Chapter 301.2

Chapter 301: Hello Everyone, I’m Xu Cheng’s Wife (Part two)

When the stream connected, they just saw the giant venue was crowded with people .

All they could hear were English swear words insulting Xu Cheng, and these bros immediately couldn’t take it anymore .

“Holy fack, fack these people, do they kiss their mother with that mouth? Xu Cheng’s at a huge disadvantage . Is there no one cheering for him?”

“Yeah, all we can hear is  cheering for that facker Kalan guy . ”

Just when those people were wondering, Lin Chuxue waved her arm in front of the camera and suddenly shouted, “Xu Cheng, go and get him!”

“Oh ho ho, not bad, there’s someone on Xu Cheng’s side . ” A few soldiers felt a bit better .

“Dumbazz, that’s Big Brother Cheng’s wife, our sis-in-law . ”

Ye Xiu and Bagh saw the arm that appeared in the video and mumbled, “Her skin is quite white, looks like Xu Cheng’s wife isn’t ugly . As the saying goes, being white can hide 30% of one’s ugliness (TL Note: In China, there’s a preference for girls with lighter skin) . With that skin, she can’t be that ugly . ”

Bagh: “Quick, before the fight begins, get Xu Cheng to show us his wife . ”

The person operating the stream sent a message to Lin Chuxue and said, “Sis-in-Law, everyone here really wants to see you . Don’t act mysterious anymore, just get in front of the camera . ”

Lin Chuxue smiled and still didn’t reveal herself . The camera was still directed at the stage, and both sides didn’t go up yet . She said, “In fact, everyone probably has already seen me somewhere before, so I’m not mysterious anymore . After the fight, I will be coming back with Xu Cheng . ”

“Aiyo, holy, her voice is really good!” Ye Xiu and Bagh’s eyes both lit up .

That voice, so soft, so charming, and it gave off a very comfortable feeling .

“Sis-in-Law, you got a beautiful voice . It will be a pity if you don’t sing . ”

Lin Chuxue chuckled and said, “I actually do sing . Can you guys guess who I am?”

In front of the screen, the soldiers all looked at each other, yet none of them could guess by just listening to her voice .

Ye Xiu frowned . “Hey, bros, don’t you feel that this voice sounds a bit familiar? Such a soft and sweet voice, there’s only a handful of singers in the country that have that kind of voice . ”

Wang An looked at Hu Bing, who had just recently joined the club, and shouted, “Hu Bing, you know who it is, right?”

Hu Bing smiled and nodded . “Big Brother Cheng doesn’t let me tell other people . “

”Holy crap, you brat! If you already know then just tell us, why are we still guessing?”

Hu Bing laughed and looked at Ye Xiu . “Didn’t you guess it already?”

Ye Xiu blinked, a bit in disbelief . “It’s really her?”

To fans that always listened to Lin Chuxue’s songs, it was really not hard to guess when they heard such a distinguishable voice .

Hu Bing smiled and nodded . “Half a month ago, Big Brother Cheng said that he’s taking his wife back to her parents’ home . You tell me which other singer in this country has a home in Britain?”

Ye Xiu’s pupils dilated and ultimately, he uttered a word, “Holy!”

Bagh was also a bit slow to react . “Holy! Is it Lin… Chu… Xue?”

Lin Chuxue was really famous in the country . Her voice was ethereal and sweet, the type that could serenade both old and young, so most people would pay attention to her .

When Bagh shouted out those three words, the other bros at the scene all took a deep breath and became very excited .

“It can’t be! Lin Chuxue’s our sis-in-law? My god, this is even more surprising than if I hear that the Wei Nation island has sank tomorrow . ”

They immediately asked the guy that was managing the stream, “Hurry, hurry and type if she’s Lin Chuxue . ”

That guy was also a fan of hers and he immediately typed and asked, “Is this Lin Chuxue?”

Lin Chuxue felt that these guys were pretty smart and she no longer tried to play mysterious . Letting Lin Lei hold the phone, she waved at the camera, friendly like the girl next-door . “Hello everyone, I’m Xu Cheng’s wife . ”

“Ahhhhh, I’m going crazy!”

“I lost the love of my life!”

“Same here!”

“I never knew that my love rival would be the one that I admire the most . ”

“My god, who can tell me how I can beat Big Brother Cheng and win his wife over?’”

“Just wash your face and go to sleep, child . ”

Ye Xiu, Bagh, Ah-Xin, Wang An, and everyone else were on their knees . “My heart is broken . ”

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