She absolutely and honestly could not fight the yawn when Dan Yu Lan already entered the prison cell and came towards her: “You really spoke the truth, word for word. What is your name? What was the origin of the person? Which location did the master come from?”

Actually he already came as early as before the youngster lashed out at Wang Bing Sheng. From the beginning he kept silent about the cause of death, just wanted to know how much the youngster understood with regards to autopsy. Contrary to what anyone might expect, he had not let him disappointed.

The youngster’s understanding towards livor mortis (the discoloration after death) was more than the average coroner. He was very thorough in his explanation. Dan Yu Lan knew himself that he was rude to ask, but his heart impatiently wanted to know this gray robe youngster’s identity. Especially his master, what kind of a person could instruct and produce this kind of disciple.

Zhuo Qing’s corner of mouth was rigid thinking that this person’s line of questions was very rude!!

Putting down her embarrassment and covering her lips with hand, Zhuo Qing with a cold voice along with an obvious melancholy, answered: “Official Daren, I think you misunderstand one matter, I am not your subordinate, even more I am not a criminal. You have the right to question me, but whether or not I want to reply to your question will only depend on my mood.”

Dan Yu Lan did not expect that he would answer like this and was absent-minded for a split second.

The corner of Lou Xi Yan’s mouth had a smiling expression however it was also increasingly intense. His temperament was absolutely unrestrained, thinking about it this way, he was already polite to him last night.

“Impudent!” Fearing that Dan Yu Lan was angry, Wu Zhi Gang hastily berated: “Official Daren questioned you, you dare not to answer?!”

With both hands on her chest, Zhuo Qing did not get angry, instead mockingly laughed: “I am having a conversation with Official Daren, you dare to interrupt?!”

“You…” This, this, this was simply just a rebel!!

Wu Zhi Gang was so angry, his complexion and chest were violently moving up and down, his finger was incessantly trembling at Zhuo Qing. He wanted to speak a lot of words for a long time but yet had not been able to speak it out.

Zhuo Qing was somehow startled. It did not matter, he himself had not seemed to explain anything ah! It was unlikely to get a stroke, ok… These ancient time people’s capabilities to resist and fight were rather weak! Zhuo Qing was really worry that he would faint. Luckily, both of the bailiffs brought up an older man to come in, breaking the awkward moment.

“Daren, Li Ming arrived.”

Regarding Zhuo Qing’s lacking in manners, Official Dan could only restraint his emotions. Prime Minister Lou was calmed and unruffled in the middle of the chaos. Wu Zhi Gang could not vent his anger anywhere.

The thought of anger at this time could only be turned over to Li Ming with a roar: “Li Ming, Lin Bo Kang was murdered last night, and you were the only person that had met with him. What did you see at that time? Did you or did you not kill him!!”

Li Ming hurriedly knelt down and lowered his head. Even though his voice was shaking, his train of thought was nevertheless very clear: “Daren, accuse me wrongly ah! I (Xiaoren) am the housekeeper of the Lin Family. Master stayed in the prison for a few months, received many hardships. I merely came to give clothes to Master. At that time, Master’s mood was not good. Xiaoren did not dare to stay too long, only saying a few words to ease his anxiety. After leaving behind the clothes, I left. Xiaoren was only staying for less than one burning incense stick time (about 30 minutes) in the prison. At that time, it was raining so hard. The tree outside of the prison cell was blown away and broke apart the door. Xiaoren still helped the big brother bailiffs to move the tree.”

This Li Ming’s figure was a little sturdier than the deceased, basically he would be able to strap tightly a person after he lost consciousness and hung him on the top of the beam of the roof. According to the time of death and his coming to see Lin Bo Kang, Li Ming’s suspicion was the biggest also, but there was no conclusive evidence. Reasoning for the details of a case was always Gu Yun’s specialty, she was solely engrossed in autopsy.

Quietly turning a few steps backs, Zhuo Qing retreated to the outside door of the prison, lazily leaning against the wall and repeatedly yawning. There should not be anything related to her afterwards….

“You said that you came to deliver the clothes. In that case, was Lin Bo Kang in front of you when he was changing into his new clothes and shoes?”

Slightly raising his head to look a glance at Dan Yu Lan’s simple clothing, Li Ming once again lowered his heard and quietly answered: “No.”

With a gentle voice but also a suffocating pressure feeling, Dan Yu Lan continued to ask: “Except for delivering clothes to give to him, what did you still want to help him to do?”

Li Ming had not pondered very long for this next question and answered: “Xiaoren only wanted to give clothes to Master and spoke a few sentence and then left.”

