Chapter 490: 490

Chapter 490: The Old Man Got Excited (Part One)

Ten years!

To the Ye Family, to Minister Ye, or to Ye Xiu, this meant just too much!

Saving Elder Ye was like saving the political career of the Ye Family!

Elder Zhou waved and dismissed the three doctors .

The three doctors all looked at Xu Cheng, as they knew that it must have had something to do with this young man . Just moments ago, he was asking to be given a chance to try and treat him, maybe he actually gave it a shot after the three of them left?

But anyway, to be able to cure all kinds of illnesses that had been building up in that aged body, completely ignoring the effect that time had put on Elder Ye’s health and restoring the health of the body to at least ten years ago, the result was miraculous enough! They very much wanted to ask just what the heck happened, but seeing Elder Zhou’s gesture, they had no choice . They could only leave slowly out of the door as they constantly sneaked in a few peeks at Xu Cheng . The three of them hesitantly waited in the front yard, because the feeling of not being able to find out just what the fack happened was really bothering them .

Xu Cheng stood up and tossed a cup at the old man .

“Let me see how much ability you have recovered . ”

The cup flew over, and the old man narrowed his eyes . His brain reacted in time, but due to his body still used to being old and the fact that he hadn’t exerted force in a long time, he didn’t move in time . The cup hit him right on the nose .


Xu Cheng couldn’t bear to look directly at him and he joked . “And you call yourself a master? Damn . ”

Ye Xiu, his dad, and his mom at this moment were clearly calmer this time about this whole “abuse” thing .

The old man muttered, “You brat, I wasn’t ready that time . Come again!”

Xew~ another cup flew over .

The old man’s eyes flickered a sharp light, and he even punched his fist towards the flying cup, shattering it .

The four elders all smiled and watched .

Just then, they saw Elder Ye closing his eyes as he tilted his head towards the sky and shouted, “I’m back, madafaka!”

As he finished, he immediately charged towards the four old friends of his and began fighting .

Immediately, the room fell into chaos .

The guards outside were all shocked and they immediately came in, but Ye Xiu stopped them by the door and said, “Don’t worry about it . ”

The four elders accompanied the old man and began exchanging moves, with the old man going up against all four at the same time!

Elder Zhou, Elder Xing, Elder Guo, and Elder Nie saw the old man flipping the table at them, and they immediately struck out and shattered the table that flew their way .

Elder Ye laughed arrogantly, “I have endured for over a dozen years! If no one can stop me from using my domineering energy, I will tear this whole place down! Hahahahaha!”

Then, the five old men fought fiercely, with dust and tiles falling down due to the commotion .

All in all, this was no different than demolishing a house .

Pots, tables, chairs, expensive mahogany furniture, and various decoratives around the place all met their doom .

The old man was not boasting; he could indeed take on all four of his friends when he was at his pinnacle state .

The four elders didn’t think Elder Ye could suddenly become like such a beast, it was as if he returned to being the great general back during the war where he could tear the enemy apart with his two bare hands!

Ye Xiu was afraid that the five old men would injure each other by accident so he said worryingly, “Grandpa, come on . The house is gonna collapse soon…”

Elder Ye suddenly turned around and looked at him and said, “Little Xiu, Grandpa will show you true power!”

Then, he slammed over with a big punch . Ye Xiu couldn’t dodge in time and was sent away into the wall, with the shame of him quite visible . It was clear that the old man still got nasty power .

Chapter 490: The Old Man Got Excited (Part Two)

Ye Xiu looked at his grandpa in shock, and Xu Cheng was just sitting in the corner with a teapot and a cup as he said nonchalantly, “Don’t worry about it . Right now the old man is no different than a mad dog . If he wants to dismantle this place, then just let him . As long as you don’t let him grab a gun and go to the Wei Nation to start killing their army, it’ll be fine . He had been holding it in for dozens of years, the urge is probably even more serious than being a virgin for twenty years . ”

Just then, as soon as a pillar broke, a part of the roof began collapsing . Xu Cheng directly dragged Minister Ye and his wife out of this place .

Moving to the yard, all five elders became like mad dogs .

Seeing how fiercely they were fighting, one could almost see how their normal hangout sessions were like back in the old days .

It seemed like they were almost as excited as Elder Ye, seeing that their Big Brother Ye had returned to the prime state, they were very sincerely happy for him . Since they were happy for him, they definitely had to accompany him and have a sparring session to break some sweat . And with them trying to break some sweat, the house was naturally about to come down, alerting all the guards .

All the neighbors around the Ye Family mansion were influential people, and hearing the commotion and the news, they all came over to watch . Seeing the five old men fighting, it was indeed a bit hard to watch, because there was no way for them to imagine that the kind and cultured old men would act like a bunch of kids and have street fights .

But, no one dared to stop them . When some people from the Zhou Family came to help Elder Zhou up when he fell to the ground, he shooed them away and even kicked one of them in the butt . Then, he shouted at Elder Ye and jumped at him again, “You Little D-ck Ye, watch this move!”

Elder Ye fought off both Elder Zhou and Elder Nie within ten moves, and he laughed and shouted into the sky, “You guys are too weak! Can’t even win four-on-one! Damn this is satisfying! I’ve held this in for more than a dozen years! Come on, let’s fight a couple more hundred rounds!”

Then, he directly jumped towards the four other elders .

The three doctors that were still waiting in the front yard were dumbfounded . That was someone on the verge of death less than an hour ago and had just woken up, someone that relied on a wheelchair and even had trouble breathing, someone close to a hundred years old . But, in the blink of the eye, he was like a barbaric bandit that could jump, could fight, and could demolish houses! This was indeed shocking .

They quietly walked up to Xu Cheng and asked him curiously, “You saved Elder Ye?”

At this moment, Xu Cheng was taking this opportunity to drink more Dahongpao tea from the Ye Family and he said, “Oh, nah . I just told the old man, ‘the Wei Nation’s coming!’, and then he woke up . ”

Ye Xiu hurriedly came to Xu Cheng and said, “Big Brother Cheng, I think you should make Grandpa stop, the neighbors are all watching… It’s too embarrassing…”

Xu Cheng smacked his lips and shouted at the five old men fighting in the front yard, “Old Man, that should be enough now . ”

Elder Ye fought off Elder Guo, stood up, and shouted, “Who else?! If no one can take me down today, I will keep on fighting! Hahahaha!”

Xu Cheng passed the teapot and cup to Ye Xiu . “Hold this for sec . ”

Then, he jumped out and landed a kick directly on the old man’s chest . The old man directly coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew out . Landing on the ground, he almost couldn’t catch the next breath as he looked at Xu Cheng with his eyes wide open . With a reddened neck, he cursed, “You piece of sh-”

Then, he fainted .

Xu Cheng clapped his hands as if he just got off of work and said to the four exhausted elders, “It’s he himself that went crazy, it had nothing to do with my medicine . ”

Then, he looked at the neighbors that were watching at the gate and said, “Alright, let’s all go back home . The old man just recovered from sickness and wanted to break some sweat and exercise a bit . Now it’s all good, so let’s all go inside . ”

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