Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 13: Autopsy (Part 3)


Evidence? Zhuo Qing smiled sarcastically and got up suddenly: “I let him tell you all where the evidence is!”

He? Everyone followed Zhuo Qing’s gaze to look at Lin Bo Kang’s already stiff body that was laying on the ground. Obviously it was already a dead body, what did he want to tell them where the evidence was?! Everyone could breathe the smell of the dead body and could not help to come out to retreat one step themselves, except one peaceful face of Lou Xi Yan.

“First, explain about the cause of death.”

Zhuo Qing pointed her finger at the neck and said: “Hold and lift his neck up.”

He really thought him as his servant! Mo Bai’s heart was secretly muttering, but his hand somewhat could not help to do according to Zhuo Qing’s command. He gently lifted Lin Bo Kang’s neck up. There were bruises in between the crease of the neck. It could be seen that the neck was strapped tightly with clear bruises.

“The dead body did not have any other clear fatal injury or any sign of poisoning. Obviously it was a sign of suffocation and the cause of death was solid because of the belt around the neck and he was choke to death.”

Zhuo Qing just now was barely speaking a few sentences, Wang Bing Sheng immediately scoffed at her. Just now what did he say that was different, deliberately making something unnecessarily complicated!

Not taking part in his dispute, Zhuo Qing crouched. Her finger pointed at the deceased’s neck which was strapped tightly with bruises. She coldly said: “The deceased neck had two directions of bruises. To hang himself to die was also possible that the two types of bruises would appear. The bruises generally and comparatively would borderline even and neat, moreover the tongue and the throat bones suffered fractures. This happened very seldom, but the deceased’s two direction type of bruises should not be completely like this. Thyroid cartilage was located below and parallel with the body, this strip of bruises happened precisely when the murderer tightly strapped the deceased that was already unconscious because he was fighting to struggle to get free, therefore the cuticle was peeled off under the skin. These bruises were deep and clear, they appeared dark black. The other strip of bruises was the murderer’s fatal blow by hanging him at the beam of the roof to cause his death. At this time the deceased already did not have consciousness so the bruises were lighter color. The deceased’s cervical vertebra clearly was broken. This was the outcome when his neck was already twisted strongly and violently.”

Lou Xi Yan entered the prison and examined the deceased neck carefully. It was indeed just like Zhuo Qing’s explanation. There were two types of bruises, one dark and one light colors. It was absolutely distinct.

Wu Zhi Gang was extremely unwilling but also did not have the chance to be angry so he followed and went in. Ferociously staring at Wang Bing Sheng quickly, Wu Zhi Gang secretly cursed. This idiot, who was this capable coroner at the end!!

Catching Wu Zhi Gang’s staring, Wang Bing Sheng suddenly recovered. No wonder, a moment ago, this youngster was so arrogant, it turned out that he had some ability to work hard and think deeply. Wang Bing Sheng aggressively refuted: “If he was strangled, the deceased neck should have the bruises that crossed over the back of the neck. The back of his neck obviously did not have it! The top of the neck appeared to be deep and different than the two types of bruises. It was also possible that he struggled prior to death to create this!”

“Take off his outer garment.” Zhuo Qing said gently, but who could seem to endure silently.

Mo Bai slowly raised his head, but only to see Zhuo Qing’s fisted hands kept relaxing and tightening. After several times, Zhuo Qing finally stood up. Facing Wang Bing Sheng’s provocation face, she coldly said: “You simply do not deserve to be a coroner!”

Wang Bing Sheng was in fury and said: “What did you say?!” He was the Ying Tian Hall’s coroner for how many years and did countless autopsy. This youngster thought to himself that he understood some knacks and dared to say that he did not deserve it!

“As a coroner, you can only speak for the dead. He used his body to tell you how he died, when he died! What experience he had to go through before his death! And you completely ignored it. Even, you did not carefully inspect the deceased body’s every bruise, every detail and just arbitrarily made a conclusion. Just because of your words, it was possible that he died in vain. The murderer would also go unpunished!”

