Chapter 407.2: 407.2

Chapter 407: Taking Lives Like Mowing Lawn (Part Two)

Xu Cheng laughed . “Look at what I’m wearing, how can I carry my phone around? I left it in my room, and since you three can’t allow me to prove it, then I will get going . ”

Then, when Xu Cheng turned around, the three members of the Sanko Group thought he was deliberately trying to get away, so they immediately shouted, “Hold on!”

Xu Cheng turned back to look at the three of them .

One of the tattooed men grabbed one of the female companions’ phones and tossed it to Xu Cheng . Then, he said, “I will let you give him a call right now! If you dare to lie to us, you can leave behind two fingers tonight!”

Xu Cheng picked up the phone and nodded . “Tell me his number . ”

That guy said Cunzhong Tailang’s number, and Xu Cheng deliberately frowned and said, “That’s not the right number, right? I remember I had a different one saved on my phone . ”

Xu Cheng was just trying to probe because there was a chance the other guy gave a fake one just to test him .

Sure enough, that guy recited another phone number for him .

Xu Cheng dialed .

On the other end, a deep and dull voice came in not long after, he sounded like he was drinking .


“Mr . Cunzhong, where are you right now?”

“Who are you?”

“It’s me, the partner that drank with you that time and talked to you about some business, where are you right now?”

Cunzhong Tailang: “[email protected]! Who the fack are you really?”

“Someone that’s going to take your life!” Xu Cheng creepily smiled .

On the other end, after a brief silence, the guy laughed out wildly, “There are just too many people that want to take my life, who the fack are you? I’ve taken too many boring prank calls already, I welcome you to the bathhouse at Xinsu city’s Sanko Street to find me!”

“Coming . ” After Xu Cheng said that, he smiled at those three guys that seemed a bit stunned . They didn’t understand English, but the female companions’ bodies shivered, as they understood what Xu Cheng said .

Xu Cheng put his forefinger in front of his lips and said, “Shh, don’t tell them what I’m going to do . ”

Then, he walked over and passed the phone back to the Sanko guys . When one of them came over to take it, Xu Cheng directly dragged him out of the bath and threw a punch right into his face . His head seemed like it lost the connection with its spine, and it wobbled around his neck as he fell back into the bath . The blood coming out from his nostrils and mouth dyed the entire bath red .

The other two tattooed comrades were about to climb out of the bath, and Xu Cheng just jumped right in and grabbed them, one with each hand, by the back of their necks and pushed them into the water . No matter how much those two struggled, they couldn’t get their heads out of the water .

Within just three minutes, the struggle of the two that were moving wildly like a chicken flapping their wings slowly weakened and they began floating on the surface .

Those three women screamed in terror, but the outsiders didn’t notice anything wrong . Here, the female companions were just tools for the patrons to vent their sexual desire, so screams were quite common .

Xu Cheng said expressionless, “If you don’t want to die, it’s best to keep your mouth shut . ”

Those three women were both shocked and scared as they covered their mouths with both hands . Tears were already welling in the corners of their eyes, and their bodies were shivering .

Xu Cheng climbed out from the bath and walked back to his own courtyard .

That girl that was forced to serve Xu Cheng already finished her bath . Looking up, she saw the blood on Xu Cheng’s kimono, and she retreated into the corner of the bath in fear .

Xu Cheng took off his clothes and walked down into the bath . Leaning to the ledge, he said, “Come and help me scrub it clean . ”

That woman swallowed her spittle and slowly swum over and began wiping the blood off of Xu Cheng’s body .

Then, she began hearing the sound of ambulances and police vehicles outside . She didn’t dare to ask whether Xu Cheng went out and killed someone .

She was a smart woman .

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