Dan Yu Lan suddenly entered the inside of the prison gate, went to the right side of the bedside. The simple and crude slab of wood that was used as the bed was covered with straws. Dan Yu Lan raised his hand and lightly picked up a few strand of straws near the bedside. One fussy footprint shockingly appeared: “There was one muddy footprint at the deceased bedside, but the deceased wore a pair of new shoes. Let’s just consider that was the old shoes, but the deceased was already in the prison for a few months and rarely went out, it was also unlikely to have this much dirt. It was raining heavily last night and you were the only one who came to see the deceased in the prison at that time. This shoes print was exactly yours that you left behind when you were hanging the dead body, yes or no?”

Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes in a moment, the footprint was not easy to see clearly since it was located and intertwined among the straws. It was more difficult to discover and Dan Yu Lan all along was simply outside the prison door but unexpectedly he paid attention at this a little. A very attentive and sharp person ah!

Li Ming was shaking all over and without elaborating said: “No…”

Wu Zhi Gang could not tolerate it and shouted: “Take off his shoes so we can inspect and validate it!”

Two of the bailiffs immediately accepted the order, quickly dragging Li Ming to take off his shoe. After one comparison answered: “Daren, Li Ming’s shoe and this one’s footprint were identical.”

After validating it, Wu Zhi Gang was even more arrogant and aggressively stood up to say: “It was really you!! Li Ming, you really had big guts!”

Zhuo Qing snorted disdainfully, this could only proof that Li Ming had stepped on the slab at that time. Nothing more, this was also a secondary proof and could not be used to convict him!

Li Ming was already trembling just like a wind that was destroying a leaf, immediately crawled on the ground to beg forgiveness and answered: “I…. Daren, Xiaoren simply… Xiaoren simply lost control temporarily. It was not my intention to want to injure Master!”

He pleaded guilty? Zhuo Qing always felt something was fishy but also could not figure out where the problem was! Lou Xi Yan’s eyes gloriously flashed through for a second but quickly disappeared.

“You were in the prison before but it was no more than one burning incense stick time. You killed a person, changed his clothes, forged the scene to look like he hung himself and handled everything, you still dared to say that you lost control temporarily! Unless you still have something to hide! Speak!”

Slightly hold his voice high and with determination eyes, Dan Yu Lan’s body emitted a feeling of righteousness. Li Ming was scared, shivered with cold and could not say anything. Even Zhuo Qing was also shaking and dazzling impressively.

Li Ming’s eyes were slightly moving, very much frightened, simply incessantly asked for forgiveness: “Daren, please spare me. Daren, please spare me!”

If Li Ming really did this much with a thorough plan to want to kill a person, it could clearly be seen that he was a calm and also cold-blooded person. How could he frighten this much now? He was the Lin Family’s housekeeper and there should not be any big deep hatred towards Lin Bo Kang, so what was the motive to kill him?

“Li Ming! You are one ungrateful person. When Husband was alive, you were not treated badly!!” Madam Lin was unable to resist her anger and resentful feeling. How could she ever expect that the person who killed her husband had unexpectedly followed them for a lot of years as a housekeeper!!

The villager also wished that they could beat to death this ungrateful person. There was somewhat chaos for a moment in the prison. Dan Yu Lan made a prompt decision and said clearly: “We will imprison this person! Wait for this Official’s investigation for Lin Bo Kang’s case file. We will do the hearing of the case again! We will have our own judgement to judge the case on the merits whether it is pros or cons.”

“Yes.” The bailiffs immediately escorted Li Ming to enter the other side of the prison.

Madam Lin and the villagers were also led out of the prison by the bailiffs. Lou Xi Yan softly clapped his hands, the corner of his mouth raised to smile and said: “The Imperial, Civil and Military all said that Official Dan was calm and bright when he was hearing to judge a case. I saw it today and as expected, it was indeed lived up to his famous reputation.”

“Prime Minister Lou was over-praising.”

Still with a calmed expression which Lou Xi Yan was accustomed too, two people moved away from the prison gate side by side.

Wu Si saw Lou Xi Yan came out and at once met up with him. Extremely grateful, he said: “Prime Minister Daren, thank you very much that you gave us the conclusion of the case. Please rest assured, it was our wrongdoing that we kidnapped the young lady, however we absolutely had not made things difficult for her. The young lady was a good person and still helped us to write the accusation. She also gave an autopsy for the benefactor a moment ago. The young lady…”

“Hold on!” Lou Xi Yan’s face that always has a smile is stiff now.

He said: “You said that youngster who did the autopsy a moment ago was Qing Feng!!” Qing Feng? It turned out that youngster was unexpectedly a woman?

Dan Yu Lan looked at Prime Minister Lou’s face, only to see he was all shocked. This Qing Feng was really not simple, could let Prime Minister to expose his upset and annoyance. Not many could do it!

Who is Qing Feng? Was she not called Zhuo Qing?! Wu Si was puzzled and unconsciously, his head raised to look for Zhuo Qing, but where was her shadow in the prison?? With a surprise expression, he said: “Where is she?”


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