Chapter 404.2: 404.2

. 2: King of Assassins (Part Two)

At the system headquarters, the auditor was stunned when he saw the new bounty mission being registered . “What the fack? Is the guy at the Western District drunk or something? How dare he make this kind of mistake? Does he not want to live anymore?”

“No, something happened over there or he wouldn’t have done this . ” Another auditor pulled up the surveillance footage and immediately saw the monitoring status of that stronghold . Then, seeing the two assassins that were already on the ground, he immediately spoke into his mic, “Emergency, someone registered into our system a mission to kill Solo just one minute ago . ”

The Assassin King, Solo, who was casually having afternoon tea, immediately spat out his tea and asked instinctively, “What’s the bounty?’

The staff member felt a bit awkward .

Solo: “Say it! How much is my life worth?”

Staff: “The other party filled in one dollar . ”

A smile appeared on Solo’s face . “Interesting, this is the first time someone posted a bounty on me at the Assassin Alliance at the Assassin Alliance, and it’s also just one facking dollar . ”

Then, he directly stood up and said, “I will go and take care of this, tell the others that they don’t have to go . I will be right back . ”

Then, Solo got into his car and sped towards the stronghold in the Western District .

When he arrived at the door, he saw Xu Cheng sitting in the VIP room, and that receptionist, whose face was covered in blood, was pouring tea for him . Seeing his boss, the receptionist couldn’t have been more excited . “Boss…”

Solo said to Xu Cheng, “He’s just an employee, let him go . ”

Xu Cheng: “I know he’s not an assassin, or he wouldn’t be standing right now . ”

After hearing those words, the receptionist immediately ran out of the door .

Solo leaned on the wall with interest, looked at Xu Cheng, and asked, “You want to kill me?”

“Nope . ” Xu Cheng said, “I just want to ask you if there’s someone that came to the Assassin Alliance to register my head . I want to know their name . ”

“That’s impossible,” Solo refused right away .

Xu Cheng stared at him, and Solo also stared at him back .

“How can I make you tell me?” Xu Cheng asked, still trying to negotiate in a nicer way .

“Two ways . First, give me 10 billion dollars, and I will transfer the ownership of the entire Assassin Alliance to you . ”

Xu Cheng sneered . “Your Assassin Alliance is worth 10 billion? I don’t think it’s even worth 1 billion . ”

“So, you only have the other way left!” He revealed his big white teeth and grinned . “You can come over yourself and pry open my mouth! Let me tell you the truth, someone really did come to ask for your life . Your name is Xu Cheng, right? I know because you are really worth a lot of money, at least a lot more than the one dollar you put on my head . ”

Xu Cheng was quite interested and asked, “How much did the other party put on my head?”

“100 million dollars!” Solo said, enunciating each word, “These days, I’ve been thinking about how to go to Huaxia and kill you and get out . Even I’m tempted when the reward is 100 million, and I didn’t expect you to personally come here . You really saved my airplane ticket fees . ”

Xu Cheng laughed and asked, “Is your life worth more, or is the 100 million worth more?”

Solo: “What do you mean?”

Xu Cheng suddenly shattered the counter as he stepped on it and propelled himself towards Solo!

Solo was shocked, and his face changed right away as he quickly ran out of the door to evade . Xu Cheng directly went after him, reaching out his hand to grab for his neck!

Seeing such an insane speed to be able to catch up with him within just 3 steps, Solo immediately took out a dagger from his waist area, prepared to fight back .

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