Chapter 621.2: Chapter 621.2 - Awaken (Part Two)

Chapter 621: Awaken (Part Two)

The current flickered in the water when he opened his clenched fists .

He saw some objects suspended in the air and reached over, using his telekinesis power to try and manipulate them . A wooden stick directly flew over under his command .

After Xu Cheng took the wood stick in his hand, all the floating objects around him fell down .

Xu Cheng used his mind and suddenly released a strong force, and the barrel he was in directly crumbled with a loud “bang”, splashing water all around .

On the mountain top, Chekhov and Mario were ultimately unable to withstand more than a hundred people charging upwards . It was raining, interfering with Chekhov’s ultrasonic senses . His gunshots relied on his previous skillful technique, but his accuracy dropped drastically . Even despite that, he still took out more than twenty soldiers who came up from the back of the mountain, though there were still nearly seventy to eighty soldiers all around rushing to the top of the mountain . Mario rushed in front of him with a dagger and drove it at the people .

After he ran over a few people, he jumped off and followed a gang of soldiers into a melee .

He used his helmet to cover his face and rushed straight towards the crowd, turning people over everywhere he went .

But two hands couldn’t beat four fists, and while he was still fighting his way through, Murong Fu was already pointing a gun at Chekhov’s head as he shouted, “Try that again! If you don’t stop, I’ll shoot him in the head!”

When Mario saw that Chekhov was actually being held hostage, he cursed and prepared to stop .

Chekhov said, “Don’t mind me, kill them!”

Obviously, Mario couldn’t just let him die and not save him . Besides, Xu Cheng had once said that the Deviants must save each other .

Thus, he suddenly took off his helmet and gave up resistance, and a bunch of guns were pointed at his head immediately .

When Murong Fu looked around and saw that there was nobody, he asked Chekhov, “Where’s your boss?”

Chekhov said, “I thought you knew he was dead? He was killed by Kush . ”

Murong Fu smiled and waved his hand, instructing more than a dozen soldiers to look for Xu Cheng’s dead body one by one in all the ruins and the remaining houses .

After flipping through the houses, they went into the one where Xu Cheng was, and found Lin Dong . They brought him out with a gun to his head, and Lin Dong was also very cooperative as he came out of the house with his hands up .

Two more mercenaries went into the house to continue looking, but less than a minute later, a gunshot rang out from inside the house, and there seemed to be someone else .

Murong Fu waved his hand . “Ten men head inside! Their leader is probably in there, but he’s injured . Drag him out . ”

The 10 soldiers nodded and rushed into Xu Cheng’s house one after another, and they found the two soldiers dead at the entrance to the passage of the basement .

They rushed in, and a large cobweb suddenly fell from above their heads, causing all 10 of them to die on the spot from the poison .

Zhang Xiu jumped down from an overhanging beam . He was responsible for giving Durson coverage so that Durson and Xu Cheng could leave .

However, Durson was the first to climb up from the basement, followed by Xu Cheng behind him .

“Boss, you’re awake?” Zhang Xiu shouted in delight .

Xu Cheng nodded . “Let’s go out . ”

The three of them then walked out of the house, and it was still raining heavily .

The fifty or so soldiers outside were holding both Chekhov and Mario hostage .

Murong Fu’s face looked frightened when he saw that Xu Cheng was still alive!

“You’re… not… dead?”

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