Chapter 721: Who is this Xu Cheng she’s calling in her dream? (Part Two)

– Huaxia –

– Inside the Dragon Division’s secret base hospital –

After a week of observation and treatment, Lin Chuxue had already passed the critical period, but she was still in a coma.

Now that the genetic condition in her body was not suitable for her to be treated in normal hospitals, Xu Cheng could only choose to rely on the nation’s Dragon Division.

The entire medical treatment was kept in secret. Only a skilled professor received Satan’s invitation to participate in the treatment; as a dedicated practitioner, he signed a confidentiality agreement so from now on, he would be responsible for the medical consultation for Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue’s bodies.

Xu Cheng thought about it for a long time before he called Satan’s number.

Xu Cheng stood outside the glass window, looking at Lin Chuxue who was receiving treatment inside the hospital ward.

He was wearing the Dragon King’s cape, and his face was wearing a golden clown mask.

The funny thing was, that from now on, he probably wouldn’t be able to take off this mask in front of others anymore, and he didn’t know how long it would stay with him.

Not long after, Bei Shan pushed Satan here on a wheelchair.

As for Xu Cheng’s body condition, there were only two people in the Dragon Division who knew about it; one was Satan, because his genes had been modified after he was saved by Xu Cheng, and the other one was that professor. Xu Cheng was not going to allow any third party to know about it.

“If you had listened to my advice, you wouldn’t be in this situation now.” Satan sighed, expressing sympathy for the fact that Xu Cheng could only wear a mask in the future.

Xu Cheng snorted. “Wouldn’t this be what you wished for? It might be hard for me to cross paths with her in the future.”

Bei Shan came over and patted Xu Cheng’s shoulder. “I’m glad that you can return to the Dragon Division.”

Xu Cheng didn’t speak up as he didn’t know whether he should be happy or not. He felt that his heart had died anyways.

After the professor came out from the ward, he said to Xu Cheng. “There’s a gradual reaction in her subconscious mind, and I’m guessing that in one or two days, she will wake up.”

Xu Cheng: “Then have her transferred to another hospital. This is the Dragon Division’s basecamp, she can’t stay here for too long.”

The professor nodded. “Oh, right. During this week of observation and treatment, she called out ‘Xu Cheng’ a total of 81 times in her sleep. Do you know this person? If you know him, having him come over and talk to the patient more may help her wake up faster.”

A moment of confusion flashed in Xu Cheng’s eyes.

His name had been withdrawn from the Dragon Division because Xu Cheng’s name had now been exposed to the world. Therefore, his name was no longer ‘Xu Cheng’, and only his code name remained: the 2 of Diamonds!

The professor also did not know that his original name was Xu Cheng.

“I don’t know him.” Xu Cheng said indifferently.

“Well this person must be someone very important to her.” The doctor nodded thoughtfully and walked away.

Bei Shan looked inside the hospital room and said to Xu Cheng, “Go in and talk to her so she can wake up earlier.”

Satan disagreed with him, or rather, he wanted Xu Cheng to end his romantic relationship. “Aren’t you afraid that she will see you like this when she wakes up? By then you will deny that you’re Xu Cheng, but your voice would betray you. Do you want her to see you like this?”

He was right, the doctor had also said that Lin Chuxue might wake up at any time, but he was also afraid that she would never wake up.

“Forget it, let’s transfer her to the hospital tomorrow.” Xu Cheng looked at Lin Chuxue in the hospital ward deeply before he left.

– At night –

The ward was equipped with a temperature sensor device, and Satan was in the monitoring room when he saw Xu Cheng enter while invisible. He saw an infrared image of a person from the monitor and he sighed. “I knew that you brat would come and talk to her.”

Within the monitor screen.

Xu Cheng locked the door to the hospital ward, and sat down on the edge of Lin Chuxue’s bed as he reached out his hand and held hers

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