Chapter 511.2: 511.2

Chapter 511: Your Man is Very Rich Right Now (Part Two)

“Got it . ” Xu Cheng smiled and had the cab stop at the main gate of the school campus .

Wearing a big down jacket, Xu Cheng activated penetrating vision and walked into the school to look for Lin Chuxue .

In fact, Lin Chuxue was just teasing Xu Cheng . She also couldn’t wait to see him, and seeing the snowflakes outside, she immediately packed up her stuff and picked up her book against her chest and walked towards the library door .

At the door, suddenly, a bouquet of flowers appeared in front of her .

Then, a blond handsome young man smiled brightly at her and said, “Miss Lin, can I ask you out for lunch?”

“Sir, I think you got the wrong person,” Lin Chuxue faintly said .

The blond guy looked at her, a bit confused . “I didn’t, aren’t you Miss Lin?”

“No . ” Lin Chuxue smiled . “I mean you used the wrong honorific . I’m not Miss Lin, you should address me as Mrs . Lin . ”

That guy’s face suddenly changed . “You-you-you are married?”

“Yes, and I love my husband a lot . ” Lin Chuxue smiled and said, “So, I thank you for the gesture, but I think it’s better saved for someone else . ”

The blond man didn’t believe it . “This isn’t a fun way to refuse a suitor . You are so young, I can tell, you are lying to me for sure . ”

At this time, Lin Chuxue saw Xu Cheng who was running across the snowy field towards her . She looked over at Xu Cheng and said, “See? That’s my husband . ”

Then, she walked past the young man and ran down the stairs . When the blond man saw Lin Chuxue running into Xu Cheng’s embrace, he felt fury .

In the snow, Xu Cheng hugged Lin Chuxue around the waist with both hands and was spinning slowly on the spot . Lin Chuxue’s face was filled with joy .

It completely melted the hearts of those guys that were watching out of the windows inside the library .

Originally, the blond man wasn’t furious . But when he saw that the husband of Lin Chuxue was actually a yellow monkey, he was furious .

Lin Chuxue was a mixed-blood, the eastern kind of tranquil aura rhymed with the pair of alluring ocean blue eyes, accompanied by the golden body proportion of a Western woman; the combination made her impeccably beautiful and just perfect .

Why was she perfect? Because to Eastern people, she embodied the exotic elements of Western girls, and to Western people, she also carried the aura unique to Eastern women . With the combination of the two, her beauty was international .

But for such a beauty, how could she actually like an ordinary Asian man? If this were in the East, he wouldn’t feel so odd . But this was in the West, in the M Nation, wouldn’t she fit much better in the picture with a muscular, handsome, and rich blond gentleman?

(TL Note: yeah this part’s a bit… the author might not have too much knowledge about the US so he’s relying heavily on stereotypes . Anyways, moving on . )

“Charlie, I feel my dignity has been trampled on . I want to go and humiliate that yellow-skinned monkey . ” The blond man said to his follower, “Go and tell that monkey, if Nicole is his wife, ask him, how much does he want for her to sleep with me? I don’t care if it’s a couple of millions or a dozen millions . ”

The follower nodded .

In the snowy field below, Lin Chuxue suddenly picked up some snow and rubbed it onto Xu Cheng’s face . “This is to punish you for waiting until now to visit me . Humph!”

Xu Cheng picked her right back up, causing Lin Chuxue to exclaim . Then, she shyly thumped her fists against Xu Cheng’s chest lightly and asked, “Did you get anything done in Las Vegas yet?”

“That’s a must . I made a lot of money for my wife! Didn’t you see the money I wired to your account?” Xu Cheng asked .

“Oh, I didn’t check . Why did you wire me money? I have more than enough,” Lin Chuxue said .

“Are you studying finance? Sooner or later you might get interested in investing . You can go to Wall Street and play around with investing in your free time and not worry about the money,” Xu Cheng said dotingly .  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Chuxue pouted . “You think I can play in Wall Street with just a couple of millions of dollars?”

Xu Cheng smiled . “Honey, can you talk after going online to check your account first? You can play to your heart’s content . If there’s not enough, you can ask for more from your man . Sigh*, now I just want to learn from the local tycoons of the Middle East and say, I have nothing else but money now . ”

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