Chapter 708: Rescue (Part Two)

“The winner is the king. Whether it’s a dirty trick or not, history will only remember the one who lives and laughs until the end, and the one who dies is just the loser.”

Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth. “No matter what you do, even if you kill me, I won’t let you get away with it.”

That was when Mario, who had been tracking them down, drove one of the other people’s Hummer at the airport parking lot, and chased all the way here. He then rear-ended the limousine ruthlessly, breaking its tail lights when they passed through a wide road with barely any people and causing the car to swerve.


The limo driver’s head was blown off by a sniper rifle!

The car started to sway left and right immediately after losing control.

Mario pinched the car straight into a tree.


The limousine was fixed to the tree. The gray bearded man kicked open the door and jumped down as he threw a punch breaking Mario’s car window. Mario kicked open his door and the gray bearded man dodged away.

In the distance, Chekhov was aiming at the gray bearded man with a sniper rifle and with the sound of bullets whistling through the air, the gray bearded man picked up the car door and blocked the shots. He then kicked the two hundred pound Mario away.

Mario’s entire body slammed onto the side of the Hummer, causing the glass to shatter.

He had the feeling that all his bones shook a little.

Such a strong explosive power!

Chekhov saw that Mario was losing and immediately fired three shots at the guy’s head!

Although the gray bearded man blocked the bullets with the car door, he was amazed to find that all three of Chekhov’s bullets were almost in the same spot!

The first shot of the large caliber bullet penetrated half a centimeter deep into the steel plate, the second shot created a 1.5 cm dent, and the third shot went straight through. Although the bullet received some resistance, it still hit the gray-bearded man on the back.

Chekhov quickly reloaded the bullets as he said to Mario via Bluetooth earpiece, “Little Dong said that their purpose is simple, that they are here for Boss, and if anything happens to Boss because of this woman, then Deviant Corp wouldn’t be able to go on. Even if the two of us die today, we will have to save this woman.”

Mario nodded as he growled and kicked towards the gray bearded man who was dazed.

The gray bearded man reacted quickly, but he couldn’t get out of the way anymore, so he could only pick up the door and use it to block.

However, Mario’s elephant strength was no joke, his kick was equivalent to a full-grown elephant crushing down as it caused the door to deform and sent the gray bearded man flying a dozen meters away.

As the gray bearded man flew in the air, Chekhov aimed and fired his sniper shot.

“Nice angle!”


The bullet flew towards the gray bearded man, and he forced himself to use his waist strength, trying to twist his body so that he could land on his feet, allowing the bullet to brush by his waist.

He landed with a half-knee crouch, and he used the momentum to charge towards Mario. However, Chekhov didn’t even give him a chance to complete his sequence of moves, as he predicted the gray bearded man’s speed and fired a shot 20 meters away from when he started. As a result, the bullet caught the gray bearded man exactly at 20 meters and he could only bend down to dodge it, but Mario saw a gap as he was dodging and took the opportunity, smashing the gray bearded man’s face with a punch.

The gray bearded man was sent rolling on the ground. He wiped the blood spilling from the corner of his mouth and smiled slightly. “Looks like everything was expected.”

Mario: “Were you expecting to get hit?”

Just then, Chekhov suddenly said to Mario, “Oh no, someone’s approaching me.”

Having said that, Chekhov quickly put down his sniper rifle and left the spot immediately. His ultrasonic feedback told him that someone was approaching him fast, and he calculated that the guy would be there in less than three minutes.

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