Chapter 269.2

Chapter 269: Inevitable Clash (Part two)

Xu Cheng felt it wasn’t that bad, at least there would be 1 . 05 billion . In fact, he could definitely start gambling with a little money and slowly make 3 billion, but which casino would allow you to win 3 billion in one night? Not to mention getting to 3 billion with just a little bit of starting funds, it would be strange if no one suspects you .

So, this was why Xu Cheng decided to finish the mission first and sell the artifacts . Then, when he already had more than a billion, it wouldn’t be as strange or too big of an exaggeration to triple that to 3 billion, right? After all, it was just tripling the money . Or else, if he started gambling with just a little, he had to keep winning consecutive rounds for at least a day or something, without losing even once . Most importantly, if he were to win consecutively, the casino’s management would definitely try to look for trouble, and if any accidents were to happen, Xu Cheng was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to make it in time for the banquet .

“It’s fine, Lei . ” Xu Cheng interrupted Lin Lei and then said to the managers, “I accept the commission rate . ”

The manager smiled . “Then let’s go and see the person in charge of the underground money bank . ”

He brought Xu Cheng and the other two to the basement . The underground floor also has luxurious living rooms and suites, and when the four went to a room, there were two Asian-looking bodyguards . With Xu Cheng’s penetrating vision, he could see that those two were both armed .

After entering the room, the 60-year-old-looking asian man smoking a cigar was about to walk up to welcome the guests, but when he saw Xu Cheng, his face changed .

“It’s you little b-stard!”

Xu Cheng and the others were a bit stunned .

Xu Cheng looked at the old guy and asked, “Do we know each other?”

The manager of the casino interrupted, “Allow me to introduce, this is one of the people responsible for M Nation’s underground money house, Beiye Zhangnan . ”

Beiye Zhangnan snorted and replied to Xu Cheng, “Of course we do, we have grudges to be exact . My nephew was unfortunately arrested by you and then sentenced to death, I don’t know if Mr . Xu still remembers him . ”

Xu Cheng quickly realized . “Oh, so Hetian was your niece? I should’ve remembered, but I didn’t think that your capitalist group actually extended its reach into this country as well . Unfortunately, I’m not a cop of this country, or I would destroy this branch too . ”

Beiye narrowed his eyes . “You made us lose more than 100 billion, and you still dare to leave your country? You sure have guts . ”

Xu Cheng said, “If that’s the case, as the guy that murdered your nephew, I can’t get my money anymore, right?”

Beiye Zhangnan said, “I indeed don’t want to launder that 1 . 5 billion for you, and if this transaction didn’t involve one of our biggest clients, Mr . Haber, I would’ve even killed you on the spot, right now . ”

Xu Cheng walked up to Beiye Zhangnan and said, face to face, “Then you can try . Your nephew got what he deserved, so feel free to avenge him . But, don’t say I didn’t warn you . Don’t play with fire!”

At this moment, the manager of this casino said, “Alright, I can’t interfere with the grudges between you two, but this transaction involves Mr . Haber’s asset transfer, so please set aside your grudges first and deal with it after this transaction successfully completes, okay?”

As a very influential person in the Middle East, Mr . Haber was definitely a big client of Beiye Zhangnan and the casino . This transaction was also very huge, and if it wasn’t executed properly, Mr . Haber may doubt their ability to handle their future businesses and pick another underground money house to deposit their black money . So, no matter how much Beiye Zhangnan wanted to eat Xu Cheng alive, now was not the time to do it . At least right now, Xu Cheng is representing Mr . Haber to withdraw money, and if he wanted to do anything, he should at least wait until the money was successfully transferred into Xu Cheng’s hands .

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