Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 26: Hot Spring Garden (Part 1)

“It is me who gives her the courage.” A muffled and gentle voice echoed, Xue Xian Xin originally still wanted to make threatening gestures, her face instantly changed into a big smile and turned around to welcome, her face was in distressed, very considerately, said: “Xi Yan ah, why did you get up, quite a big illness a moment ago. How can you recover properly if you are affected by the cold and wind.”

Zhuo Qing was stupefied, it was a pity if this woman did not go acting, she was arrogant and autocratic just a moment ago, and yet docile, graceful and caring more like a mother now… This, her face changing skill was considered to be knowledgeable in the end.

Lou Xi Yan was accustomed to the act, indifferently answered: “I am much better, give my medicine to Qing Feng in the future.” After speaking, he was looking towards Zhuo Qing, advancing and slowly extending his hand.

What is he doing? Zhuo Qing stood motionless, Lou Xi Yan also did not speak, only smiled and looked at her lovingly. Zhuo Qing could not stand it and rolled her eyes, what kind of expression he was giving! If she did not walk to him, it would look like she was unable to tell good from bad and reprehensible, the problem was, the relationship between him and her did not even exist, OK!!

Lou Xi Yan was really patience, the other people were in a daze watching attentively at Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing’s heart once again cursed over and over again, she discovered for the first time that her patience was very good. Taking a deep breath, forgetting about it, looking at him as a sick person now, Zhuo Qing unwillingly was walking towards him.

Lou Xi Yan was seizing Zhuo Qing’s shoulder lightly, he was clearly favoring Zhuo Qing’s behavior. Looking at Xue Xian Xin, she was not a fool, then put the medicine on the stone table. Xue Xian Xin smily sighed: “Very well, you said it, second mother did it for your own good.”

Lightly nodded, Lou Xi Yan answered: “You still have to worry about some meddlesome affairs at home, you go get busy, ok!”

Xue Xian Xin nodded, conveniently smiled and said: “That… is also good, but you must drink this medicine while it is still warm.” Taking along the group of servant girls, Xue Xian Xin quickly departed, her smiling expression on the face was already gone long ago. She underestimated this Qing Feng, only a short one day, Qing Feng unexpectedly already obtained Lou Xi Yan’s favor. This was absolutely a fierce role, she had to think it properly…

Both hands were on the chest, Qi Tian Yu lowly smiled to mock and said: “I was thinking that you were still very ill, hurriedly rushed to go to you first thing in the morning, I saw that you were actually very much enjoying it.” Accompanied by a beautiful woman, where did he look like a sick person!

Lightly lifting his eyes, Lou Xi Yan strolled casually and said: “You came to visit a sick person, not because you were having a free time.”

En? Qi Tian Yu lightly raised his eyebrows, Xi Yan’s words sounded like, seemed like somewhat sour eh.

Neglecting Qi Tian Yu’s probing expression, Lou Xi Yan asked: “I remember that your home that is located at the outskirts of the city has a courtyard, and a hot spring?”

Why did he suddenly ask this question? Qi Tian Yu answered: “Right, it is spring time now, soaking in the hot spring is very comfortable.”

“I want to go to there to recuperate, do not know if it is convenient or not convenient?” The words were said towards Qi Tian Yu, but the fact was Lou Xi Yan’s gentle smile was looking at Zhuo Qing.

He, he, he, he, what was that expressions, Zhuo Qing got goose bumps without any reason. Pushing away his hand, Zhou Qing retreated one step, this man was sometimes gentle, sometimes was secretive, was forever unable to make sense of what he was doing, but this was definitely and absolutely dangerous!

“Oh, you can ah.” Qi Tian Yu stared blankly, he invited him to go before but he did not go. What was going on this year? Could it be that the beauty was accompanying him, so he wanted to enjoy to go bathing like a happily married couple?!

Thinking that Lou Xi Yan could possibly suffer asthma, Zhuo Qing softly said: “Your body’s condition is not suited to soak in a hot spring.”

Lou Xi Yan did not understand and looked towards her, Zhuo Qing barely wanted to start talking when a cotton flower flew by and fell down. Zhuo Qing with a meaningful glance dodged a little, immediately laughed and said: “But, going to see an enchanting scenery place is also good.” Going out to avoid floating cotton’s season to treat his illness would be beneficial.

Zhuo Qing agreed, saw her flickering a moment ago, Lou Xi Yan did not perform an in-depth investigation, said towards Jing Sa: “Jing Sa, you go and prepare.”


