Abe the Wizard - Chapter 540

Chapter 540: 540

Naga was the only special spirit guardian knight . It did not have armor . Even though one of the spirit guardian knight armor had been demolished in the battle, Abel still had some spare ones in his portal bracelet .

But, he just did not have any armor with 6 armholes . He had to make one special for Naga .

Abel preserved all the spirit guardian knights . They had just been summoned, but they all inherited Abel’s self-defense and knight skills . Still, they were not as experienced in battle as his old ones, so it would take some time .

The only thing that was in Abel’s mind was what special ability Naga had . Those 4 extra arms on it’s back was not just for show, right?

Naga sensed Abel’s thoughts, so it began to gather up a green glowing ball with the 4 arms behind it . Afterward, the ball dashed forward, and a green smog of poison gas erupted .

Although Abel didn’t know how powerful the poison was, poison was the scariest thing in the Holy Continent . Only a small amount of Orc Deities would research into it . Therefore, a Poison attack was a rare yet powerful kind of attack .

The poison antidote in the Holy Continent was light years behind the poison antidote in the Dark World . At most, they could only ease the pain . So one’s performance in a battle would definitely be affected if they were poisoned . Poison was a reflection of hopelessness in the Holy Continent .

Most of the Deities who did research in poisons had died from side effects, so only a small number of them could use powerful poison attacks .

“Not bad!” Abel suddenly thought of the crack between Andariel’s eyes, but when he turned towards her served head, the crack vanished .

He walked towards Andariel’s served head and carefully examined it . Her face was dried up . Her body was supported by countless souls . Since those souls had now been freed, her true appearance came to life .

But, that annoying crack between her eyes had completely vanished from her dried-up face .

Abel took out his Jade Tan Do again . He was about to cut open her skull, but he was worried if he would be struck by more poison attacks . So safety first .

There were no poison attacks . The only thing was that Andariel had an extraordinarily thick skull, her skin was ok, but it still gave Abel a hard time .

She had thick bones . If Abel had not used the force of dimension, he probably wouldn’t have been able to cut her .

He unleashed his combat qi onto his Jade Tan Do and plunged down in full force . The skull began to crack, and Abel followed up immediately . After 10 strikes, the skull finally split into two .

But, Andariel’s head was completely empty . The only thing that caught Abel’s attention was a damaged blue crystal . It looked like it was only a small piece from a bigger crystal .

Abel carried the damaged crystal near the eternal flame of hell and closely examined it . The crystal first began to flash in countless sparkles, and then those sparkles began to move . It looked like he was staring into a night full of stars .

After the starry sparkles disappear, a patch of darkness emerged within the crystal, followed by the vision of a piece of land emerging from a distance . At first, Abel didn’t know what it was, but as it got closer, Abel realized it was the Rogue Encampment .

If god was real, what he just saw must be god’s perspective . He was stunned like never before .

“What is this crystal?”

“Andariel put this crystal between her eyes . What power does it have?”

Abel had countless questions, but he couldn’t answer any of them . But he knew one thing: this damaged crystal core was very important .

Not only from his intuition, but his druid soul also came to the same conclusion . Unlike the main soul, the druid soul was not conscious . Its calculations were not affected by bias, so it was very accurate .

“Sure, it’s important, but what does this thing do?” Abel thought to himself as he placed the crystal between his eyes . That was what Andariel’s had done after all .

Nothing happened . Just as Abel was about to laugh at himself, his hand twitched, and the crystal made contact with his skin .

All of a sudden, the damaged crystal lost control . Sparkles began to emerge, and Abel felt himself losing control as well . His hand helplessly fell away from the crystal, but the crystal did not drop .

Instead, the crystal was glued to Abel’s forehead and began press further down . The crystal plunged into his skin, and blood gushed out .

Abel’s fresh blood was recharging the crystal . Its glow began to get even brighter and increased its speed . It was hard to imagine what a thumb-sized crystal entering the skull of a person would look like .

Abel witnessed all of this take place just in front of his eyes . He felt extreme horror .

But that didn’t last for long . The crystal had soon fully entered Abel’s skull, and the glow began to spread throughout his body . His horror was replaced with immense pain . He wanted to scream, but he felt like he lost the ability to scream .

He reached the limit of a normal human being . He felt like he was about to explode . Every strand of his muscles felt like they were being torn apart, and every inch of his bones felt like they were being crushed .

Abel realized that crystal was not suitable for humans to use, yet his stupidly brave mind told him to put it between his eyes .

The sound of muscle tearing and bones being started to get louder and louder . He felt like his body was going to be ripped to pieces by this crystal .

He had fallen onto the ground, and his body wouldn’t stop twitching from the cracking bones .

Just when Abel felt hopelessness dawning upon him, he felt familiar energy rushing from within . All of a sudden, his muscles were repaired, and his bones started to grow again .

The power of the dragon core had saved him once again, and soon it had fully recovered his body . Maybe it was even stronger than before .

The crystal glow began to fade . It seemed like Abel had passed the test . All of the agony in his body was washed away like water, and an indescribable freshness emerged .

Afterward, Abel received a large amount of data . He knew what that crystal was .

This damage crystal was a tiny bit of the world stone of the Dark World . According to legends, it was made from the eye of a god; it was the foundation stone of the Dark World . During the war of the Dark World back in the days, this world stone was responsible for suppressing all of humanity’s power . At the same time, it also limited the power of heaven and hell . Therefore, the war of the Dark World had never gotten out of hand .

When the war had ended, Hell no longer needed those pure souls from humans, and heaven had also left . From then on, this place was no longer suitable for hell demons .

The world stone was too powerful, and none of those hell demons could withstand it . Therefore, the world stone divided itself into five pieces, each replacing the soul of a powerful hell demon and gained full control over their body .

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