Chapter 317.2

Chapter 317: Cuisine of Darkness – Worst Sh!t Ever (Part two)

He wiped the tears with napkin and elbowed Bei Shan’s elbow . “Why are you being so polite? You are the guest, quick, have some more . ”

Bei Shan looked at him, a bit helpless . That look seem to be saying: Can I not? I want to go now, can you just pretend that I’ve never came? I can just go and find a street vendor and take care of myself .

Xu Cheng replied with a threatening look: Didn’t you insist on joining me for a meal? Come on, have some more .

Bei Shan: Bro, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have been rude and barged in on your candlelight romantic cuisine of darkness .

Xu Cheng: Less talk, hurry up and eat!

“Oh right, Big Brother Bei Shan, I heard you were hungry and that’s why I made so many dishes . Hurry, just treat yourself like you are at home,” Lin Chuxue said as she put a piece of bacon in his bowl .

Bei Shan: “Little Sis-in-Law, this is your first meal prepared for Xu Cheng, how can you put food in my bowl first? You should give this to your husband . ”

Lin Chuxue: “It’s fine, Xu Cheng’s not going to get jealous anyways, you are our guest . ”

Xu Cheng: “Yeah, Big Brother Bei Shan, hurry . Try my wife’s cooking . ”

Lin Chuxue had an anticipating look towards Bei Shan, and Bei Shan really wanted to cry . At last, he picked up the bacon, and he put it into his mouth, prepared for the worst .

At the next instant, his face completely changed, and his eyes narrowed . His whole face began wrinkling like an orange peel .

Lin Chuxue put a piece of bacon into Xu Cheng’s bowl as she saw it, and she asked, “Big Brother Bei Shan, what’s wrong?”

Xu Cheng: “No worries, he’s probably thinking about his mom again . ” Then, he pretended to pick up the bacon but he quickly put it back into the bowl while Lin Chuxue looked away . He was so quick that no one noticed .

At this moment, Bei Shan really wanted to kill himself to stop the salty explosions in his mouth .

Xu Cheng curiously asked, “Chuxue, is this bacon homemade?”

Lin Chuxue: “Yeah, I salted it and everything . ”

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry . She probably didn’t know that bacon was already salted and rubbed salt all over it again before frying it .

Bei Shan was salted for a whole minute before his taste buds and consciousness slowly recovered . When he opened his eyes again, he took a deep breath and said, “Holy [email protected] this dish-”

Before he could finish, he could already see Xu Cheng’s threatening look, and Lin Chuxue was also a bit startled by his sudden reaction .

Bei Shan: “-is too [email protected] good! Sorry, Little Sis-in-Law, I’m a soldier, so I might be a bit vulgar with my language and I don’t know how to exactly describe this, but this taste! It’s definitely unique! Really, you should let Xu Cheng try it, I can promise that he will spend another 3 billion to marry you . ”

Lin Chuxue smiled and looked towards Xu Cheng: “He’s lucky to be able to marry me with just 3 . 3 billion . ”

Bei Shan really had a feeling of being in hell . Originally, he was just hungry, but now with those two dishes, he felt that all of his holes upstairs were cleared, with just the one downstairs not . His tongue was already going unconscious . He just wanted a decent and edible meal…

Alright, I’m just gonna eat the [email protected] rice, alright? 

He thought as he picked up his bowl and said, “These dishes just taste too good, even the rice smells really nice, I really-”

Gabeng .

Bei Shan looked at Xu Cheng, almost crying, like a little woman who had been wronged .

Xu Cheng turned to his own bowl of rice and didn’t want to meet his eyes . He knew that crisp sound was because Bei Shan bit a small stone when eating rice . Lin Chuxue probably didn’t wash the rice .

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