Chapter 248.2

Chapter 248: Rejected (Part two)

“Hello, I’m Yan Xian . ”

“Mr . Yan, this is the legal department of X-X Shampoo . Because a scandal broke out during the brand deal period that severely affected our brand and the partnership, we hereby unilaterally cancel our contract and ask you to pay for damages . We have already contacted your company, but your company said that they already ended the employment contract with you so we can only directly come to you . In the next few days, we will send you a subpoena . ”

Then, they hung up .

Yan Xian’s eyes were wide open as he looked at his phone, and he just saw more and more business calls coming in, all from the companies he had brand deals with . In the end, he directly smashed his phone and then yelled on the streets like a mad man . The endorsement fee plus the damages, it seemed like his 50 million would no longer be enough…

– South Island –

At a temporary office in the suburbs, Commander Xie stood in the sun waiting for the staff to come out .

After waiting for about half an hour, someone opened the door and a middle-aged man came out . Commander Xie immediately came up to him . “Director Yun, how was it? Did you see the highlight reel of the last competition on Xu Cheng? What do the higher-ups think? I think Xu Cheng’s probably the strongest soldier that appeared in the past 10 years…”

Yun Zheng didn’t have the heart to interrupt Commander Xie from passionately introducing that man, but he still did . “He was rejected . ”

“What?” Commander Xie thought he had heard it wrong . “How did he not get passed? Xu Cheng’s really strong, he rendered so many commanders speechless this year, and I think there’s no problem at all for him to get into Dragon Division, or even directly into the 54 ace cards! But why was he rejected? He’s an orphan, and he was just raised up in the British Empire but he’s still a Huaxia citizen . The qualifications he demonstrated showed that he loves this country enough, so his background should be okay too . ”

Yun Zheng bitterly smiled and shook his head . “All in all, the higher-ups didn’t approve . You know as well that I’m just responsible for collecting information on potential talents and then submitting them, but I have no right to assess candidates . ”

Commander Xie was still not willing to reconcile . “What did the higher-ups say? There should at least be a reason that he was eliminated, right?”

Yun Zheng replied, “No reason . No means no . ”

Commander Xie’s temper was still pretty barbaric as he directly kicked a big rock by the door . “Then what about the logistics team or as a substitute?”

Yun Zheng shook his head . “Also no . ”

Instructor Xie’s eyes narrowed . “Is his background not clean? Otherwise, I really can’t think of a reason that he can’t be admitted to the Dragon Division . ”

Yun Zheng bitterly smiled . “That’s all classified information within the Dragon Division, I can’t tell you . You should go back . Xu Cheng cannot be admitted to the Dragon Division . I’ve already tried my best as well, and I’ve already said what I can, but the higher-ups are set on not accepting him . ”

Commander Xie nodded, and then he looked at Yun Zheng thoughtfully and sighed, “The Dragon Division is weakening and everyone knows . Every year, the military spends tons of money trying to train elite soldiers to supply the Dragon Division with fresh blood . If one day, the Dragon Division really doesn’t exist anymore, then our nation’s inheritance would end . I really hope an elite like Xu Cheng wasn’t accepted due to the deterioration of the Dragon Division itself . I hope the Dragon Division hasn’t changed . ”

Yun Zheng looked at Commander Xie and said, “Rest assured, the Dragon Division never changed . Xu Cheng has reasons for not getting chosen, and there are no shady practices at all . This was the result of a fair review . ”

Commander Xie nodded and then disheartenedly left .

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