Chapter 270.2

Chapter 270: Why Does This Scene Feel So Familiar (Part two)

Stephen snorted . “You are joking right? Even I’ve never played this big yet . ”

Security: “Then stop wasting time here, go and check out some other rooms . ”

Stephen immediately said, “But I just want to try it . I don’t think I will lose . Come on, man, can I join you?”

He looked at Xu Cheng and asked, but he was feeling extremely anxious inside .

Not just him, Beiye Zhangnan and the manager who were watching through the surveillance were also nervously waiting for Xu Cheng’s reply . If Xu Cheng declined, then they really would have no way to snipe him anymore .

After staring at Stephen for a long time, Xu Cheng suddenly laughed . “You are right, it’s indeed boring gambling by yourself, but do you have the money?”

“Of course . ” Stephen had been waiting for these words . He walked in arrogantly and directly pulled out a top-tier Cuban cigar from his suit to put up a show that he was loaded .

The two people watching behind the surveillance finally let out a sigh of relief .

Beiye directly slapped his leg and said, “Alright, I think we can pop a champagne bottle to celebrate now . ”

The manager went to a cabinet and pulled out a treasured bottle of champagne .

Stephen took out a cigar and passed it to Xu Cheng . “Want one?”

Xu Cheng shook his head and he pulled out a very normal cigarette and said, “I’m already used to smoking this . Although it’s pretty cheap, but you can’t get them in M Nation . So, smoking my home country’s cigarette in a foreign country, it feels like home . ”

As he said that, he lit it, took a puff, and blew it out .

Stephen awkwardly nodded and turned around . At that moment, Xu Cheng glanced at his palm, and his eagle-like eyes noticed that the guy had calluses in his palm .

It looked like the guy was not just an ordinary guest, because only those that frequently played poker would have hands like that .

Xu Cheng deliberately teased him a little, “Mr . Stephen, do you know how to perform fancy poker tricks?”

Stephen looked over in shock . “Why did you ask?”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “I saw calluses in your hands, you are a pretty experienced gambler, right?”

Stephen’s face faintly changed, and he immediately turned away and also curled up his fist to hide his palm . Then, after a second or two, he laughed and tried to ease up the atmosphere a bit . “I just like to play golf, and that’s where the calluses came from . How about we play one together some day?”

Xu Cheng didn’t want to expose him . He just smiled and replied, “Sounds good . ”

Inside a room in the back, Beiye Zhangnan and the manager were just sipping on the champagne, and they both almost choked upon hearing that, thinking that Xu Cheng saw through something .

“How much did you bring?” Xu Cheng asked Stephen .

Stephen snapped his fingers, and from outside the door, his man pushed in a cart carrying all the chips .

“Sir, your 200 million dollars . ”

“Enough?” Stephen looked at Xu Cheng as he said, pointing at the chips .

“Maybe not,” Xu Cheng replied .

“No worries, just win this first and then we can see . ” Stephen grinned .

Xu Cheng mumbled to himself, “Why does this scene seem so familiar . ”

He remembered back when he had Shen Yao snipe the underground money house and kind of wanted to laugh .

Xu Cheng whispered a few words to Lin Lei, and Lin Lei nodded and went to get chips .

On the casino side, they used a legitimate big film company to transfer 1 . 5 billion over . That way, the money would be clean . But in fact, this film company was just an asset under the casino, and it would receive 1 . 5 billion in return in black money . Then, the casino just needed to distribute 1 . 05 billion to the client, and then make a revenue of 450 million without having to report taxes . As for the finance of that film company, this is where the casino, underground money house, and theatre lines cooperate to fake the box office data . The theatre lines would say that several films had super high box office, where in fact, it was pumped up by black money . Then, those 1 . 5 billion of black money would be converted to tickets and then back to clean cash, which could be reported as revenue, and the high revenue would in turn boost stock prices . It was basically multiple birds with one stone .

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