Chapter 590.2: Chapter 590.2 - Special Treatment at Special Times (Part Two)  

Chapter 590: Special Treatment at Special Times (Part Two)

The other commanders added, “If we rule that out, then this man is really terrifying; how the hell did he do that? The drone swept over the area and found that there were no magnetic devices at all . How the hell was he able to see what was happening on Casey’s side and make any preparations? I know you’re trying to say if it could be a mole among us but that’s completely impossible, because even if someone had given him the location of Casey’s group, there was no way he could have known the precise location of Casey and the others with such thorough detail . None of us would have known, and even if there was a mole, there’s no way that so much information between the two could have been transmitted in such a short amount of time . ”

The Commander-in-Chief picked up his headset and said, “Casey, retreat! You have lost the will to fight . We need to further assess our enemy before continuing . Retreat!”

Casey was furious . “How can we back out at this point? I’d love to get close enough to that b—–d and break him into pieces . I want a tank to back us up here!”

“No, that’s not against the rules; it’s a manpower competition . If you could get a tank, why don’t you ask for missiles? This type of weapon use would be much detested by the pacifists around the world . ”

Casey: “So, how do you propose we retreat? Get back down? Don’t joke, okay? Five of my men are dead! It’s a humiliating defeat . Are we doing them any justice by retreating? I must kill this b—–d with my bare hands today!”

Other soldier: “Yes, this man must die to avenge the sacrifices of our brothers . ”

HQ: “What can you do about it? You can’t show even a bit of your face with such accurate shooting from the other side, and by the time you crawl over, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to stay and would have long since run away . As soon as you look up, you’ll be attacked again . ”

Casey: “Collaborate with us using the gas bombs on the drone, that would pinpoint his location and also interfere with his vision . We will then go up and take him down immediately!”

HQ: “No, the drone can not be used as a part of this . It’s just a tool for surveying the situation and providing us with live feedback so we can give orders . ”

Casey: “Sir, how can you tolerate a retreat like that? We haven’t even attacked yet, and we’ve already lost five of our comrades . Have you thought about how humiliating it would be to go back? Special times call for special measures!”

Everyone in the headquarters stared at each other .

“The current situation is truly a passive one as we have lost five soldiers, but we must win this battle!”

The four commanders looked at each other; it was already a matter of the M Nation’s authority . If they retreated in this battle, then it would cause the remaining 23 soldiers to lose their morale, which was not what they wanted . It was only the first level of the competition; how could they win if they lost their spirit and confidence so early on?

Therefore, the four commanders had no choice but to take this type of cheating action .

“For this one, we will overwhelm him with numbers, but we must win this battle!” the Commander-in-Chief said .

“Yes, special times call for special measures, and the morale of the army must not be affected . ”

Having reached a mutual agreement, the Commander-in-Chief picked up the microphone and passed on his words . “Casey, stand by . The drones will cooperate . ”

The remaining 23 soldiers regained their fighting spirit once again .

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