Chapter 568.2: Chapter 568.2 - They Got Wiped Out a Few Days Ago by Us (Part Two)

Chapter 568: They Got Wiped Out a Few Days Ago by Us (Part Two)

This made the visitors even more uncertain about Xu Cheng’s thoughts . They were just there, not knowing whether they should keep standing or sit down . Only a few of them had guns on them due to how poor they were . If they were to really get into a conflict with a big group of armed men, they really stood no chance .

“Drink some water first and quench your thirst . ” Xu Cheng saw the atmosphere was a bit tense so he tried to ease it a bit .

The boss of that team let out a breath of relief and he immediately raised the cup and began drinking .

At this time, Xu Cheng suddenly said out of the blue, “We are the Deviant Corp, not Falcon . ”

Puff .

At least three people across the floor were caught off guard and almost choked on their saliva .

Uhh… Now that was a bit awkward .

“You… you guys aren’t Falcon?” that boss hesitantly asked .

Xu Cheng shook his head . “Nope . ”

He gestured, and Li Wei took out the flag that belonged to the Deviant Corp and said, “We are the Deviant Corp . ”

The others across the floor looked at the flag, and after being certain that they’ve never seen it before, they politely smiled . “The logo is pretty good, but we’ve just never heard of such a name before . ”

Xu Cheng was quite frank . “We just formed not long ago and only had one battle so our name isn’t out there yet . ”

“Just formed?” The boss of the other clan exchanged a look with his guys, and his face began to show a hint of disgust . “Then you guys are about the same as us . How many armed personnel do you have?”

Xu Cheng: “9 right now . ”

“Sorry, sorry, we got the wrong place . ” At this time, a guy began talking, “Boss Creel, we got the wrong address . We are looking for the Falcon Clan . ”

Boss Creel slightly nodded to Xu Cheng to express his apology, and they all began walking out . “Then sorry, we got the wrong place . We will take our leave now . ”

At this time, Mario said, “But if you guys want to find a clan to work together for the winter, then you can still come to us, we still have the capabilities . ”

Xu Cheng curiously asked, “What do you mean by winter?”

Zhang Xiu on his side began explaining to him, “It’s a metaphor for the tough time of survival when all the different countries’ special forces get sent in to use us as practice dummies . Those independent mercenaries and smaller clans would either find a big clan to take them in or group together to get through the ‘winter’ together . That way, they could at least increase their chances of surviving against the attacks of other nations . ”

Xu Cheng suddenly realized .

The other side scoffed at Mario’s words . “You guys only have 9 people, forming an alliance with you is equal to just being independent, and you guys might even end up relying on us . Never mind, we will still go to find Falcon . ”

Boss Creel: “I’m incredibly sorry, we just came here following the map, and we thought this was Falcon’s territory, but it turned out that we made a mistake . We are very sorry for the inconvenience . ”

Then, they decided to leave .

Xu Cheng also didn’t force them to stay and had Luo Yi walk them out .

As they walked towards the gate, they saw a bonfire and it was burning a couple of the Falcon Clan’s flags .

“Isn’t this Falcon’s flags? I recognize it,” someone pointed at the burning flags and said .

Luo Yi said, “Oh, yeah they are . But they got wiped out by us a few days ago . That was also the only battle we’ve had . This place was indeed theirs, you guys didn’t get the wrong address . But now, it belongs to us . Now, this is the Deviant Corp’s territory . ”

The guys of this small clan were all shocked as their bodies trembled . But, at that moment, they were already sent out of the gate .

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