Looking at Jing Sa’s back who just left, the silent Lou Xi Wu suddenly shouted: “I also want to go.”

Lou Xi Yan frowned, barely wanted to start talking, Zhuo Qing’s eyes flashed through, understood clearly and smily said: “Let her accompany me, otherwise it will be boring if I go by myself.”

Zhuo Qing finished talking, Lou Xi Yan looked at Xi Wu one quick glance but did not say anything. Xi Yan was really attached to this Miss Qing Feng, Qi Tian Yu deliberately exploited an opportunity to step forward, fearless of being ridiculed, said: “Miss Qing, it is absolutely unlikely to be bored, there is still me ah!”

Zhuo Qing’s cool eyes were looking from top to bottom, once more from bottom to top to size up Qi Tian Yu, immediately perked up a smile and answered: “I am saying as a woman, I am very sorry, you hide it extremely well, I can not see it coming out for a while.”

Lou Xi Yan laughed heartily. She spoke really unbearable, apparently towards him, she was consideredly lenient.

“What misunderstanding do we have between us?’ Qi Tian Yu did not understand, he was greatly puzzled, when was he this much horrid?!”

“Nothing.” He was always seizing to incite her during the time at Niu Jia village, how it could be a misunderstanding! But Zhuo Qing was unlikely to inform him. Shrugging her shoulder, Zhuo Qing lightly evoked the corner of her mouth, with an ignorant face, answered: “It is just that who can help not stepping on a cockroach when you see one.”


Once again, inside the Lan Yue’s storied building, there was an explosion of wild laughters….


The chariot kept swaying back and forth, Zhuo Qing rapidly fell asleep. She had an incomparable memory to cherish cars now, the same four wheels but the speed was far worst. They went out at noon and it was already dusk now, but still had not arrived! Yawning boringly and half squinting, she was looking at the other side, Lou Xi Wu was lifting open the curtain lightly. Half lying on the window frame and foolishly staring in front. Zhuo Qing had leaned her body towards the direction of that small crack to see, sure enough, as she expected she caught sight of the tall and arrogant’s back at the most front of the horse cart.

“If you like him just inform him, there is no need to be sneaky like this.”

Behind her back, a woman’s voice frightened Lou Xi Wu a bit, she hurriedly putting down the window curtain, turned around to see Zhuo Qing faintly smiled to cast a glance at her. Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was a little embarrassed and felt uncomfortable, lowly shouted: “You… What are you talking nonsense about?!” Was she not sleeping just a moment ago? When did she wake up, Lou Xi Wu secretly cursed to herself to look too ecstatic.

“So, actually, I said something wrong?” Zhuo Qing straighten up her body, lightly stirred up the window curtain, refused to acknowledge Lou Xi Wu. Deliberately propping her cheeks to stare at Jing Sa’s back, with a long sigh said: “Ok, Jing Sa, this ice cube actually is more and more pleasing to the eyes. You do not like him, then I actually do not mind…”

Zhuo Qing had not even finished talking, but her wrist was in pain. Lou Xi Wu had already dragged her. Lou Xi Wu was flustered, she roared and said: “What do you want?! It is best that you remember your own identity, you are my elder brother’s person.”

Ck, ck, ck, this girl’s jealousy was relatively big. Lazily smiling, Zhuo Qing got rid of Lou Xi Wu’s hand, sarcastically smiled and answered: “You do not like him anyway, why do you care about it too much, right?”

“I…” Zhuo Qing provoked with her eyes, Lou Xi Wu clenched her teeth, and answered: “I am warning you, I do like him, he is mine! Do not even think to snatch him!”

Oh… She is about 15-16 years old, the child was indeed precocious now… Zhuo Qing with eyes that were filled with provocation, again indifferently mocked and said: “This is your own wishful thinking, ok. You have not spoken to him, perhaps he does not like you also can not say for sure. You do not even dare to confess to him, what can still be showed off!”

Fists was clenching and not willing to be looked down upon, in a fit of anger Lou Xi Wu shouted: “I will go to speak to him tonight!!”

“Very good! I am waiting to see.” Zhuo Qing craftily smiled. Dealing with this young girl, still had to spur her into action by making negative remarks to be effective. There would be a good show to see tonight.

Zhuo Qing’s mood was delighted, she leaned against the chariot and closed her eyes to rest. She surely did not expect now that there would really be a good show to watch in the evening, but it was just that there was a part that was concerning her.


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