Chapter 712: Help me, help her too! (Part Two)

Xu Cheng looked down at Lin Chuxue’s face and said in spite of everything else, “I have no other choice.”

“No!” Lin Dong rejected his idea. “Master, although I don’t know much, but I know a little bit about genetics, I know how important the Tardigrade gene is to you, and how many researchers have not been able to transfer that gene into the human body for the past decades. You’re a miracle, and it’s that gene that kept all your other genes balanced without any disorder. Do you know what would happen if there are no Tardigrade genes in you?”

“I don’t know.” Xu Cheng said, “But I don’t want to know anymore. I only have two things I want to do in my whole life now, first, save Little Xue! Second, kill all those people including their families! If not, then let the Tardigrade genes stay in Little Xue’s body, so that even if something bad happens to her in the future, these genes will be able to protect her from death and that would be enough.”

Lin Dong: “The key question is whether it can be transferred over smoothly!”

Xu Cheng gritted his teeth, “Even if it can’t, it will have to!”

He looked at Lin Dong with bloodshot eyes. “Help me! I will transfuse my blood and the Tardigrade genes into her body, and I will provide her with all the blood that she lost from her brain, no matter how much she needs. You’re the only one among us who knows how to do this procedure.”

“I disagree!” Lin Dong snapped, “Even Lin Chuxue won’t agree, without the Tardigrade to balance out your genetic distinctions, have you ever thought of what kind of strange monster you’ll turn into?”

“I want her alive even if I turn into a monster!” Xu Cheng roared out, “This is the order of your Master! You cannot refuse!”

“I wouldn’t help you if I were dead!” Lin Dong insisted on his position.

Xu Cheng looked at him, not expecting that Lin Dong could be so insistent on principle, and with tears rolling down his eyes, he sighed, “Did Lin Chuxue treat you well? Don’t lie. “

“Yes!” Lin Dong gritted his teeth.

“Then help her!” Xu Cheng unprecedentedly had a pleading look at his disciple, he was always so strong and he did not expect to also have such a helpless moment.

Lin Dong looked at his master’s pleading eyes and to be honest, it was the first time his master seemed so vulnerable and helpless. He also said with bloodshot eyes, “Master, what if it doesn’t work? Then you’ll be screwed too. If there’s another fight like the one with Kush in the future, you won’t have the Tardigrade genes to protect you, don’t you see? Even if you saved your wife, what will happen to her if something happens to you? Isn’t she going to live in remorse and guilt?”

“This battle had nothing to do with her from the beginning to the end. If I didn’t expose my relationship with her then she wouldn’t have encountered so much harm, so I owe it to her,” Xu Cheng said firmly.

Lin Dong still insisted on his point of view. “Then what about us? What will we, who are considered mutants, do without your leadership? The others are not strong enough yet, and it would be difficult for them to protect themselves against the world if they were exposed. Master, there are so many of us who need you!”

“The country needs me too!” Xu Cheng said angrily, “But what can I do? I couldn’t even protect my own woman, and you want me to protect you? That would be a joke.”

Having said that, he gently put down Lin Chuxue’s body and stood in front of Lin Dong, pulling him from the back of his head with one hand as he said, “If something really bad happens to me, divide all my assets among the brothers; they will all get a share! If you sell the Mandala Lab’s technology and studio, it will be worth tens of billions of dollars, and each of you will get ten billion dollars, which would be enough for you to live freely. Forget about the Deviant Mercenary Corp, it had just begun anyways.”

Lin Dong was reluctant to do so with his bloodshot eyes.

“I’m begging you, Little Dong. I’ve never begged anyone before.” Xu Cheng sighed.

Lin Dong sobbed as he shook his head vigorously and choked, “Master…”

Xu Cheng gave him a phone number and said, “If something happens to me, go to this old man and he will teach you real kung fu. This is what I owe you for not being able to teach you properly.”

Having said that, Xu Cheng turned around and picked up Lin Chuxue’s corpse in his arms.

“Let’s go, shall we?”

Lin Dong struggled and finally compromised as he followed Xu Cheng out through another door.

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