Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 83: Xi Yan’s Rage

This was a really intense chapter… But the actual ZQ’s rescue took almost the whole chapter… Unbelievable!!!  And this might be the longest chapter so far… 9 stinking pages!!! Wow, over 5,100 words…

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In the lotus pond at this moment, a group of the Imperial bodyguards were jumping down, there were people within the lotus leaves, with some chaos, they were swimming to get to Lou Xi Yan’s side, there was simply no one who seriously wanted to save the person.

Yan Hong Tian also walked to the side of the lotus pond, when he was still far away, he already saw Lou Xi Yan jumped into the lake, he was not surprise by this at all, since Xi Yan would be flustered and lost his control because of Qing Ling. He already anticipated that he would go into the water to save the person earlier, but from the beginning, he did not anticipate that Xi Yan would really care about Qing Ling this serious.

“Long live, long live, long long live, the Emperor.” When everyone saw Yan Hong Tian by the lotus pond, they finally recovered, hurriedly made their salutations, everybody besides the anxious looking Lou Su Xin and Yang Zhi Lan, the icily arrogant Qing Feng and the panic looking Lou Xi Wu.

Not having any mood to deal with them, Yan Hong Tian waved his hand and answered: “Everyone can be excused to give courtesy, everybody can withdraw, ok.”

Besides the Empress Dowagers and several Imperial concubines, the other family’s young ladies, the madams, they all left the Imperial garden.

“Gao Jin, announce the Imperial physician!” This was already a very long time, they had not spread any news if they found the person from the lotus pond, if Qing Ling was in the water, she should already been drowned by now. Xi Yan cared about her so much, if he found the corpse, he was afraid that he……

“Yes.” Gao Jin went to accept the order, hurriedly to go to the Imperial physician’s courtyard, looking at the Emperor and Prime Minister Lou’s attitudes towards Miss Qing Ling, if she was not rescued alive, he did not know how many people would be implicated by this.

Qing Feng’s face was filled with tear stains, and those beautiful pair of eyes were flowing, hardly concealing the despair and hatred, those pair of eyes that were always filled with hatred, were precisely the reason why she seemed to start to get his attention. She just looked like a small beast, it seemed that as long as she was given an opportunity, she would surely pounce forward and bite, he liked to tame this kind of house pet.

Looking at the marks that she got struggling to get free on her raised sleeve, her wrists were entirely covered with purple bruises, Yan Hong Tian unconsciously wrinkled his eyebrows, he waved his hand towards the palace maids who were clutching her, with a cold sound, he said: “Let go off her.”

The palace maids did not dare to disobey, hurriedly released her hands.

Once they relinquished their grips, Qing Feng just wanted to rush towards the shuddered wooden stage, unfortunately, once she barely lifted her feet, her waist was immediately covered by a pair of powerful big hands to stop her. At the same time, an overbearing voice echoed on the side of her ear: “Too many people may not be able to rescue Qing Ling, it will be useless for you to go either, wait here obediently.”

Qing Feng firmly glared her eyes at this nasty man, her feet ferociously stepped on the top of his feet, unfortunately, Yan Hong Tian did not seem to feel anything, simply held her waist tighter with his hands, she was almost unable to breath easily.

“Ling-er!” After jumping into the lake, Lou Xi Yan just knew, the situation in the water surface was expected to be more complicated, there were wide and large lotus leaves all around. Let alone finding someone, he could not even see the situation near him. But because the pond was filled with the lotus leaves, Lou Xi Yan had a little hope, even if Qing-er was in the water, grabbing the lotus leaves could make her support herself for a moment, then she might not drown!

“Ling-er!!” Shouting with a louder voice to call her name again, Lou Xi Yan hoped that she could hear, and gave him a response.

Unfortunately, there were a group of Imperial bodyguards who jumped down the lake to come over, surrounding by their clamors and having no other choice, Lou Xi Yan could only shout with a loud voice: “All of you dive into the bottom of the lake to find her, hurry!”

“Yes.” The majority of the Imperial bodyguards obeyed the order and submerged into the water, unfortunately, the lotus leaves sheltered the sunshine, there were a lot of lotus flower stems that blocked the view in the underwater, basically, they were not able to see anything within half a zhang (one zhang is 3.3 meter).

