Chapter 297.2

Chapter 297: Don’t Provoke Me Next Time (Part Two)

At another place, Bei Shan was reading the newspaper . A prince dying was big news, and the whole country was reporting on the car accident involving Prince Will . And also on the same day, the entire case was apparently solved, Fergus had confessed everything .

After reading the story, Bei Shan put the newspaper to the side and said, a bit suspicious, “Why do I feel that this whole thing wasn’t that simple? Could it have been done by Xu Cheng?”

The J of Diamonds was making fried rice in the kitchen, and he said without turning around, “Why don’t you go and ask him? I’m curious as to whether this was done by him as well . Maybe not Prince Will’s death, but those other three’s methods of dying were all pretty creepy, especially the one that drowned . I heard that the forensic doctor found that he was dragged by the ankle until he drowned, but according to the witnesses at the scene, the pool was very clear at all times, and there wasn’t anyone lurking in the pool at all during that time . Some people said there are ghosts in the pool, but I obviously don’t believe that there are ghosts in this world . Even if there is, Old Two would be one . ”

Bei Shan frowned . “After these days of following Old Two, the more I get to know him, the  more unpredictable the guy seems to me… The vibe this guy’s giving me is more and more like the Division Master . ”

The 8 of Diamonds laughed and said, “Yeah, of course, the Division Master is probably unpredictable even to himself, how are you able to predict what he’s going to do?”

Bei Shan: “Yeah, that’s the feeling . Sometimes you feel like you know what he’s going to do, but he’s going to pull something off that’s completely beyond your wildest imagination . But now, at least the biggest positive difference Xu Cheng has in comparison to the Division Master is that he’s more humble . After serving the Division Master for so many years, I really can’t tolerate how much he shows off, as if he wouldn’t feel comfortable if he goes one day without showing off . “

The 8 of Diamonds laughed . “Maybe on the day Old Two wears that joker’s mask, it will be the day he starts showing off as well . And then, you have to serve the second generation of the Show-off King . ”

Bei Shan: “…”

The J of Diamonds: “There’s no use in just talking about it . One day, I will just spar with him and see what he’s really about . ”

Bei Shan: “Yeah, one day when you both have time, you guys can fight a few rounds, but I don’t think you can beat him . ”

The J of Diamonds squinted his eyes, “You look down on me?”

Bei Shan glanced at him from the corner of his eye . “When have I not?”

The J of Diamonds: “Senior Brother, with my 30 years of experience in being single, you are not going to believe how fast my hand speed is! Even if you have an iron rod, I can sharpen it into a needle!”

Bei Shan: “Yeah, that I believe you . Yours is probably as thin as a needle right now already . ”

The J of Diamonds: “…”

– Lin Family’s Estate –

Lin Chuxue shot up from her bed as she just woke up from a nightmare, her face was nervous and red, and she immediately climbed out of bed and ran out of her room barefoot, as if she was anxious to look for someone . When she got to the stairs and saw the scene of Xu Cheng playing chess with her dad, she finally let out a sigh of relief . Fixing her messy hair and looking at two of the most important men in her life, her face slowly revealed a peaceful smile .

“Hey, what are you smiling like a fool alone up there?” At that moment, Mommy Lin walked past the stairs and saw her daughter standing by the stairs looking at Xu Cheng and smiling in a daze .

Lin Chuxue felt a bit shy after being found out as she stuck out her tongue and smiled before running back into her room . Not long after, she didn’t even put on makeup as she changed into her floral skirt and ran straight down to Xu Cheng’s side and looked at him left and right .

Feeling a bit awkward being stared at by Lin Chuxue like this, he indeed became a bit distracted from the game . Then, after a move or two, Lin Guiren ate a piece of apple and said, “Checkmate . ”

Xu Cheng was speechless . “You father-daughter-duo tricked me!”

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