Chapter 239.2

Chapter 239: I Will Take Care of This (Part one)

Yan Xian’s lawyer received a look from Yan Xian and said domineeringly, “Since the police aren’t reasoning with us, we will go to the court to ask for a fair treatment . ”

Wu Gang was still calmly sitting there sorting out the documents and he began getting impatient . “Sure, but let me remind you, I was at the scene as well, I know what happened and it was nothing like what you guys reported . You think that just because you are public figures, you can just make things up? If someone is at fault in this case, then it would be you first . Mr . Yan Xian already admitted during the argument that he worked with the producer and director to deliberately change the script to take advantage of the female celebrity, and he also threatened to use hidden rules to force Miss Lin Chuxue to comply . Moreover, the producer also expressed intent to illegally imprison Miss Lin Chuxue and had caused her psychological damages . I heard that Miss Lin Chuxue’s side has already begun preparing the materials, so later on, I will compare the report from both sides . But, I feel like the one that needs to be arrested right now should be you guys, and at most, Mr . Xu Cheng just needs to pay for your medical bills for causing physical harm with the intention to protect the victim, and I think the court would instead praise that kind of behavior . ”

When Wu Gang was done, he smiled as he looked at those two who were dumbfounded at that moment .

The lawyer still wanted to show his professional side, but the agent was already dragging him to leave . Clearly, this case was not going through because of Xu Cheng . The agent originally planned to come to the police HQ personally to blow this up before Xu Cheng could get his hands on this case, yet who knew that the one handling the case would be Xu Cheng’s friend, Wu Gang . Feeling that things were not in their favor, the agent decided to quickly leave .

At the hospital, Ou Li and Yan Xian were both getting IVs . Knowing the police’s attitude, they knew they could only take the second option and use their influence in the entertainment industry . Ou Li began making calls and shouting over the phone, and clearly, he was furious because when most of the people heard that he was trying to take on someone from the military, they just quickly ended the conversation and hung up . Finally, he made another call . “How about it? Just tell me, can you accept this order or not?! Right, that guy does have a little background, but it’s not that big . My guy told me that he’s just a lieutenant (TL Note: he didn’t know Xu Cheng was promoted) in the military, but we can negotiate the price . Old Yuan, I know only you can handle this kind of thing in Shangcheng, and I’m only coming to you because I’m really too angry . We’ve known each other for so long, and I’ve never been stingy with introducing girls in the entertainment industry to you, right?”

On the other end of the call, the guy was silent for a moment and said, “You know that if he’s a soldier, then he’s going to be a lot more difficult to deal with than an ordinary person . Of course, I will help you out . How about this, 300 thousand, or else I really can’t do much . My guys still want to live a little longer, and we are done for if we get exposed for beating up someone from the military .

Ou Li: “Alright, but you have to promise me that he can’t get out of bed for at least a few months after you are done with him . ”

Seeing that Ou Li agreed to the price, Old Yuan laughed and said, “Don’t worry, since when did we leave our clients unsatisfied? Let me tell you, here I have all the bros that were originally professional fighters of North Gate before it was disbanded, and each of them couldn’t be more professional at what they do . Just tell me the name of the guy you want us to take care of, and later on, I will talk about it with my men . There shouldn’t be any problems . ”

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