Several distance from Lou Xi Yan’s closer Imperial bodyguards, some were gathering around to come up at the same time, one of them said solicitously: “Prime Minister Lou, they will surely look for Miss Qing Ling with all their strengths, please climb ashore first, ok, this water is very cold, it will injure your health……”

“Get lost.” Every minute and every second it passed, Lou Xi Yan’s heart got more and more panicky, he had never before flustered like this until he could not act on his own feeling, he could feel that she was by his side, but he just could not find her. Being powerless, impatient, and frightened already made him to lose his normal self cultivation. He only wanted to find her quickly now, and to take her out of this cold water lake pond.

Mo Bai already swam to his side, Lou Xi Yan grabbed Mo Bai’s shoulder, urgently said: “Mo Bai, where is she?”

Lou Xi Yan who always had white complexion, seemed to look even more deathly pale now, Mo Bai had never seen the panic looking expression from his eyes. The master whom he remembered, was no matter what matter he ran into, he would be calm and unhurried. Qing Ling was very important in his mind, this could be considered as the best confirmation.

Mo Bai lightly closed his clear eyes, thinking deeply for a moment, Lou Xi Yan could already feel that the shift of the river was occurring by his side, Mo Bai had a special ability, he started knowing this from the time that Mo Bai was following him by his side. In normal times, he would not wish for Mo Bai to show his capability in controlling the water and wind, the color of his clear eyes already made him unable to blend with ordinary people. If his ability was exposed, the common people would even more considered him as a monster, but at this moment, he was so glad that he sheltered him. If Mo Bai could not find Qing-er, nobody would be able to find her.

A moment afterwards, Mo Bai finally opened his clear eyes up, the original azure color eyes changed into lighter colors now, almost like white color, it flashed through a blue ray light from time to time, it was somewhat frightening to see. Fortunately, the lotus leaves separated from the other people’s line of sights, Mo Bai pointed towards the front left side and said: “Over there.”

Finished speaking, Mo Bai already submerged into the lake, Lou Xi Yan hurriedly pointed to the direction where he was swimming. Pushing aside layer upon layer of lotus leaves, Lou Xi Yan could see from a distant place two people who were wearing the palace eunuchs’ clothes. They were in the middle of pushing something inside the water incessantly, the sound of gurgling water when they slapped the water was very clear.

This direction was exactly the direction that Mo Bai pointed out, Lou Xi Yan was alarmed, immediately shouted with a loud voice: “What are you people doing?”

Because Zhuo Qing was going underwater all along, they were also struggling all along, and already swam too far from the ashore area. The two people did not think that layer upon layer of lotus leaves would be separated down, and there was someone who discovered them. Hearing the low roar, both of them were stumped for words, their hands were grabbing the woman who already fainted, no longer resisted. The two of them looked one glance at each other, then letting Zhuo Qing’s shoulder go at the same time. Feeling that the woman was slowly going down, the two people secretly relaxed, then turned around towards Lou Xi Yan’s overcast eyes. The two people were just about to reply, but they suffered an extremely powerful stream from under the water that was rushing forth and went up, one white transparent with blue eyes male split up the water to come out. And on his hands, he was carrying the woman whom they just threw under the water a moment ago.

The two palace eunuchs did not dare to believe and open their big eyes, was he a man? How could it possible that he would be wordless and uncommunicative like this to appear from under the water, moreover, he unexpectedly just happened to save the woman whom they pressed down into the water.

Lou Xi Yan already forged ahead to come over, the two people hurriedly put away their fear expressions (the actual idiom was losing one’s head out of fear), pretending to be calm and say: “This person….. detected a sound call for help from this side a moment ago, rushing to come over but we were not able to see any reflection of the person.”

The first time they saw Zhuo Qing’s frightened expression, Lou Xi Yan already took in the whole scene at once (he already knew what was going on), but at this moment, he did not have any mood to bother about them. Meeting forward to take Zhuo Qing who already lost consciousness from Mo Bai’s bosom, closely embracing her waists and putting her on his bosom, but his heart did not have any calmness, instead, he had a greater fear surrounded him. The present Zhuo Qing, her body was colder than the cold lake water, her eyes were tightly closed, her teeth were closed firmly, the original rosy lips appeared to be dark black like a black purple because of the long suffocation.

