Chapter 588.2: Chapter 588.2 - This Opponent Is Beyond Our Assessment (Part Two)

Chapter 588: This Opponent Is Beyond Our Assessment (Part Two)

He ran across about two-hundred meters when he saw Pique’s dead body with a shot through his nose bridge .

Same lethal spot . Bruce could feel the goosebumps all over his body as he quickly reported to everyone . “Listen, this sniper is not simple . The three shots he’s fired so far have all been hits, and he seems to know where our armor’s weak points are . He’s a tough opponent and Pique was killed with the same shot through his face…”


The sound of a gunshot was heard in the open space before Bruce could finish his words .

The shot could be heard by the commanders as well as the sound of his voice that got cut off .

Casey asked in a somewhat tentative manner, “Bruce?”

No sound .

Cassey was worried . “Bruce? Don’t you f*cking play with me, answer if you can hear me!”

The commanders sighed on the other side . “He probably died!”

Casey and the rest of the team were in rage .

“Sh*t!” The group of soldiers were furious .

They haven’t executed any of their plans yet and four of their comrades had been killed within the blink of an eye, especially that they died without a word . They didn’t even see the enemy clearly and only knew that there was a sniper . Yet the most hateful and infuriating thing was knowing where he was and what gun he was using, but there was no way to go over and kill him .

Recalling that gesture where he raised his hand at the drone, it was total provocation!

The commanders seemed to sense the opponent’s instincts and knew that he was a master with extreme skills . So far, he had fired four shots and four soldiers had been killed; and, puzzlingly, it didn’t seem like his vision was affected by the sand and wind .

“Casey, listen . This opponent is far beyond our initial assessment, and you need to retreat immediately . This area may not be a big fish but rather a big shark!” the commander shouted to the remaining twenty-four soldiers on the scene .

“Sir, we haven’t even seen their basecamp yet and we’ve lost four men . You’re telling us to retreat? Do you want us to lose our dignity? To have our nation’s dignity become a joke for others, allowing our M Nation’s special forces to be mocked for being unable to even wipe out the weakest District 7?” Casey said, “I’m the captain, I’ll take command of this battle . ”

The commanders didn’t actually want to call off the attack in such a mess either . “Then you guys be careful, I’ll bring in drones from other areas as soon as I can to help you from above . ”

Casey temporarily turned off his headset and commanded, “Listen guys, this sniper might just be a sharpshooter, let’s get in the truck and take him out . ”

“But we would step on mines . We haven’t completely cleared the mines in front of us yet, and it’s dangerous to drive the car over . If he’s waiting for us at that place, there must be a mine in between . ”

He had a reasonable prediction .

Sweat broke out on Casey’s forehead as he pondered how to take out the sniper first .

“In that case, we’ll creep forward and put our helmets in front to protect our heads and faces from showing . Bring the minesweeper and we’ll get over these mines . ”

The others felt the plan would work .

Using the creeping method with their physique, they could easily reach 1 km within a short amount of time, especially since they didn’t need to crawl all the way to the other side; they just needed to spot Xu Cheng first so their snipers could accurately take him out .

Having thought that, the twenty-four soldiers crawled away from the vehicle and scattered as they all headed towards Xu Cheng’s direction .

The commanders said to the technician immediately, “Transfer the other areas’ drones to this battlefield immediately . Fast! Head there with the fastest flying speed!”

“I will need fifteen minutes according to the direction and speed . “

Fifteen minutes later, the technician said, “Sir, this time I’ve taken the drone to its maximum altitude . I can see that our soldiers have crossed the area filled with sandy wind . ”

“Do you see the sniper?”

“Yes, he’s still at the same spot . ”

The commanders immediately picked up the headset and said to Casey, “The sniper is still there . Be careful . We’ve got our eyes again, so we can see his movements . ”

“Good, he can’t hurt us now at all even if he could hit us . You guys continue to monitor him . ”

Xu Cheng looked through his lens at the group of soldiers who were actually holding their helmets in front of themselves so his bullet wouldn’t be able to penetrate through . It would be a little painful if he hits their shoulders, but that pain was perfectly bearable for this group of well-trained and powerful soldiers .

“Want to cross the minefield? Did you ask me?” Xu Cheng smiled slightly .

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