Chapter 672.2: 672.2

Chapter 672: Establishing Intelligence Agency (Part Two)

Xu Cheng obviously had confidence in his ability to get past the borders so easily and unscrupulously .

His current psychic power was at Class A; his previous short coma had stimulated and strengthened part of his genes, causing him to gain two abilities, and one of them was psychokinesis . However, because it had just appeared recently, the rank was still at Class A and was somewhat unable to keep up with his comprehensive SSS level; although it was easy enough to hypnotize these guards who were only at C level . The other new ability that awakened made Xu Cheng feel very strange, and that was his being able to control electrical currents!

All he remembered during his unconscious state was that hundred thousand volts of electricity had hit his bathtub and almost killed him, but he used his willpower to endure through the currents . Xu Cheng predicted that those powerful voltages running through his body would cause him enormous pain, because they would have killed a lot of his potential genes that hadn’t been discovered yet . However at the same time, some of the surviving genes were stimulated to mutate or fuse together, which also indirectly pushed many of his abilities to the next level . For example, this electrical current and his psychokinesis ability; these were not the original genes that resided in his body, but were stimulated to become new powers .

Xu Cheng didn’t know how else his body could change, but he felt that every once in a while, his body would absorb and fuse some genes so that a new ability will be generated . All he hoped was that his appearance and body would not mutate . He was more worried about this instead of dying, because he was afraid of becoming a monster and not being able to be with Lin Chuxue! He wouldn’t accept having the woman he loved be afraid of him and treat him as a stranger and leave him .

“Now there’s no way the two of you can stay in the M Nation, or rather, you will be tracked down by the CIA for the rest of your lives . I have already arranged a path for you, this time you two will be heading to the Land of Mercenaries . Instead of running away, it’s better to go home, back to our basecamp . Someone will pick you up and give you a position . You will be engaged in building the world’s largest intelligence agency for the Deviant Corp . Knowing both yourself and your enemies is the best way to win a fight . In this information era, intelligence is way too important . ”

Xu Cheng drove the car as he told Caesar and Richie .

Caesar and Richie smiled bitterly . “Then that means we really won’t be able to see the daylight again? That’s no different from being dead . Boss, if one day you have no use for us, will you still guarantee our safety?”

“If I can’t even guarantee your safety, then what’s the point of trying to dominate the world? It’s better to simply stay in Huaxia and play with mud,” Xu Cheng said mockingly to himself . “The path I chose for you guys may be more exciting than your previous life . This time when you return home, there are many things you guys need to work on,whether it’s human resources or logistics, as long as the intelligence system is activated, I’ll provide you with everything . I could even send up satellites if someone wanted to . ”

The personal satellites weren’t expensive and were completely affordable . With Xu Cheng’s wealth, he could easily purchase them without pressure, and although sending up private satellites was banned in the Land of Mercenaries, Xu Cheng had many ways to go about sending one . He could even use other countries’ satellites to make things work, everything could be of his use if he wanted .

They transferred to the Land of Mercenaries directly from the black market, where Xu Cheng successfully brought Caesar and Richie back to the mountain .

The underground project was almost complete .

Hawking saw that Xu Cheng had returned, so he said to him, “I need to start getting into the experiments . If you could help me find a few scientists around the world who are outstanding in quantum sciences, that would help a lot . I need helpers and a team . ”

Xu Cheng nodded and looked at Caesar . “Then we will pick some talented ones out of the intelligence information we got from the other countries . Luo Yei, Li Wei . ”

Luo Yi and Li Wei stepped forward and said, “Boss . ”

Xu Cheng said, “The two of you will be in charge of the intelligence . These two are the world’s top hackers, and they only took a year to steal the intelligence from the other nations . You guys will be responsible for building an intelligence agency on top of what we already have . ”

Li Wei and Luo also spoke in unison, “Yes!”

The two of them were originally from the Dragon Division, and were very proficient in intelligence and espionage missions .

Xu Cheng: “Look around the world for the ones that Mr . Hawking needs, whether it is at a high price, or if they want medicine . Find a way to get people here . I’m afraid that our arms deals in the future will have a completely different outlook . We must tell them that an advantage for working with us, is that we could keep them safe if they are ever in a life and death situation . ”

Luo Yi and Li Wei nodded . The researchers who liked what they did but always felt hopeless in their research would not refuse this offer . Having to complete a big experiment together as a team was attractive to them already, and with their cure-all medicine in the future, who would care about who they were working for and under what nation?

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