Chapter 226.2

Chapter 226: I Forgive you In My Mother’s Place (Part two)

Indeed, Tie Shi’s earpiece sounded the referee’s voice, “You are already out, don’t mess around . ”

But, Tie Shi just ignored the referee and said to Xu Cheng, “We haven’t really fought yet, do you really want to miss the chance to fight me?”

Xu Cheng turned around, looked at Tie Shi, and smiled, “You are ill, and the disease you have is called “mysterious confidence” . ”

Tie Shi’s face immediately dragged down . “I know I’m already eliminated, but you really want to just leave like that?”

Xu Cheng: “You really want to fight me?”

Tie Shi lifted his eyebrows . “You can decline . ”

Xu Cheng: “Then I decline . ”

“Xu Cheng, I f-ck your mom!“ Tie Shi lifted his eyebrows . “So what? I just insulted your mom, if you are angry then you can fight me!”

“I forgive you in my mom’s place . ” Xu Cheng sighed . He hated that mother of his that abandoned him and his father as well anyways .

Tie Shi was about to cough up blood .

“Xu Cheng, you are just a coward! You already took out Ye Qiu and Wang An, but you don’t have the guts to fight me?”

“I’m standing right here . If you are not a coward, then you can come up and fight me . ” Xu Cheng just stood in place and invited Tie Shi to attack .

Tie Shi paused for a moment, and then a hint of murderous intent flashed past his face . He dashed to Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng lightly lifted his eyelids as he had already predicted his pathing . He just simply raised his leg…

Tie Shi was going at too fast of a speed and couldn’t come to a halt in time, and Xu Cheng’s leg-lifting was also too random and fast that Tie Shi couldn’t react in time . Then, with a loud “pong” sound, Tie Shi’s entire face stuck onto the bottom of Xu Cheng’s shoe .

It was like a supersonic-speed master flying over to try and assassinate you, but a wall suddenly appeared between you two and that master solidly embraced the wall . His whole face was distorted, and as he let out a faint moan, he slowly fell to the ground with blood sliding down his nostrils . In addition, there was a big shoe mark on his face .

Xu Cheng sighed . “It’s not that I don’t want to fight you, but you are really a bit too weak . ”

Then, he turned around to leave, but who knew his two legs seemed to be pulled by someone . Xu Cheng looked down and saw Tie Shi actually climbed up and hugged onto his legs, not letting him leave .

“Let me tell you, I didn’t lose yet, and you want to just walk away like that?’ Tie Shi said as he suddenly lifted Xu Cheng up by the legs and threw him forward . Fortunately, Xu Cheng had a good sense of balance and landed on all fours .

He got up, looked at Tie Shi who also got up as well, and said, “Looks like you won’t let me go if I don’t completely defeat you?”

Tie Shi wiped the blood off his nose and said, “That’s how I am . You either beat me to the ground or I’ll beat you to the ground . ”

“Very well . ” Xu Cheng nodded . “Then let me show you what real speed is like . ”

As he said that, he slightly bent his legs and slingshotted himself off the ground towards Tie Shi . In Tie Shi’s eyes, he could only see a big cannon-ball coming at him, and his body couldn’t react at all . His brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening, and when he was about to instinctively dodge, Xu Cheng’s iron-head already slammed onto his chest .


Blood spewed out from Tie Shi’s mouth . Xu Cheng walked to him, cracking his knuckles and saying, “You said either I beat you to the ground, or you will beat me to the ground . Here, I think you still have a few breaths left in you . ”

Hearing these words, Tie Shi couldn’t help but coughed up more blood . He tightly gripped the ground and stuck his body as tight against the ground as possible and said, “I’m already on the ground, and I’m already out . If you hit me again, you will break the rules . ”

Xu Cheng sent a punch down . “Acha~”

Tie Shi: “NOOOOO!”

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