Chapter 214

Chapter 214 How the heck can we continue? (Part one)

Huang He and the others were really dumbfounded .

They had never seen such sniping skills with unbelievable aiming speed . This sniper was really the god among sniper gods . Huang He had met many awesome snipers before, but from what he had seen just now, this sniper was truly terrifying .

The basic requirement for a good sniper was steadiness and focus because they would only have a few seconds to assassinate their targets when they were in the field . In these few seconds, a professional sniper could kill anyone, and they must judge swiftly and make a decision within that time . If Xu Cheng was another professional sniper, he would have shot instinctively as Huang He tossed out his jacket .

Huang He thought the scary thing about this sniper was that he didn’t fire the first time when a jacket was tossed out; it might be that the sniper was slow with his finger and reflexes and had missed the chance . When the jacket was tossed out for the second time, the sniper still didn’t fire instinctively; it might be that he didn’t react fast enough and missed the opportunity . But how about the third time? In the moment when Ah’Pao dashed out at top speed, the sniper shot him in midair and sent him to the ground like a dead chicken . Now that was truly horrifying .

Firstly, he was sure the sniper had perfect coordination between his reflexes and his fingers; secondly, the sniper’s aiming speed was extraordinary . Imagine if you were aiming through your scope at an area with a field of view of about one square meter and someone flashed across the scope in less than 0 . 3 second, no human mind could react at the same moment when his eyes saw this figure . Even if his brain was a computer and reacted, his fingers couldn’t be fast enough to follow the instructions from the brain and pull the trigger .

Most of the time, a man’s brain couldn’t react at the same time as his hands and feet; in a sudden situation, one’s mind would always be a tiny bit slower . It was why Huang He thought this sniper was inhuman .

As he analyzed the situation, his comrades, the commanders watching the battle, and the instructors also noticed what happened and analysed Xu Cheng’s abilities . It was why they were afraid of Xu Cheng when he was equipped with a sniper rifle . Today, Xu Cheng had amazed them with his sniping ability . His sniping skills were very fancy, including the flash sniping, sniping on the move, and the confident blind sniping which resulted in five successive headshots . If the previous shots only showed his terrifying marksmanship and judgement, his prediction this time helping him hit a moving figure through the scope showed his terrifying reflexes . The shot stunned the experienced commanders . It seemed the sniper rifle was born just for him and he was born a jungle sniper; in the darkness, no one could see him, but he could kill anyone exposed to his scope .

By now, altogether 21 soldiers were killed by his sniper, with another 15 soldiers whose throats were cut by him . His individual points had reached 36!

“Captain Huang, what should we do now?” A soldier swallowed his saliva in despair and said, “If I get eliminated, I really want to meet this guy . ”

Huang He said with a smile, “Me, too . I just want to ask him when we tossed our jackets out, if it was him not reacting fast enough or his mind reacted and kept his finger from instinctively pulling the trigger . If it’s the first case, I want to be his friend; if it’s the second one, I’ll give him my azz . ”

If he knew that Xu Cheng had eliminated his five comrades within ten seconds, he would probably go to Thailand to get a sex change operation and then pursue Xu Cheng .

“Captain Huang, what do we do now? The guys of the 13th MR are coming at us,” someone yelled anxiously .

Chapter 214 How the heck can we continue? (Part two)

Captain Huang gave a bitter laugh . “I don’t know . Right now, if you expose a tiny part of your body, he will shoot it . We only have one choice now and that’s if we dash out together . I know some of us will fall, but some will survive . It’s better than staying here and waiting to be wiped out . What do you think?”

The other soldiers nodded . “We have eight people, and as you analyzed, they have at most three snipers . If we dash out together, they can’t get all of us . I think at least three to five of us can make it out . Captain, you must live . We’ll run out first but at a slower pace, then you catch up with a faster speed, and we will shield you . ”

Huang He nodded . “That’s the only option for us now . I’ll find the sniper and avenge our brothers . After we pass this zone, I’ll circle around from behind that sniper and eliminate him since I know where he is now!”

The others nodded . The seven soldiers got ready with the taller ones sheltering Huang He . A few seconds later, they ran out suddenly from behind the tree as planned .

Xu Cheng was originally ready to shoot, but then he noticed these guys ran in an orderly way instead of scrambling to flee . Insead, they ran together, which made it easy for the snipers to target them . After all, only random running could scatter the focus of a sniper’s scope .

These guys should know this, and Xu Cheng soon realized that they were trying to do .

Yeah, they were trying to shield Huang He .

Xu Cheng’s lips curved up . “You want to protect your captain? Well, let’s see if you can do it!”

As he spoke, he began to aim .

Commander Zhou watched Xu Cheng on the screen and wondered, “With his extraordinary marksmanship and finger speed, he can at least hit two targets . What’s he waiting for?”

Commander Xie was also puzzled, but the commander of the 33rd MR was more calm than the others . He said slowly, “Because he has a big ambition; he wants the captain! These guys are exposing our Captain Huang, but they are doing the right thing . Only when Huang He is safe can the whole MR live since his abilities and surviving skills are the best . ”

Commander Zhou looked at the commander of the 33rd MR and asked with a smile, “Old Biao, do you think Xu Cheng can take out your captain?”

Old Biao glanced at Commander Xie and said with a snort, “You must ask him; Xu Cheng is his soldier . ”

Commander Xie knew he was jealous; he said with a chuckle, “In fact, our Xu Cheng isn’t so badass . Don’t worry, Huang He’s teammates are smart by letting the taller soldiers cover him Huang He . If they move swiftly, Xu Cheng can’t get a chance to penetrate the others and hit Huang He . ”

The moment he said it, Commander Zhou and Old Biao who had been watching the screens bolted up; Commander Xie looked at his screen subconsciously as he saw Huang He flat on the ground .

Old Biao cursed, “What the [email protected]*(Y!)*((#!”

Dumbfounded, Commander Xie yelled at the technician, “Rewind and see how it happened . ”

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