Chapter 686: No other countries allowed to interfere in the Land of Mercenaries (Part Two)

“You really want to fight?” Vala asked with interest.

A few of the subordinates behind the general looked at the trio mockingly. “How dare the three of you come to collect tolls? Are you not afraid of getting bullets in your heads?”

At that moment, Li Wei tucked his thumb and forefinger into his mouth and blew a whistle.

On a seemingly empty mountainside, five tanks suddenly appeared and aimed directly at the M Nation troops.

The M Nation army, who looked calm before, sensed the danger and immediately became alerted.

The general suddenly took out a pistol and pointed it at Diesel. “We are all trying to live here. Do not be so harsh on us. Your continental mercenary corps has occupied three-fifth of the land, and there’s about two-fifth left. Spare some space for the others.”

Diesel wasn’t nervous at all and said, “We could spare some for the others, but you can only have it if we give it to you. We don’t want those with lots of power to become a potential rival in the future.”

The general pulled the trigger. “Don’t force me!”

Li Wei suddenly jumped out of the car.

“Let’s talk it over. We’re just here today to collect some fees, do you really want to fight us? Honestly, even if you could take out the three of us, you’d be blown to bits by the five tanks behind you, think about if it’s really worth it.”

“Then don’t be such a bully!!” the general snorted.

Li Wei stopped in front of him and slowly raised his hand, trying to push down his gun so it didn’t point to anyone.

“Hold still.” As soon as his hand touched the general’s wrist, an electric current caused the general to fall onto the ground instantly.

Li Wei snatched the pistol from his hand, and stepped on the general’s head as he pointed the gun to his forehead and said to the soldiers behind him, “Either he dies, or you guys hand over all the supplies and follow the rules!”

The two hundred M Nation soldiers disguised as mercenaries were all furious, but they didn’t dare to make a move.

Li Wei laughed. “You have exposed yourselves as a foreign mercenary corp. Usually the local mercenaries would rush up if their boss was being held hostage. It’s been said that if the boss is being held hostage, those mercenaries would rush up, yet you are deeply afraid that something might happen to your boss. Let me analyze the situation in which this is usually possible? I take it that you and your men all came from some other country? This man looks like your head, and I know obedience is a soldiers’ duty; he has been held hostage, and yet none of you dared to make a move? This discipline of yours shows that you guys do belong to a regular army.”

Those soldiers immediately raised their guns uniformly and pointed them at Li Wei and the others. They snapped. “Let him go!”

Diesel said loudly, “Do you know why the Land of Mercenaries is called the Land of Mercenaries? Because no other countries’ politics or military forces are allowed to interfere around here!”

Having said that, Li Wei pulled the trigger and shot the general in the head with a bullet.

Pang! The general died instantly from a direct blow through the head.

Vala and Diesel then quickly grabbed Li Wei and hid behind the car.

Meanwhile, the five tanks on the mountainside aimed and fired at the area they were standing at.

The dust blew up and flew around in the air, the soldiers were also trying to hide from the explosions. At this time, Li Wei and the others took this chance to get into their car and leave.

The soldiers that were dodging the gunfire and explosions weren’t noobs as well as they quickly got into their vehicle and followed Li Wei and the other two towards where they were heading.

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