Chapter 344.2

Chapter 344: You Kill My Dad, I Wipe Out Your Clan (Part Two)

The four sky kings all looked very odd seeing this, as they were in a bit of disbelief that one person was able to destroy the Ryong Family to this degree . After all, everywhere they looked, there were dead bodies . Bei Shan located Xu Cheng, he was still alive!

“Division Master, I heard Ryong Xiao is at the SS+ level, or he wouldn’t have been able to take the clan leader’s position . Can Junior Brother beat him?” the J of Diamonds asked in curiosity .

The division master in the cloak and golden Joker mask looked at Xu Cheng from afar and said, “You guys are Aces, and in terms of level, he’s higher than you all . Believe him . The surprises this brat gave me wasn’t just the one where he was able to carry me . ”

At the courtyard, Xu Cheng looked at Ryong Xiao and said, “How are you feeling right now?”

Ryong Xiao couldn’t be more furious . “I want to smash your bones into dust and let you disappear with the wind . ”

Xu Cheng: “That’s the right feeling . During these years, my feeling towards you is pretty much the same as yours . But, I had to suppress it and live with it for over 20 years, and you can’t take it for just this little while?”

Ryong Xiao’s eyes looked like they were about to spew out fire at any moment and he said, “Are you satisfied now?!”

“Yeah!” Xu Cheng faintly smiled . “But I couldn’t kill your whole family, so I’m not satisfied . I only killed your brother and your wife, but I missed your parents, which is kind of a pity . Did your parents die early or something? Is that why you became such a cold-hearted animal? You killed my dad, I killed your whole clan, that’s pretty fair . ”

“All of you, back off!” Ryong Xiao said to the clan elders behind him .

The 6 elders said to Ryong Xiao: “Why are you still wasting time speaking with him? Let’s fight him together and kill him! You are our clan leader, you can’t die! Ryong Xiao’s family lineage can’t end here!”

“Back off!” Ryong Xiao scolded . “When did I need other people’s help?”

The 8 elders were actually scared that if Ryong Xiao were to die, their own safety would probably be at risk too! However, seeing how domineering Ryong Xiao was, they knew they couldn’t go against him even if they wanted to .

Ryong Xiao walked down the stairs as he said to Xu Cheng, “Have you seen your mother, see what she has become now? Has she told you that in fact, Xu Zhenxiong and I were once in the same military . At that time, I was comparable in strength with him, and just like him, I fell in love with your mother . But, there’s one thing that I really don’t get, and that’s that he’s not as good-looking as me, he’s poor, and he’s not better than me in anything yet he could capture Ye Ruanshu’s heart . No matter how I courted Ye Ruanyu, she was wholeheartedly dedicated to Xu Zhenxiong! Why is that fair? How could two people with such a drastic difference in background be together? I should be the one that’s most compatible with your mother, that Xu Zhenxiong’s just a poor hobo!”

Xu Cheng: “The true love between two was ruined, just because of your jealousy . You destroyed a family . ”

Ryong Xiao sneered . “How could an ordinary citizen get something that I laid my eyes on? And your existence is just like a thorn in my heart . That facking Xu Zhenxiong already died, yet he actually left a son in this world! If you want to blame someone, just blame the fact that your dad’s Xu Zhenxiong!”

Then, Ryong Xiao stepped off the ground, and he moved like an arrow, arriving before Xu Cheng in just a few steps, throwing forward a kick .

Xu Cheng blocked with his arm, and the powerful force made him slide back a few meters .

Ryong Xiao leaped high into the air and threw down a punch with all of his force . Xu Cheng tried to block again with his arms, and he just felt like he was slammed down by a truck . His knees slightly bent, and the stone tiles below his feet cracked!

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