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 53 -Maneuvering II Author: 桜木桜 (Sakuragi Sakura) Translator: Isekai Shousetsu Disclaimer: This is a fan translation only. All rights belong to the author. Since the translator is around JLPT N2-N3 only, he cannot guarantee the translation is free from e

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 53 -Maneuvering II Author: 桜木桜 (Sakuragi Sakura) Translator: Isekai Shousetsu Disclaimer: This is a fan translation only. All rights belong to the author. Since the translator is around JLPT N2-N3 only, he cannot guarantee the translation is free from e