“Ling-er! Wake up, wake up! Ling-er, can you hear me speak?” Slapping her cheeks, Zhuo Qing did not have any response, Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, he spoke to Mo Bai who was behind him: “Arrest them to go ashore.”

Finished speaking, Lou Xi Yan was supporting Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, carrying her to the shore.

Returning to the shore, Lou Xi Yan was holding Zhuo Qing’s body to climb up. Lou Xi Wu who was standing at the shore, hurriedly ran forward, and holding Zhuo Qing’s hand to pull her up.

Seeing that Lou Xi Yan found her, Qing Feng seemed as if she tried to struggle to get free one more time, Yan Hong Tian did not make things difficult for her this time, and let go off her hand quickly.

Qing Feng rushed to the shore, and together with Lou Xi Wu, were pulling Zhuo Qing up to the shore, but seeing Zhuo Qing’s black purple lips and a very pale face, Lou Xi Wu was immediately scared and she dropped to sit on the side. Qing Feng was closely holding her sister whose body was ice cold, incessantly crying out and yelling: “Elder sister, elder sister, wake up, wake up!”

She already lost her mother and father, she could not lose her elder sister again ah!

Lou Xi Yan was also on the shore at this moment, Lou Su Xin who was always waiting anxiously on the shore immediately met him up, the momo who was behind her was holding two thick blankets on her hands. Lou Su Xin took the blankets, lovingly draped the blankets on his shoulder, urgently said: “Xi Yan, hurry drape it on, do not catch a cold!”

Zhuo Qing who was laying down on the ground at this time was only wearing a simple clothing and thin skirt, she was drenched all over, her whole clothes sticked on her body. Her cold body’s temperature stabbed Qing Feng’s heart of pain, secretly clenching her teeth, Qing Feng pulled open her belt. Just about to take off her own clothes to cover her elder sister, the similar cold ice hand grabbed her wrist at the same time, Qing Feng raised her head. Lou Xi Yan already held Zhuo Qing tenderly, and used the blanket on his own body to cover her, he threw one on the ground and used the other one to cover her body.

“Imperial physician.” Lou Xi Yan shouted with a cold voice.

Four Imperial physicians were running to come over at the same time, one took her pulse, one pressed her abdomen, they were unable to guard against the male and female rule at this time. When Gao gonggong came, he especially communicated that the one who fell into the water was Prime Minister Lou’s madam. If there was any little mishap, they might not be able to maintain their own lives!

Standing next to Qing Ling to observe, Qing Feng gratefully looked one glance at the always cultured and refined man, but whose complexion was gloomy, cold and fearful at this moment. It was him who rescued elder sister, elder sister did not pick a wrong person. She would think of a way to return this feeling to him, as far as those who owed them, she would asked it back little by little one day (this sentence might not be cleared enough. QF just thought that she would remember that LXY saved her sister in the future and she would somehow take revenge on those evil people in the future)!

Lou Su Xin’s face was stiff, but she did not say anything either, the momo who was behind her cleverly brought another blanket again. Lou Su Xin did not put it on Lou Xi Yan’s shoulder personally this time, it was rather that she sent an expression to the momo, the momo handed over the blanket on her hand in front of Lou Xi Yan’s face respectfully.

Lou Xi Yan’s face was expressionless and took the blanket to wipe dry the water from his face and body, then plainly returned the blanket back to the momo. Lou Su Xin’s complexion was even uglier.

Mo Bai forced the two palace eunuchs to the shore at this time, Lou Xi Yan walked to the shore, when he was next to Mo Bai, he said some words to Mo Bai’s ear softly, Mo Bai clearly understood and nodded his head. Then he submerged into the water again, nobody understood what he was trying to do, except for Yang Zhi Lan’s complexion that changed slightly at this moment.

Everyone was nervous waiting for the outcome of the Imperial physicians’ medical treatment, after all, Zhuo Qing’s complexion really scared people, at this moment, Lou Xi Yan’s voice that was so cold it could freeze people, suddenly said: “Someone comes, take those two people to prison.”

