Chapter 303.2

Chapter 303: Completely Impossible to Defend Against (Part two)

Xu Cheng: “Why do you have to be like this? Is fame really that important to you?”

Kalan: “Of course . Soldiers will eventually retire, and by then, are you going to live off of welfare? What future is there to being a soldier? There’s not going to be wars in this kind of era . As someone without a background, I might as well use this time to brand myself . Don’t you know that the western community emphasize individualism?”

Xu Cheng: “I only know that if you practice martial arts just for show, then you are insulting it . ”

Kalan sneered . “You aren’t in the place to comment . You will have to see when we fight . ”

Xu Cheng took off his coat and threw it to the side . “Alright, you wanting to brand yourself is your own business, and I can’t control it . But since you are using me, then I will teach you a lesson today or it will be an insult to my profession as a soldier . Even if today wasn’t a death match, I will still kill you . You said we are fake? Then today, I will show you what’s absolute strength . You insulted my comrades, so it wouldn’t be nice if I didn’t return the favor . ”

Kalan gestured for him to come at him . “You are getting angry? Then come on, I’m just scared that you won’t be able to get up after the first few rounds . Let me tell you how I humiliated your comrades . I told him that your five-thousand-years worth of culture is basically dogsh-t!”

A hint of murderous intent flashed past Xu Cheng’s eyes, and the atmosphere immediately tensed up .

Ye Xiu and the others all sat up straight . “They are about to start!”

Xu Cheng looked at Kalan and said, “How many rounds did you have with my comrade?”

Kalan laughed . “30 attacks! What is it? You think you can beat me within 30? Xu Cheng, I already heard about how you beat over a hundred royal guards by yourself . I admit, I won’t be able to do that at all . However, don’t you think you are daydreaming to think that you can beat me within 30 attacks? You really think I’m garbage like those royal guards? I can beat those guys with one attack too, so it doesn’t surprise me that much that you could beat them . ” 

“30 attacks?” Xu Cheng sneered and looked at him scornfully . “30 attacks is overestimating you . To deal with people like you, it would be an insult even if I use 2 attacks! In my eyes, you are no different than those pieces of garbage at the palace that only know how to use their mouths . One strike is enough, that’s my evaluation of your strength . That’s all . ”

Kalan was immediately furious . “You are courting death!”

Then, he shot himself towards Xu Cheng like the wind .

“So fast,” Wang An commented .

Tie Shi also praised, “Just that speed and explosive power, Ye Xiu, it’s not humiliating that you lost to him . ”

Ye Xiu: “I don’t know how many attacks this guy can hold against Old Xu . ”

Bagh: “At least a couple exchanges of attacks . As long as Xu Cheng doesn’t use his cannonball punch . If he does, then usually people would be KOed before even knowing what hit them . ”

Daoba Li: “Yeah, I had the most experience of it . My rib injury is still not fully healed yet . ”

The other guys all laughed . It was already spread that Daoba Li eliminated Xu Cheng twice in a row in previous years, and this year, it was said that the one that got beat up the hardest was Daoba Li . He was almost scrapped by Xu Cheng .

“Yeah, that sh-t is just impossible to defend against . ”

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