She could tolerate an inexperience forensic investigator as all the knowledge and experience could be learned but she could not tolerate an undisciplined attitude as a forensic investigator who worked carelessly, was stubborn and liked to use strong words to quibble! Undisturbed and cold voice once again echoed inside the prison.

Not only Wang Bing Sheng who was blushed red with shame, Lou Xi Yan was also shocked in his heart. The person whom Lou Xi Yan met the first time was completely different than this person now. He was somewhat icily arrogant and crafty at the first time they met, but he was firm, persistent, strong, calm and profound now. Should he really believe that he was a youngster originally? Lou Xi Yan was puzzled.

“Husband…” The prison cell was quiet for a period and somewhat frightened the people until the mournful cried and yelled let everyone recovered together.

Mo Bai already took off Lin Bo Kang’s clothes a moment ago. There were many large and small, deep and shallow wounds that were somewhat already healed and some new wounds. Although they all seemed like old injury but at this moment, it looked as if they were as grim as new.

Madam Lin almost threw herself at the dead body and was sobbing. Zhuo Qing quietly said: “Wu Si, hold and help her to the side, do not obstruct me.”
“Oh!” Wu Si went up quickly to take along Madam Lin to the side. Miss Zhuo Qing somewhat became different, but he could not tell where the difference was. Her words were always hard to disobey.

No longer paying attention to the shameless Wang Bing Sheng who was standing at the side, Zhuo Qing crouched one more time. She lightly leaned on one side of the deceased’s shoulder. Mo Bai understood it clearly and conveniently helped him to hold and turn the deceased over to the side. Zhuo Qing softly raised her eyebrows. This rough man is intelligent and can be a decent assistant!

“The reason why the top of the neck did not have a full strip of bruises around it was because his back was pushed against something that was hard. Using strength to tighten the belt caused the suffocation and thus leaving behind a trace of hard object on the deceased’s back.”

Sure enough, two strips of purple color bruises showed up on Lin Bo Kang’s back. Old injury would be different. These two strips of bruises were dark in color and the skin was damaged. The wound was new. What stuff was it? Everyone looked closely all over the place to try to find a similar murder weapon. Lou Xi Yan took the lead to walk to the side of the gate door. Half squatting his body and not knowing what or where to look for.

Not understanding what Prime Minister Lou was doing, Wu Zhi Gang was also checking for a long time. Eventually, he found the stuff that could cause the two strips of bruises on the deceased’s back. The dimension and thickness of the prison door was like an identical wooden pole. Pleasantly surprised, he called out: “I found it. It’s the wooden gate of the prison door!”

Groping at the top of the wooden pole for a moment, Lou Xi Yan softly lifted the corner of his mouth and slowly got up. He also found it. As if she was waiting for Lou Xi Yan to come over, Zhuo Qing lifted up the deceased’s finger after he turned around and came, then said: “The deceased was strapped tightly outside the door and lost consciousness, because of the struggle, his fingertips still remained in the sawdust.”

Two people’s gaze met together for a moment. Zhuo Qing pulled down the brim of her hat to obstruct Lou Xi Yan’s eyes once again.

Wu Zhi Gang nodded and appeared to understand clearly and said: “So, Lin Bo Kang was really murdered!!”

Turning around to look at the small bailiff, he asked: “Who also had entered the prison cell today?!”

Thinking hard, the small bailiff sullenly answered: “Except those two who came to bring the criminal, nobody had come to the prison just now.”

“Nonsense!” Wu Zhi Gang cursed: “How did Lin Bo Kang get murdered if nobody came?”

Really, nobody! The small bailiff was having unspeakable bitter suffering. He could only lower his head to curse.

“Because the deceased already died yesterday evening!” Zhuo Qing was shaking her head. They just can not allow her to finish the investigation of this case? This habit is really annoying!

“Yesterday evening?”


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