Chapter 694: You guys are the players, I’m NPC (Part Two)

Kush gritted his teeth. “That’s still better than being in war for years. Go back and tell your masters that unless I die, the new government in the Land of Mercenaries will be established!”

“Then you shall die now.” Mr. R suddenly pulled out a dagger and quickly approached Kush like a breeze of wind.

Kush was taken aback as he retreated backwards, and the dagger pierced through air less than ten centimeters away from his neck, yet the force of the dagger still made a cut on his skin, making him bleed a little.

At this point, Xu Cheng, who stood by the broken window on the third floor, looked over and asked Kush, “I can see that you are not his opponent, do you want some help?”

The corner of Mr. R’s eyes twitched a little as he looked up at Xu Cheng on the third floor, he had suspected that this man was an expert when he saw him a few moments back.

Kush wiped the blood off from his neck as he said to Xu Cheng, “Do you know why I didn’t agree to cooperate with you? Because you are no different from this annoying guy in front of me. You’re also here for this country’s resources!”

Xu Cheng leaned against the wall and said, “At least I am sincere in wanting to expand the economy here. If I only wanted the resources, then I would have killed you earlier and transported all the crude oil out. Why would I have kept you and your Continental Mercenaries, and also make you establish a new government?”

Kush: “Because your ambition is not just about the crude oil here, you want to actually control this country. You want to be like the Morgan or Cloffi Families, to have overall control of a country’s entire economy.”

Xu Cheng laughed. “That’s a fact and I won’t lie to you. But as I said, I won’t interfere with you or your future heir’s power in politics.”

Mr. R felt ridiculous listening to the conversation between the two of them.

He raised his head and stared at Xu Cheng as he sneered. “It’s understandable that you dream like this at your age, but reality doesn’t work like that in this world. Whether it’s the Morgan or Cloffi Families, both of them were prospered for centuries and each generation goes through strict training. To become like them, every leader was strict upon themselves because any mistake could lead to a failure in the future generations. I can tell that you are very ambitious; why don’t you come with me, maybe we are on the same path. Trust me.”

Xu Cheng: “We are on different paths. You are bent on controlling the world to become a top-class player, while I am doing all this so the world doesn’t target me. Not to mention that we might be opposing each other: you want to play with the world in your hands, while I don’t want to be played. So, I’m afraid we are on opposite sides.”

Mr. R: “Who do you represent? Tell me the name of your consortium, perhaps this is just a misunderstanding and we’re actually on the same terms.”

Xu Cheng sighed. “I represent NPC! I am responsible for overseeing the excessive actions of you top-class players. Let me introduce myself, I’m a member of the Deviant Mercenary Corps.”

Mr. R squinted his eyes. “Deviant Corp? Perfect, I was just thinking about how to get rid of the Deviant Corp on my way here, so that there will not be any wild cards in the Land of Mercenaries. You certainly came at the right time.”

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