Chapter 365.2

Chapter 365: Backup Plan (Part Two)

They checked their phones yet the signal bars were full . They found more cellphones from their guards and began calling all the numbers they could remember back home .

Seeing them like this, Zhang Chenfeng smiled contently, and he let out a long breath of relief as he completely rested his body against the wall . Although he looked like he was losing spirit from his eyes, the corners of his mouth showed a kind smile .

“Let’s just stop fighting . Just like the Ye and Ryong Families, your two families are probably wiped out too,” Zhang Chenfeng said to those two old men .

Those two old men nervously took out the batteries of their phones and put it back in to try again . They both didn’t use smartphones in fear of being tapped, so the older models they used still had detachable batteries .

However, their efforts were in vain, the numbers they called were either not in service or not being picked up . At last, the two old men angrily crumpled the phones in their hands into balls of rubbish .

Zhang Chenfeng immediately began laughing loudly .

He didn’t care if he was in pain, he still laughed wantonly .

“Very well! They all died!” Zhang Chenfeng said with a look of joy, “I’ve planned for many years and never knew where to even start, but I did not expect this day to come this easily . Being able to see the four behemoth families getting wiped out before I die is also granting my wish for this life! Hahahah!”

The bodies of the Murong and Li Family’s old men were actually trembling from anger as they gritted their teeth . They both wished they could pounce onto Zhang Chenfeng right now and rip him apart .

The more the two old men thought about it, the more angry they got, and at last, they coughed up blood as their bodies couldn’t hold it anymore .

The Li Family’s old man stared fiercely at Zhang Chenfeng and laughed grimmly . “You think the Dragon Division would be fine just like that?”

The old man of the Murong Family had an insidious smile and said, “Do you know why we know so much about the Dragon Division? Aren’t you curious?”

Zhang Chenfeng smiled bitterly . “How could I not know? You guys probably found my junior brother, right? In this world, only he knows this much about the Dragon Division . ”

“It was more than just finding him . ” The old man of the Li Family laughed and said, “As long as the news of you dying gets out, he will come back to destroy your precious Dragon Division! The mercenaries our four families had raised over the years will also begin targeting the Dragon Division . The moment the Dragon Division members dare to leave the country, they will die horribly because we have all of their profiles . ”

The old man of the Murong Family nodded . “Did you not expect this? We also have a backup plan . The Little Joker is probably already on his way, and those children of yours probably won’t live for too much longer . With Little Joker’s current strength, he’s far above you . I don’t think it will be difficult for him to handle that 2, hahahaha . ”

As he finished, the old man of the Li Family suddenly took out a pistol from the guard’s pocket and aimed at Zhang Chenfeng . “Let’s go to hell together!”


The first bullet hit Zhang Chenfeng’s abdomen area, and he immediately got down to dodge the second shot .

At that moment, the Diamond Division that rushed back suddenly charged in and executed the Murong and Li Family Chiefs right on the spot .

The J of Diamonds immediately rushed to Zhang Chenfeng’s side and asked nervously, “Division Master, are you alright?”

Zhang Chenfeng already had his eyes closed and was too weak to speak .

The Diamond Division immediately carried him towards a car and sped to a hospital .

“Tell Xu Cheng… Get him to come and see me!” Zhang Chenfeng grabbed onto the J of Diamonds’ hand and coughed up some blood and said .

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