Committed Suicide?

The following day.
Ying Tian Town Hall.

The spacious, bright lobby with a just and honorable plaque hanging in the middle. A carved jade embedded in a mahogany wood frame against the background of a few shining golden characters. It was extremely dazzling. Two rows of brilliant and strong bailiffs, dressing in crimson red were standing at the left and right of the lobby. They were holding a long stick and were somewhat dignified.

The villagers who were allowed to visit could only stand in the lobby, almost had to stand and go to the outside of the building. Since this was already advantageous, in this way, the villagers were still feeling nervous and stood unified in one body while hanging down their heads. The atmosphere was continuously every depressing for everybody, except for one person.

Lou Xi Yan’s gazes swept past the hands ring chest. His back was against the door frame. At the top of the doorstep was that lone picture of a cruel noble with the attitude that was incompatible with the atmosphere of the dazzling lobby.

Lou Xi Yan had an official hat to cover up more than half of his face. Even if it was insufficient to see his facial expression, Lou Xi Yan could guess that at this moment he would face the angry intention of the villagers. Anticipating it here, Lou Xi Yan thought his mood was rather delighted without any reason. Someone’s angry intention would grow without restraint.

Noon, 12 o’clock? That’s right!

These idiots did not sleep one whole night last night. They kept tossing from one side to the other side not knowing what to do. At dawn today, the genius, she had to handle and support them to deal with the issue at the Ying Tian Hall’s front door. Welcoming the sunshine to wait foolishly until now!!

Her clothes were once again thick and rough. Her back was already covered with sweat and wet. The cover hat made her breathless on her forehead. Her face was already dripping with sweat. Staring at the official’s front table to see Lou Xi Yan’s whole body was fresh and relaxed, Zhuo Qing was extremely irritated.

Today’s Lou Xi Yan was very different than last night’s. He was wearing a white jade Zijin crown hat (an official hat), dressed in a dark golden robe, embroidered with a semi-reclining volts gold unicorn on his breast. His eyes were sparkling and ready to go. On the black brocade silk belt, it hanged a bluish green jade girdle ornament. His face had the same bright smile, but no one would dare to act rashly in front of him.

“This Official calls to pay respects to Prime Minister Lou Xi Yan.” Ministry of Justice, Assistant Minister, Wu Zhi Gang, was half kneeling. His heart was nervous and anxious. Ministry of Personnel. Although Ministry of Justice was overseen by Prime Minister Lou, but on weekdays, the criminal cases were reviewed by the Division of Adult Prison Management and Staff. It was absolutely impossible to see the Prime Minister in the town hall. He was only a 4th rank minor official, how can he not be terrified! To set foot in this building and sit beside this chair.

Slightly raising his hand, Lou Xi Yan laughed and turned around: “No need for courtesy.” Wu Zhi Gang straightened up slowly, but how could he dare to sit down? Prime Minster Lou was here, so how could he dare to sit next to him!

Wu Zhi Gang respectfully asked: “Prime Minister Lou came today was ….. ”

Lou Xi Yan smiled lightly: “Several hundreds of villagers joined to write a letter for Lin Bo Kang’s behalf to cry out a grievance in regard to the stolen currency from army provisions, how do you see it?” Lou Xi Yan asked voluntarily.

Wu Zhi Gang’s complexion was white, respecting with both of his hands, he quickly replied: “Prime Minister Lou, this incident was entirely based on human testimony and material evidence. Lin Bo Kang himself had already pleaded guilty, absolutely no miscarriage of justice.”

“Absolutely no miscarriage of justice? ” Lou Xi Yan watched towards the lobby to see the married woman and asked: “Lin Shi, you may have something to say.”

Zhuo Qing slightly looked up, only to see a married woman about 50 years of age had already knelt down, her voice somewhat trembling, but nevertheless answered very loud and clear: “Prime Minister, this woman citizen, on the 18th day of this month went to the government office to visit my convicted husband. Husband said that he hadn’t stolen the currency from army provisions, he was accused wrongly!”

