Chapter 644.2: Chapter 644.2 - Equivalence (Part Two)

Chapter 644: Equivalence (Part Two)

After Xu Cheng put it in his mouth, President Yu personally lit it up for him . Then, he took out his exclusive business card from his bag and passed it to Xu Cheng with respect . “Mr . Xu, next time you will remember me, right?”

Having seen what he had done just now, Xu Cheng smiled and took his business card . He then took out his phone and called the number on the business card in front of President Yu .

As soon as Yu’s phone rang, he grinned .

Xu Cheng said to him, “This is my number, you can take it down and give me a call if you need anything in the future . However, I’m usually abroad . ”

“I know, I know . ” President Yu smiled with him, showing that he understood . No kidding, how could someone who called Haber a brother be someone who wasn’t busy? He heard it all that night that Mr . Xu was a good friend of Haber’s, and everyone had witnessed the scene where Haber backed Xu Cheng .

Who was Haber?

He was someone listed in the top 20 world’s billionaires, which was a big shot even in that circle . Birds of a flock flew together, so Xu Cheng wouldn’t be as simple as he looked . Because after all, that night, he was able to make a phone call to gather 10 billion dollars at once on the scene, adding on to Xu Cheng’s mysterious background .

Moreover, after that night, Xu Cheng seemingly won 10 billion equity from that K Nation guy, especially that Three Star equity which had been particularly difficult to get . He only came back to find out that Three Star announced the acquisition of equity, using 12 billion!

In terms of the amount of fortune, if Xu Cheng wanted to be publicly exposed, he would definitely be able to enter the top 30 of the world’s multibillionaires . He was not someone President Yu could be compared to, as he was only just at the billionaire mark .   This was the biggest reason why he was willing to break the endorsement contract if it could satisfy Lin Chuxue .

The domestic market was relatively saturated . In fact, due to the instability of clothing brands, President Yu would prefer to expand his business if he had the opportunity to know some of the foreign big shots which would improve his chances . Not to mention that Xu Cheng knew Haber, the Middle Eastern billionaire, and after that cruise ship incident, those rescued millionaires and billionaires had a lot of gratitude towards Lin Chuxue . For a faithful country, they admired Li Chuxue with her strange abilities; and all these were resources .

But President Yu thought that Xu Cheng’s greatest potential was that he’s still under thirty! Yet, he was already so knowledgeable and had a huge amount of assets as well as a good personal network; President Yu always felt that Xu Cheng’s background would be very complicated .

Not to mention that a man who was accompanied by the nation-class beauty Lin Chuxue was definitely not an ordinary man!

And that was all that mattered!

“Mr . Xu, tea or coffee?” President Yu brought Xu Cheng to the sofa and sat down next to him .

Xu Cheng sat down and crossed his legs as he said, “Coffee is good . My appetite for good tea has been spoiled . I don’t want to force anyone to do anything, so I’d rather have coffee . ”

“Xiao Lin, go to my office and bring some Blue Mountain coffee over,” Yu summoned the one in charge of Zhao Na’s project .

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