Chapter 302.2

Chapter 302: I Can Only Do So Much for You (Part two)

Xu Cheng didn’t really pay much attention to what the audience was saying . He was rather curious and asked Kalan, “How did you know?’

Kalan smiled . “It was also a coincidence, and I just realized not long ago . When I was at the G20 competition, your country’s team was steamrolled by us . The strongest one, something Ye? He was beat by me too . But the guy really didn’t want to lose face, and he tried to find excuses and said he wasn’t the champion of this year’s Huaxia special forces competition, so I asked who the champion was and why he didn’t show up at the G20 . He said he didn’t know why, and then when I asked him again who was the champion, he said Xu Cheng . So, I remembered that name, and I didn’t think that I would actually run into you in Britain . What are the odds, am I right?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “I heard from Ye Xiu that you aren’t very friendly towards Huaxia . Why is that?”

Kalan smiled . “I don’t mind telling you . I hate how fake you guys are . ”

“Fake?” Xu Cheng frowned . “What makes you think that?”

Kalan: “Because you guys would only boast about your past, your history . You have your martial arts, but the West also has fighting techniques . Everyone says how the nation of martial arts is Huaxia, yet why don’t we ever see you guys in the top 3 at G20? Isn’t that a fake reputation then? Whatever underground boxing, death match, your people also were never famous in the underground world . I just hate how you guys like to boast but actually are weak as hell . Pure garbage!”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed . “It’s you guys that can’t let go of our past glory, and you guys also don’t want to admit the more recent history . It’s not that we aren’t strong, but Huaxia’s martial arts have evolved to a level of enhancing physical fitness rather than hurting others, that I admit . Besides, we are in an era of talents, and that’s why our country has been focusing more on knowledge than martial arts . The real masters are rather humble, instead of acting like popstars . ”

Kalan asked, “Just tell me, are you number one in your country?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “I am, at the competition . But I’m not number one in my country, because there are many hidden masters in the country . ”

Kalan sneered . “That’s not important . I just want to beat the champion of that competition . ”

– At Huaxia –

Ye Xiu clenched his fists and said, “You must win, or I’m really going to lose face… Our country’s soldiers would really lose face big time…”

Bagh: “Although I just fought Xu Cheng once, I feel like it’s not a problem for him to beat Kalan . Don’t be so nervous . ”

Ye Xiu: “Yeah that’s true . If Old Xu went with us this time, Kalan would probably be killed by his human cannonball . ”

Some soldier chimed in, “Big Brother Xu might not even need to get close . Just with that sniper rifle alone, he can make Kalan kneel . ”

The others all nodded . Xu Cheng’s sniping skills were truly outrageous .

At the arena, high up in the rows, the 8 of Diamonds, J of Diamonds, and Bei Shan just entered the scene .

The 8 of Diamonds mumbled, “These people really have foul mouths . Shouldn’t we cheer for our little bro?”

Bei Shan looked at all the British people in the arena and rolled his eyes at him . “You can try . ”

The J of Diamonds rolled his eyes at him too . “Don’t sit near me . ”

”The 8 of Diamonds raised his fist and shouted, “Xu Cheng, go and fack him up!”

Then, several thousands of people in the audience seats looked over, all emitting killing intent .

“Madderfacker, this Asian got into our camp, and he isn’t even cheering for Kalan! Let’s fack him up!”

Then, fruits, drinks, lighters, basically anything that was throwable came flying towards them . After a few minutes, the three of them sat there, dumbfounded . Bei Shan still had a banana peel on his head .

The 8 of Diamonds took half of the banana that landed on his head and took a bite as he said, “Alright, now they have used up most of their ammunition . Little Bro Xu Cheng, I can only do so much for you now . ”

Bei Shan and the J of Diamonds both muttered in unison . “Autistic . ”

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