All of the Imperial armies stared blankly, inside the palace, only the Emperor could command them whom to arrest, they did not need to pay attention to other people, but Prime Minister Lou was the one who gave the order today. This made them to feel awkward, carefully looking one glance at the Emperor, the Emperor’s face did not change, merely nodded his head lightly. The Imperial armies immediately understood, four people rushed to step forward, and arrested the two palace eunuchs.

Yang Zhi Lan’s heart jumped out, could it be that Lou Xi Yan saw any mistake?! Calmly stepping forward one step, Yang Zhi Lan pretended not to understand and asked: “Xi Yan, what are you doing? Even though they did not do their best to rescue, they should not go to jail for their sins either, right.”

“Not doing their best to rescue?” His phoenix’s eyes slightly narrowed, hardly concealing his cold stare, Lou Xi Yan answered with a cold voice: “Chen saw it, it was actually an attempted murder!”

Having never seen this kind of Lou Xi Yan, first time knowing, the cold ray from his eyes was unexpectedly made people to tremble with fear, Yang Zhi Lan deeply breathing, forced a smile and said: “This…… was impossible, ok!”

Turning her head to look towards the two palace eunuchs, Yang Zhi Lan deliberately chided with a loud voice: “Dog slaves, what was going on after all?”

The two people hurriedly kneeled down, one person started talking soon afterward to state the injustice: “These slaves were accused wrongly ah, too many lotus leaves under the water, we were looking for a long time but did not find Miss Qing. With great difficulty, we found her, but Miss Qing was already drowned and fainted, these slaves supported Miss with our hands. When Prime Minister Lou rushed to come over at that time, he believed that these slaves harmed Miss Qing, these slaves absolutely did not injure Miss intentionally!!”

Yang Zhi Lan secretly relaxed, these two people were worthy to be her trained followers, in term of handling the matter, it could be regarded as appropriate. Recovering, and showing tenderness to look at the Imperial physicians who were still giving medical treatment to Zhuo Qing, Yang Zhi Lan sighed and said: “So it turned out to be like this, Aijia could understand Xi Yan’s impatient mood to rescue the person, this accident was extremely unexpected, nobody would wish to see it, fortunately, Ling-er was also rescued now.”

Lou Xi Yan’s uncharacteristically did not take advantage of the silent, he was rather look towards Yang Zhi Lan directly, he answered with a cold voice: “The meaning of the Empress Dowager was that Chen misjudged? Chen is not yet slow-witted that I can not see clearly the situation when one is trying to save or murder someone!”

Yang Zhi Lan stared blankly, she did not anticipate that Lou Xi Yan unexpectedly would contradict her words, she was speechless for a while, but Lou Xi Yan did not intend on dropping this subject. The moment that Mo Bai supported Qing-er out of the water, his heart almost stopped pulsing, and he even did not dare to go and look at her who was laying down on the floor and not making any sound at the moment. But he did not want to admit it either, simply waiting for the Imperial physicians to give medical treatments this time, it would be enough to make him crazy.

Being in fear and distressed, made Lou Xi Yan who was rarely exploded for the past many years to be in rage, and at this moment, he did not want to restrain himself, his gaze swept pass the slanting wooden stage. Lou Xi Yan’s anger flamed up and straightforwardly turned towards the East and West Empress Dowagers who were aloof, he said: “The palace held a banquet, it should guarantee their safety, the wooden stage collapsed without a reason, and someone already fell in the lotus pond. The courtyard was packed with the Imperial bodyguards and maids, unexpectedly, there were only four people who went into the water to rescue the person, this lotus pond was so big, why did you all not add the manpower to help out? Whether or not Chen could think that this was a deliberate murder scheme?”

“Impudent!” Lou Su Xin’s complexion was extremely ugly, the well maintained face became all wrinkled because of anger now, with a stern voice, she berated: “Lou Xi Yan, this is an internal matter in the palace, you are an external official, how dare you to intervene. Perhaps, this matter is simply an accident, even if there is really someone who has an ulterior motive, the Yuan family can investigate this clearly on their own. You speak so rudely like this, and acting on your own’s initiative, becoming an obstacle!”

