Chapter 277.2

Chapter 277: Hurry Up, Count the Chips and Transfer (Part two)

Xu Cheng walked over, smashed the window, and grabbed onto the pale Beiye by the collar . At that moment, the young man in the driver’s seat jumped out and threw a kick right over . Xu Cheng went to grab it, but he surprisingly found that his speed was actually slower by half a beat and he missed . The kick landed on his arm .

Then, three silver ninja stars flew straight at him, and Xu Cheng directly punched them away with his fist .

“Ninja?” Xu Cheng was a bit surprised .

Right as he finished, the young man in front of him disappeared, and when he reappeared again, Xu Cheng felt a gust of wind blow past his arm, as a cut appeared on his clothes and blood came out .

The young man appeared behind him again, and in his hand was a dagger dripping with blood .

“Mr . Beiye, you can leave first,” the ninja said to Beiye Zhangnan .

Beiye nodded, and he rushed out of the car and ran off .

Xu Cheng turned around and looked at the young Wei Nation man as he curiously said, “It turns out that the Wei Nation really has ninjas . ”

“We’ve already existed for hundreds of years, and you haven’t seen any because people of your identity aren’t worthy of being our assassination target . ” The young man said, “Just go die now . It’s not embarrassing for you to die by the hands of a junin . ”

Then, he disappeared on the spot .

Xu Cheng could vaguely see him, but it was tough to see his movements . So, he directly closed his eyes .

It was as if he returned back to when he followed Wang Ying to the 8th Military Region to shoot targets blindfolded . At this moment, his cleared out all thoughts from his mind, and the ultrasonic waves he sent out kept on returning signals back of violent fluctuations in the air and murderous intent .

After all, humans were creatures with physical mass, so unless ninjas could somehow ignore the law of space, the ultrasound would be able to pick up his presence . He was still a human, and it was just that his speed was too fast and made people feel like he was a phantom . But, as long as he touched the particles in the air, Xu Cheng’s ultrasonic senses could capture him .

So, while the ninja travelled around Xu Cheng, leaving behind afterimages and thinking that he confused Xu Cheng enough, Xu Cheng finally caught an opportunity where the ninja changed his direction and charged at him . When the ninja stabbed his dagger towards Xu Cheng’s throat, Xu Cheng suddenly moved back one step and dodged the sharp edge of the dagger .

Then, he reached out and grabbed the ninja’s wrist . At that moment, the ninja’s pupils contracted . At the next moment, he just felt a violent force pull on his wrist and throw him towards the wall!

That power was so ruthless and it made him lose balance right away, and he flew right into the wall, head first .

With a bang, that ninja’s head popped like a watermelon, and the blood splattered over the wall!

Xu Cheng pulled out a gun from the bag and then shot at Beiye Zhangnan from the back as he tried to run across the street .

Beiye Zhangnan directly fell onto the ground and no longer moved . Then, a pool of blood slowly formed around his head .

Xu Cheng immediately looked up at a window on the fifth floor with a devious smile . There, the casino manager had been watching this whole event . He got chills down his spine after seeing that smile, and he directly pulled close the curtains and said to his man, “Hurry up, count Mr . Lin Lei’s chips and transfer that money .

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