Chapter 316.2

Chapter 316: The Little Joker Card That was Deleted (Part two)

But, Lin Chuxue already heard Tang Shan’s voice . She wiped her hands as she called, “Oh, if Bei Shan’s there, just invite him in . Bei Shan, come, dinner’s almost ready . ”

“Yeah, I just happen to be hungry too!” Bei Shan immediately pushed Xu Cheng to the side and shamelessly walked in .

Seeing Bei Shan come in, Lin Chuxue smiled and said, “I just happened to be cooking, it’s almost ready . You can join us . ”

Then, a bit excited, she walked back into the kitchen, as if she was pretty happy that someone else was here to taste her cooking .

Bei Shan gave Xu Cheng a look . “Your wife knows how to treat guests better than you, why can’t you learn from her?”

Xu Cheng was speechless . “Just get to the business . ”

Bei Shan: “Well, now I don’t want to talk about it anymore . ”

Xu Cheng gave him a death stare .

Bei Shan said with no fear, “Got a cigarette?”

Xu Cheng took out a pack from his pocket and tossed it to him . “Go have it on the balcony . ”

Bei Shan nodded and the two of them went to the balcony . Bei Shan lit one up and then said, “Today, that guy was following you . ”

Xu Cheng: “Do you know who he is?”

Bei Shan nodded . “Someone from the 5th Division . ”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes . “He came to avenge Charles?’

Bei Shan: “It would be nice if it was just that simple . This guy’s stronger than Charles, and his identity disguise is similar to ours . If it wasn’t because I saw through his strength, I wouldn’t know he was from the 5th Division . ”

Xu Cheng: “If it’s not because of Charles, why is he following me?”

“To see if you are from the Dragon Division,” Bei Shan said straightforwardly, “The amount of power you showed in Britain made them suspect that you are from the 5th Division . In the world, the only existence that knows about the existence of the Dragon Division is probably our old nemesis, the 5th Division . In addition, they know our strength really well, and they are even familiar with our Division Master . ”

Xu Cheng exclaimed, “But didn’t you say that no one has yet to discover the Dragon Division?”

Bei Shan sighed . “It’s a long story . You know how a deck has 54 cards, right?”

Xu Cheng nodded .

Bei Shan slowly said, “But right now, there are only 53 cards that are available . ”

Xu Cheng: “Why’s that?”

Bei Shan: “Because one card was deleted by the Division Master, and that the card is the Little Joker . ”

Xu Cheng raised his brows . “Oh, I think I remember . The old man told me before, above the Sky Kings there’s only the Big Joker, but he didn’t say anything about the Little Joker . ”

Bei Shan sighed . “The Little Joker was the second master of the Dragon Division, but he betrayed the group and left the Dragon Division . He was also the one that made the 5th Division as powerful as it is today . ”

Xu Cheng’s pupils enlarged . “Why did he betray us?”

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