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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 40: Palace Banquet (Part 4)

This chapter was edited by Din2.


If it was a striptease dance, she would be interested to take a look at, Zhuo Qing was staring at the golden rug attentively and excitedly. Slowly taking off the belt, right after pulling the beautiful woman’s own robe, following her movement, the gorgeous outer clothing quietly sliding off to expose the crimson translucent silk skirt inside, the light clothing was not only graceful and enchanting, it was even showing more of her voluptuous figure before everyone’s eyes.

The woman stylishly walked to the middle area, clear and bright’s voice with a smiling expression, said: “Musician, please play one tune of music, only require a drum sound, the rest of the musical instruments can be excused.”

Facing Yan Hong Tian to give a courtesy, the woman took out one colorful red ribbons from the inside of her sleeve and held it in her hand, it extended to approximately one meter long, but the ribbon was extremely thin.

Zhuo Qing was somewhat curious, the ribbon was thin, if she wanted to wave it, it would be harder, this woman looked weak, could she really wave it?

Zhuo Qing was still thinking, following the musician’s tone of the drum sound, the woman softly jumped, the silk ribbon that was on her hand took a life on its own, suddenly fluttering to rise, following the beats of the drum. With her bright, beautiful and quick witted as if the same as a cat like coquettish glances towards Yan Hong Tian from time to time, the exquisite twisting of her body as if it was a snake. The long ribbon that was on her hand moved along with the drum beats gracefully, especially every time she jumped and whirled, all were stamping on the drum beats. Merely with a single drum tone, she could already display the state of dance like this, not only it did not appear monotonous, on the contrary, it was beautified by many.

The admiration sigh sounds started to be heard in all around the corners again and again, Zhuo Qing could not help to say that in her eyes, this woman was absolutely the best in this earth. Alluring figure and the sound of the drum were very clever to combine together, each bursting sound was heard, that red captivating silk satin seemed to also be in a tangle with your heart at the same time. Softly tickling, could not say if the men would spurt their blood vessels when they watched her, she even had some difficulty breathing, this dance was absolutely more blunt than a striptease dancing on the tall pole by a lot.

Zhuo Qing looked onward to Lou Xi Yan’s direction, could only see his meager’s back, could not see clearly his facial expression. Directly in front, Su Ling was still as before with his stubborn cold face, icily arrogant eyes only watched at the wine on his hand, apparently it was more fascinating than any beauty.

Again, looking towards the highest position, Yan Hong Tian, he was actually staring fixedly at the beauty, not letting go, it was a pity that his eyes were only seeing her as a type of prey that pondered his interest, also, would he look less at a woman who was acting as a ‘gift’?! Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, it was really a pity for this great beauty….. One strong drum beat at the end, the woman suddenly laid down on the ground swiftly with a ‘bang’ sound. Everyone in the main hall was holding their breaths to watch attentively at that beautiful image who was on the ground.

It looked fishy, her dance was extremely quick witted a moment ago, the style of this final dancing conclusion should not lose the original standard! Zhuo Qing straightened up her body, quietly narrowed her eyes slightly, secretly observed the woman’s every movement, the woman had not gotten up after a long time, the sound of the discussions from the cabinet ministers started to be heard quietly.

Xu Yan Yun was motionless for a very long time, Xu Xun Si could not help but to step forward in the end, lowly called out at her side: “Seventh sister?”

Xu Yan Yun did not have any response, Xu Xun Si lightly supported her, she was still softly laid down on his embrace, Xu Xun Si knitted his eyebrows tightly, gently patting her cheeks. He was about to call her, but it appeared that Xu Yan Yun suddenly twitched up, hands and feet were stiffed, her complexion that was originally flushed turned into a faint purple color. Clearly having a difficulty breathing, Xu Xun Si was panicky, hurriedly said: “Seventh sister, what is wrong with you?”

Xu Yan Yun was not able to respond to him, her eyes were suddenly opened big, the original bright eyes looked lost, her bloodshot eyes were filled with obvious fear. The stiffed hands rigidly grabbed her own throat, her two legs unconsciously were struggling…. Zhuo Qing was fearful, did she originally have any illness? This did not look like any disease that flared up, it looked like—- poisoning.

“Seventh sister!”

Finally, Xu Yan Yun did not move, her pair of eyes were widely open staring ahead. Everything happened extremely quick, everyone in the main hall did not have any reaction.

“Imperial Physician, diagnose the Seventh Princess.” Yan Hong Tian slightly cold’s voice echoed heavily, could not clearly see the mood on his face at this moment.

“Yes.” Two Imperial Physicians hurriedly ran over, took Xu Yan Yun’s pulse, the original serene face suddenly changed into a heavy one, cautiously feeling the pulse for a long time, finally released the hand. Facing the back of the other Imperial Physician, he lowly mumbled a few sentences, that Imperial Physician immediately felt the pulse, for a long time afterwards, both of them looked at each other for one glance, each did not dare to say anything.

Looking at their facial expressions, Xu Xun Si already felt that something was not right, hurriedly said: “What is wrong with her?!”

“Seventh Princess, she…….” Both of them swallowed salivas, cold sweat flowed directly.

“Say it!” Yan Hong Tian lowly roared, both of the Imperial Physicians immediately threw themselves on the ground, tremblingly answered: “Already took her one last breath and died.”

The main hall was in commotion.

“Absolutely disgraceful!” Yan Hong Tian angrily threw down the wine cup on the ground, the inside of the palace hall was in absolute silence immediately.

Tightly holding the woman on his bosom, Xu Xun Si apparently still could not be calmed down, staring at the Imperial Physicians, intensely questioned: “This was impossible, Seventh sister had practiced dance since young, her body was always very good, how was it possible that she suddenly took her one last breath and died?”

The Imperial Physicians also did not dare to raise their heads, only shivering for a long time, finally answered: “Seventh Princess was…. poisoned to die.”

Poisoned to die? The voices echoed one more time, but nobody dared to speak, after all, one country’s Princess died in the main hall from poisoning, this really was…… Xu Xun Si raised his eyes to look one glance at Yan Hong Tian, covering up the rays on his eyes, with heavy sound answered: “This should be… even more impossible, right.”

His eyes flashed through a trace of anger, Yan Hong Tian’s cold voice asked: “Seventh Princess died due to what poison?”


Unable to tolerate the look at the image of the people who were curling up on the ground, Yan Hong Tian’s cold voice lowly said: “What are you humming and hawing for, just say it.” Really a bunch of useless people. His magnificent and powerful country, could it still be that he had to lose face in front of these foreigners!?

Both of them looked towards each other, nevertheless, did not dare to reply, could only crawl deeper on the ground, their foreheads were covered by beads of sweats, they absolutely did not dare to say what kind of poison ah.


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