Chapter 623.2: Chapter 623.2 - City at War (Part Two)

Chapter 623: City at War (Part Two)

“I know it’s because of me!” Li Wei was very agitated and even growled out, “If it was a gunshot wound, Big Brother Cheng would have been able to save them . There could only have been one reason that they were left in an unsavable state, and that’s because they were fried by the lightning bolt that I attracted . Even those of you who were capable were not spared, imagine those other brothers who still hadn’t awakened yet . I thought that lightning bolt might only hit a small area, I… I… ” Li Wei sobbed at the end . He wasn’t an idiot, if even pros like Diesel and the others were knocked unconscious by the electricity, then the others definitely wouldn’t be able to survive it .

Luo Yi patted him on the shoulder .

Lin Dong then spoke up, “Teacher said, if you feel guilty, then just slaughter more of our enemies . People can’t come back to life, and everyone knows that you wanted to sacrifice your life to fight those people . It’s just fate, I don’t blame you, Brother Wei . ”

Diesel and Vala nodded . “Li Wei, look on the bright side . Although we don’t know how to word it nicely, you can’t kill yourself out of guilt, right?”

“I’d like to die right now if I could!” Li Wei said .

“What silly nonsense . ” Diesel glared at him . “You think of your brothers as people who are afraid of death? Who’s afraid to die? Everyone was determined to die from the start, and if they were given another chance, including those of us who were stunned by lightning, if we could trade that lightning for the lives of over 300 enemies; we would’ve still chosen to let you do that! Without your lightning, I don’t even know if we would have been able to hold on, and then more brothers would have died, or maybe the Deviant Corp would have been completely wiped out!”

“Don’t say that . ” Li Wei would never be able to forgive himself for the twenty or so brothers he had wrongly killed because of his lapse in judgement . He looked out of the window and remained silent the whole way without speaking .

It took Xu Cheng, Mario, and the four others two days to arrive at the base camp of the Continental Mercenaries, and from afar, they could hear the sound of gunfire in the sky .

They didn’t see anyone yet, but the smoke from the battle was already in the air .

When their car got closer, they could finally hear the sounds of fierce fighting and gunfire .

The two valleys from the gate of the Continental Mercenary Corps were already covered with corpses .

Xu Cheng and others got out of the car and walked over to the corpses, finding that there was no clean spot of soil to step on .

The base camp of the Continental Mercenary Corps was the most prosperous city in the Land of Mercenaries, but at this time, the entire city was in a mess with smoke rising into the air .

Everywhere Xu Cheng and the others went, they stabbed or shot those who were close to dying, taking their lives away .

They went straight to the downtown area of the former local government building, which was the base camp of the Continental Mercenary Corps, and the scene at this time was just as if the rebels had surrounded the palace to kill the emperor .

The buildings had holes everywhere from the crossfires with the three mercenary clans, and many of the Continental Mercenary soldiers had fled the buildings to fight guerrilla warfare .

But they had no way out, because once they left here and the king of the city changed hands, the Continental Mercenary Corps would be removed from the position of the top mercenary corps . There have been several generations of kings and several generations of the government that have taken over, and generation after generation of dictators have once been on top here . This city was a representation of power in the Land of Mercenaries, and since they had occupied it for this long, they were stubborn to keep it theirs . Therefore, the continental mercenaries were putting up a bloodthirsty fight .

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