The married woman’s speaking voice hadn’t stopped, but Wu Zhi Gang already unable to resist to restrain her and urgently said: “Ridiculous! It was written in black and white and he had personally signed the confession, how could he speak injustice already?! The army division old gentleman, quickly bring a file to give Prime Minister Lou to look over!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” A straight and timid male that was standing aside immediately charged into the back hall. Soon he was clasping one file in his hand and came out running. Wu Zhi Gang hurriedly took the file, with respectful hands, he handed it over: “Prime Minister Lou, this is the case file, the entire human testimony and material evidence. He must not renege to admit his guilty confession!”

Zhuo Qing was partly near the porch, with a pair of bright eyes cast sidelong to glance at Lou Xi Yan, waiting to watch him react. He was trying to find Lin Bo Kang’s wife to come over. She surely had already seen the file before, only one evening, what could he still do?! This man had reached the highest official position at a young age, not without a reason.

Sure enough, Lou Xi Yan had not taken the file, rather he was having a headache and sighed: “You all arbitrarily asserted absolutely no miscarriage of justice while the others kept on saying and crying out a grievance. Since this is the case, just take a hold of the prisoner to come up. I want to personally inquire.”

Wu Zhi Gang just stared blankly, but also not dare to speak anything. Facing the side of the two bright bailiffs and in a low voice stated: “Both of you quickly go to get the prisoner, Lin Bo Kang, to come.”

“Yes.” The bailiffs accepted the order and went.

Unexpectedly, this was already half an hour. Zhuo Qing faintly felt that this whole thing was somewhat not encouraging. Lou Xi Yan’s complexion actually did not look upset, he was only tapping a chair with his hand. However, Wu Zhi Gang painstakingly stood by Prime Minister Lou’s side, his forehead sept out a thin layer of sweat and he also did not dare to move easily while waiting for the two bailiffs to come back.

Wu Zhi Gang barely scolded: “Why did it take this long?”

Looking at their soulless bodies, he anxiously said: “Where’s the person?”

The two people gasped incessantly. One person confusedly turned around: “Reporting to Superior, Lin Bo Kang… he committed suicide to escape punishment early in the morning today.”

Committing suicide to escape punishment? Zhuo Qing was paying attention to Wu Zhi Gang’s expression secretly. He heard the news and afterwards he almost couldn’t stand steadily. His complexion was white and then changed to greenish black. It seemed that he was also frightened and stressed out that he could be blamed.

Lou Xi Yan did not say anything. His brows were wrinkled softly. Perhaps he also didn’t anticipate that a person would die unexpectedly! Could it be, it was a real suicide?! Zhuo Qing subconsciously rejected her thought because it was highly coincidental. The timing control was just too good.

“Benefactor died?!” The villagers all around opened their eyes wide and big. All didn’t dare to believe. They felt like rushing forth to go in but Prime Minister Lou was on the scene so they could not dare to rush in. They could only worry helplessly.

“Husband…” Madam Lin immediately collapsed to the ground. She hung down her head and sobbed endlessly.

A thought came to her mind, Madam Lin suddenly got up to stand up and was pointing at Wu Zhi Gang and she wailed: “My husband was accused wrongly. He would not kill himself. It was all of you who surely killed my husband.” Madam Lin crazily threw herself at Wu Zhi Gang, only to meet the two sides of the bailiffs who used a long staff to stop her. But his mouth was still shouting and cursing her.

Wu Zhi Gang recovered and shouted angrily: “Shut up, ignorant woman, stop acting like a child in the court of law! Take her away!” Wu Zhi Gang looked toward Lou Xi Yan carefully, was afraid that he would get angry. Luckily Prime Minister Lou’s facial expression and appearance seemed to be indifferent to that shrew’s arguments.

“Let go of me!” Madam Lin struggled desperately. After all, she was still pressed against two big men. Both bailiffs were at her left and right sides and dragging her to go out.

“Hold on!” Just before Madam Lin was being thrown outside, a cold voice echoed: “There is no need to overtake a person urgently. Suicide or homicide, you can see a dead body and will know it naturally.”


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