Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Because He Deserves My Respect (Part one)

Hearing that Hu Bing and the others had been brought out of the battlefield, Instructor Yan whispered something to Commander Xie and left the spectating zone to see them in the resting zone for soldiers .

All 14 of them sat on the floor with their heads lowered in silent depression . Hu Bing was laying alone in a corner with a jacket over his face . No one knew what he was thinking about, and he also didn’t want to talk to anyone .

When Instructor Yan walked in, someone looked up and saw him but immediately lowered his head in shame .

“I’m satisfied to see you all like this,” Instructor Yan said .

The soldiers all looked up at him, thinking he was mocking them; they smiled bitterly, and some of them had red-rimmed eyes .

“I meant it and wasn’t mocking you . This is your first time attending a major competition and I’m satisfied to see that you’re reflecting here after being defeated . At least, you’re not acting indifferent; after all, the right attitude of a strong soldier is learning from his mistakes . ”

Some newbies chuckled self-mockingly . “We didn’t take this major competition seriously . Before it started, we were full of ourselves when we defeated the veterans, but later we learnt that even with Captain Xu Cheng’s abilities, his team couldn’t enter the top 20 in the past competitions . Only then did we realize that the competition is full of high-level soldiers . ”

Instructor Yan smiled . “No . You’re not so bad . It’s just Xu Cheng is unexpectedly strong this year . Compared with him, you’re much, much inferior . ”

At this moment, Hu Bing who had been silent said from beneath his jacket, “So what? We were still eliminated . Head, if you’re angry, just vent it on me . It’s my mistake that got our team eliminated earlier than we expected . ”

Instructor Yan had indeed come to lecture Hu Bing with Commander Xie’s instruction . Hearing Hu Bing’s words, he walked over to him and said, “You indeed made a mistake, and I don’t want to criticize anyone but you . If you were not selfish and chose to trust Xu Cheng, maybe you would never have been surrounded and gotten wiped out . Do you know that Xu Cheng was the first soldier who overcame the induced coma with the power of his will and woke up 20 minutes earlier than the others? 20 minutes! Do you know what a perfect chance that gave us? At that moment, Commander Xie and I wished we could slap you for your foolishness . Due to your selfishness, you refused to work with Xu Cheng and lost a great harvesting opportunity and put the whole team into a disadvantageous position . You could have gotten out of that area and found a good defensive location, so you wouldn’t be eliminated so soon . But what did you do instead? You lost the basic judgement when you focused your mind to work against Xu Cheng . Hu Bing, I’m truly disappointed in you . Even your teammates know that it’s safer to listen to an experienced senior soldier, but what did you do? I can only tell you that you’re not fit to be an elite soldier . You’ll go home and wait for the military region’s decision for your future position . It’s useless to cry under your jacket . If you enter a real battlefield with this arrogance and blind sense of superiority, you’ll get your team killed . If that happened, your crying won’t bring them back to life! So, I will never want a soldier like you to be a captain! For the sake of other soldiers, it’s best for you to just quit the army!”

Chapter 212 Because He Deserves My Respect (Part two)

Did Instructor Yan exaggerate? Not at all . The difference between Hu Bing and Xu Cheng was that Xu Cheng used his own abilities to create miracles and gain advantages for his teammates while Hu Bing strived for personal credit at the sacrifice of his team . Hu Bing’s method of victory was the ugliest tactic; after all, a true elite soldier wasn’t one to be relying on other people protecting him; instead, he should be able to turn the tide with his own abilities .

Hu Bing was indeed crying . He had used the jacket to cover his face because he didn’t want the other soldiers to see his tears . But Instructor Yan saw through him with one glance; if crying could help him, then just pick the biggest crybabies to be world leaders .

At this moment, a rookie said in a low voice, “In fact, Captain Xu Cheng had left, but he fought his way back because he was worried about us . We were his burden and I don’t know if he got eliminated or not . ”

When they were eliminated and taken from the battlefield, they had seen Xu Cheng sneak attack the 28th MR and then battled with the enemies . If they hadn’t been eliminated so soon, they would probably have been able to win more time for Xu Cheng as he sneak attacked the 28th MR from behind .

At this thought, they all sighed in regret .

Stopping his weeping, Hu Bing asked Instructor Yan beneath his jacket, “How fast did we get eliminated?”

Instructor Yan said, “The second . ”

The other rookies all lowered their heads further in shame, wishing they could crawl into the cracks in the ground and hide there .

Instructor Yan continued, “Strictly speaking, you are the first team to be eliminated . You became the second because Xu Cheng wiped out a team after he woke up before the others . He wiped them out by himself before they could even wake up . After that, he came back and tried to rescue you guys . ”

Hu Bing didn’t think so . “I think he used us as cannon fodder so he could come back to harvest . ”

“You can shut it, Hu Bing!” Instructor Yan reprimanded, “Xu Cheng is not like you! Do you know why his abilities decreased and he quit from the military for a while? Do you think he left just because he wasn’t as sharp as before? No! The truth is he was injected with a genetic-altering substance by enemies when he tried to rescue his comrades in a mission, and this substance damaged his immune system and impaired his abilities . The doctors said that the genetic injection contained toxins that could kill a man, but Xu Cheng broke free from it with only the power of his will . Let me tell you, in our 5th MR, even Commander Xie respects Xu Cheng . Why do I treat him like my brother and not you guys? Do you know why? Because you don’t deserve it! Because Xu Cheng deserves my respect!”

The rookies all fell silent; Hu Bing also no longer spoke and was dumbfounded .

In the silence, Instructor Yan exhaled deeply and continued, “Take your time and think about your mistakes . Although you guys are the second batch to get wiped out, we still have Xu Cheng in the competition; he hasn’t been eliminated yet . ”

All the soldiers widened their eyes . “What? Head, you mean Captain Xu Cheng is still fighting?”

Instructor Yan nodded with a smile . “He avenged you guys and wiped out the entire 28th MR! He’s still fighting, alone! He’s the only survivor of our team, but we have the highest points on the scoreboard and his personal score also ranks first place!”

“That’s awesome!” The newbies’ eyes brightened, and their pale faces pinked up .

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