He simply went against her, because of one woman, he lost his elegant demeanor like this, he really disappointed her very much!!

Lou Xi Yan immediately swept past her, looked towards the person who was standing aside silently all along, the mysterious Yan Hong Tian, with a clear sound, he pressed on forward and asked: “Daring to ask the Emperor, Chen’s wife has had an accident in the palace, the life or death is still unpredictable, whether or not Chen can have the privilege to investigate the person who is responsible for this?”

Yan Hong Tian solemnly nodded his head, earnestly answered: “You can.” It was very rare that Xi Yan showed his anger for the first time, he wanted to support him more just now.

Lou Su Xin’s angry face changed from blue to white, very well ah! They joined forces to go against her! She wanted to take a look today, she always put this good nephew in her heart and loved him dearly, how did he want to lay out the blame on her. Arrogantly lifting her head, Lou Su Xin coldly groaned and said: “Fine, you want to investigate who the responsible person is, is Aijia responsible for it? Or who has pushed your wife into the pond?”

Yang Zhi Lan lowly smiled, hurriedly helped to resolve the dispute by saying: “Xi Yan, this is simply an accident, there is no one who will deliberately want to harm Ling-er, do not provoke your aunt to be angry like this.”

Lou Xi Yan’s cold eyes slightly raised, looked towards Yang Zhi Lan who had a loving face, with a cold voice, he forced to ask: “What do you do if this is not an accident?”

Yang Zhi Lan’s heart was suddenly tightened, today’s Lou Xi Yan changed into someone else’s, she always felt that Lou Xi Yan somewhat knew something, but how could this possible, he just barely rushed over, nothing more. Just when she was anxious and frightened, Mo Bai who submerged into the water for a long time, finally floated up, he was holding a bunch of ropes on his hands. Throwing away the ropes on the shore, Mo Bai immediately crawled up, the pale skin, sky blue eyes color, made him to become everyone’s focus immediately, there was still some low whisper sounds from time to time.

Mo Bai’s cold face did not have any expression, directly walked towards Lou Xi Yan, Mo Bai said with a low voice: “Master, the wooden stage had a total of twelve stakes under the water, every stake was deliberately cut off for more than half a notch, moreover, the gap of every stump was connected with the rope. The vicinity where Madam fell down had two pillars that were already fractured, at that time when the rope was pulled to break the wooden stake, the rope should already been taken away, the rest of the ropes were still there at the moment. No matter where Madam would stand at that time, the wooden stage under her feet would collapse.”

His voice was not loud, but once he stopped talking, the shore became quiet at first, then there were rustling noises afterwards.

“So is there anybody who says that this is an accident now?” Lou Xi Yan collected the ropes that were on the ground, it appeared that his eagle sharp and fierce phoenix eyes swept pass everyone, one could not see what he was thinking, and one did not dare to answer him either.

Yang Zhi Lan secretly cursed, darn it! Originally, they could just take and pull the whole wooden stage to collapse, then took back the ropes, but this way, it would not look like an accident from the worn down by years of non repair. She originally planned to drawn Qing Ling to die afterwards, the palace eunuchs who went down into the water to save the person had to fasten up the ropes again before they left, there would be no evidence in this way. Top secret, but one could only calculate, she did not figure that Lou Xi Yan would come unexpectedly either, and jumped into the water, she did not anticipate his intelligent in this way even more, he immediately made people to check up the wooden stakes in the water, it seemed that she would have to find a scapegoat this time and it would be alright!

Taking advantage of everyone who was still surprise, Yang Zhi Lan was already in anger and she said: “Ridiculous, this kind of matter could happen in the palace unexpectedly, elder sister, this time we surely have to investigate this properly until the truth comes to light!”

Lou Su Xin’s brows knitted once again, unexpectedly, it was really not an accident, even so, she felt that her own authority was challenged, so her complexion was still not pleased.

