Chapter 724: Graveyard (Part Two)

“Little Dong, how many days have I been unconscious?” Lin Chuxue asked Lin Dong.

“It’s been two weeks.” Lin Dong told her the truth.

“There is no way that Xu Cheng would know that I was injured and unconscious for two weeks and not come to see me.” Lin Chuxue said to herself, “Two weeks, he should basically be done with everything but he still hasn’t come back yet, which means something must have happened to him. I’m going to look for him.”

“Madam, you can’t leave right now. You also know that those people are not ordinary people, and this time our opponent is unprecedentedly strong,” Lin Dong said seriously.

Lin Chuxue looked Lin Dong deeply, “Little Dong, you are hiding something from me?”

“What can I hide from you?” Lin Dong was surprised.

“You can’t act, and your words are full of holes when you try. You’re lying.” Lin Chuxue looked at him with certainty and said with a serious face, “I want to see your master! I want to see Xu Cheng!”

Having said that, she picked up her luggage and walked over to the gate.

When Lin Dong went to pull her back, Lin Chuxue snapped at him with a cold face, “Show some respect and let go!”

Obviously, Lin Dong did not dare to be disrespectful to his master’s wife.

After Lin Chuxue broke away from him, she headed to the boarding gate to get her ticket.

As a result, the staff denied her passport and said, “I’m sorry Miss Lin, but you have been banned from leaving the country.”

Lin Chuxue was stunned, and her eyes turned red as she looked at Lin Dong and said, “Something happened to Xu Cheng, right?”.

Lin Dong sat down onto the chair and lowered his head without saying a word.

Lin Chuxue put her luggage on the floor, walked up to him, and grabbed Lin Dong’s collar all of the sudden, questioning, “Tell me, how is he?”

“Master really has something to do abroad, just wait for him to come back.”

“No way!” Lin Chuxue’s eyes reddened as she shook her head. “If something happens to me, he will be with me. Tell me! Where is he? Tell me!”

Lin Dong didn’t know whether he should tell her that master died, because he was afraid that with Lin Chuxue’s current mental state, this news would be devastating.

“Master is really fine, Madam you may be too paranoid. Let’s go back first, okay?” Lin Dong advised.

“I won’t listen to you.” Lin Chuxue shook her head, somewhat refusing to talk to Lin Dong as she picked up her cell phone and called Zhou Zhen directly.

“Hello? Uncle, I want to leave the country but there’s a restriction on my passport. I need you to help me, so I could go look for Xu Cheng.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

“Little Xue… I can’t do anything about it, I’m sorry for your loss.” Zhou Zhen sighed.

“What did you say?” Lin Chuxue thought she had misheard. “What are you talking about? What loss, who died?”

Zhou Zhen was stunned, he had heard about Xu Cheng’s death but he thought that Lin Chuxue already knew about it.

“Didn’t Little Cheng… die?”

Lin Chuxue’s cell phone slipped from her hand and fell to the ground, her pupils were slightly dilated as tears quietly rolled down her face. It was as if she was struck by lightning, and she lost all her strength as her body swayed and fell down to the ground.

Lin Dong rushed over to her and gave her a hand, but Lin Chuxue grabbed his arm as if she was using all her strength.

Her eyes were filled with blood. “Tell me, how did your master die?”

Lin Dong’s body shook, and he didn’t know what to say.

Lin Chuxue pushed him away fiercely, and growled at him, “What else do you want to hide from me? Tell me all about it!”

It was true that his master knew Madam the best.

He had expected that Lin Chuxue’s temperament would not give up until she saw evidence, and he had told Lin Dong earlier to show her the operation room video so that she would give up.

However, Master had also said that he was not to show it to his wife unless it was absolutely necessary, because he was afraid that she could not withstand the mental blow and break down.

“Master is indeed dead,” Lin Dong said.

“How did he die? Where is he? Where is the dead body? I want to see him. Where did you bury him?” Lin Chuxue asked all at once, and she still couldn’t believe it. She had to see Xu Cheng’s corpse in person before she could.

Lin Dong sighed and took her to Xu Cheng’s parents’ cemetery, where there was already a new tombstone.

When Lin Chuxue arrived at the cemetery by car, her heart had already somewhat accepted the fact he was dead and she didn’t know how she got to the tombstone.

When she looked at the black and white photo on the tombstone, she fell down looking like she had lost everything she ever loved.

– In the distance –

Bei Shan looked at all this and sighed, “You might as well tell her that you’re not dead yet.”

“She will look for me all over the world, and I’m afraid that it will be dangerous for her to go out. The only place where the M Nation intelligence doesn’t have control over is within this country. Little Xue is too smart and if we show the slightest mistake, she will discover it.”

Bei Shan: “Then what are you going to do later when she finds out that you have lied to her for so long?”

“How do you think I should tell her that I’m Xu Cheng with this ghostly face and body?” Xu Cheng felt his heart ached as he looked at Lin Chuxue.

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