How could Lou Xi Yan make this matter to become the investigation case of the inner palace on their own, then they would just find a scapegoat to settle the matter as their wishes. Looking towards Yan Hong Tian, Lou Xi Yan said with a cold voice: “Chen thinks even if this matter has happened in the inner palace, but there are many family influential young ladies on the scene, the prestigious house afterwards. Today’s palace banquet is to choose the candidates who will perform at Qiong Yue’s celebration, this case relates to the celebration, and no longer relates to the matter in the inner palace, it should be handed over to the Ministry of Justice to hear the case and simply must not trouble both of the Empress Dowagers!”

“Granted.” Yan Hong Tian had already felt faintly that this matter was odd, if he did not agree to hand over the investigation to the Ministry of Justice, he was afraid that Xi Yan would absolutely not drop the subject from then on!

“Somebody comes, take and imprison these four people in the Imperial prison. Imperial army, seal off the Imperial garden, this case will be handed over to the Ministry of Justice to hear.”


“Ou…..” (Vomiting sound). The person who was laying on the ground finally reacted, a mouthful of water was spit out, Zhuo Qing was coughing fiercely. Looking that she finally moved, Qing Feng’s tears flew out of her eyes helplessly, but this time was because of happiness: “Elder sister!”

Lou Xi Yan heard the coughing sound, and rushed over hurriedly to come, half kneeling by her side, closely pulling her hand, Lou Xi Yan urgently said: “Ling-er! You can hear me speaking, right?” He was anxious for her to be sure, to be sure that she was still alive!

Zhuo Qing’s consciousness was still vague, her chest was painfully hurt, she was unable to breathe, it felt like some thing was pressing on her. She wanted to open her eyes, but she was helpless either, vaguely, she could hear a clamoring sound around her, but it sounded like a buzzing sound. Carefully hearing, she seemed to hear Lou Xi Yan’s voice, but it also did not seem like it was his voice. He was always gentle and soft when he talked, it was not like this loud roar and loud shouting, her brain was still muddled, but she was unconsciously nodded her head.

Looking at her nodding her head weakly, Lou Xi Yan’s worry in his heart could be put down finally, holding her in his bosom, Lou Xi Yan asked: “How is she now?”

Qing Ling had already woken up, the Imperial physicians were the happiest, their lives were saved at last.

“Even though Miss Qing has drowned for a long time, but she has finally woken up and will slowly recuperate. But there is still a possibility that the mucus on the throat will warmup to obstruct her lung, maybe from the outside cold but we have wait for the root that causes the trouble. She will need a lot of conditionings and has to take good care of her health.”

Using the two blankets to closely wrapped Zhuo Qing’s body, Lou Xi Yan said to the Imperial physicians on the side: “You will need to write out several prescriptions, take the medicine and herbs to the Prime Minister’s manor.”


Yang Zhi Lan came up, looked one glance at Lou Xi Yan’s bosom where Zhuo Qing was still unconscious, distressingly said: “Xi Yan ah, Ling-er is still unconscious now, it is inappropriate for her to travel and be tired, it is better to let her stay and rest at the Xi Xia palace properly, wait until she wakes up, and nurses her body a little, will this be better than taking her back to the manor?”

Qing Ling unexpectedly did not die, if she woke up and said that the palace eunuchs made her drown, that would be troublesome, if she could make her to stay to see what she said when she was awoken, then she could decide how to handle the stuff and whether or not not to use those people who did not do their best the first time around.

Holding her waist and getting up, Lou Xi Yan coldly answered: “No need. Xi Wu, go.”

He would not let Qing-er taking any risk, this would be the last time, and also the only time!

“Oh.” Lou Xi Wu stared blankly and followed Lou Xi Yan’s back, her head did not dare to turn around, she was scared to death!! Their aunt’s complexion was frightfully black a moment ago, but she still wanted to say, elder brother was extremely……. extremely cool today!

She could already see that Qing Ling was set to be her sister in law, but elder brother burst with rage this time, she estimated that their aunt would be insanely mad also, she must not enter the Imperial palace to act as a good cannon fodder these days. (It’s a saying that she should avoid the palace as her aunt would probably get mad at her also).


Sian’s notes:

Wow… Mo Bai has this special ability… I’m quite shock. Or should I be shocked at this finding? Knowing this author, she can throw out some pretty neat plots or relationships. I like Mo Bai even more.


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