Chapter 732: The subtle details (Part Two)

Then what was that long*ss speech for?

Xu Cheng didn’t speak as he stood up and walked to the monitoring area with all the surveillance cameras.

Li Chao saw him walking past and had a thoughtful look as he said, “This person’s back figure seems like someone I know.”

Ran Jing: “Who?”

Li Chao: “Nothing, just a bit alike. Director Ran, should we go for it tonight?”

“Of course.” Ran Jing said, “Fly meat is still meat.”

From noon till dawn, Xu Cheng sat still in the commander’s room.

Ran Jing took the lunch box and handed it to him as she said, “Eat if you want to.”

Xu Cheng took it and put it aside on the table, not intending to eat because he wasn’t at a convenient place to eat right now. Meanwhile, Ran Jing wanted him to take off his mask when he ate so she could see what he looked like, but her plan fell through.

By 10:30 PM, Ran Jing had already ordered Li Chao and others on the front line to tackle them down.

She walked to Xu Cheng’s side and saw him looking at the monitoring screen as she teased him, “You still really think that they are diverting our attention? Even if they could divert the police force, can they avoid all the surveillance on the main roads from the port? We have the surveillance on all these roads, and any suspicious vehicles will be stopped through the checkpoints.”

Xu Cheng looked at surveillance and said, “And what if someone has tampered with the surveillance area?”

Xu Cheng had been staring at it the whole day, and he had seen more than thirty screens showing the roads connected to the port.

“That would be impossible. I know what you mean, but this is real-time surveillance. If they record something and connect it to us, then the real-time clock wouldn’t be right.”

Xu Cheng: “The timestamp in the background could be adjusted, so what if I recorded an hour of the real-time surveillance ahead of time?”

Ran Jing frowned. “What do you mean?”

Xu Cheng: “Suppose at an important intersection, I record something at the same time for an hour, and at 9 o’clock on the dot, I swap it with the real-time surveillance, and then at 10 o’clock after a whole hour has passed, I take this recorded video down. Would you know if vehicles passed through this intersection during this time?”

Ran Jing froze. “Why do you think that?”

Xu Cheng pointed to a certain surveillance where a vehicle was driving from the port into the city and said, “Use GPS to see if this car is actually driving? And note the license plate number.”

A technician nodded and hurriedly used the license plate number to track down the car. The technician was immediately surprised and exclaimed, “Director Ran, this car did not pass here at all and it is not currently driving away from the city.”

Ran Jing’s expression changed drastically.

Xu Cheng smiled. “So I was right. This surveillance has actually been tampered with a recorded video.”

Ran Jing picked up the microphone. “Team 3, head to Dongling Road and stop all vehicles for investigation. Now!”

Having said that, she turned around bringing a group of people as they rushed to the scene. Indeed, someone diverted their attention and then secretly swapped out the surveillance camera, tampering with the “eye in the sky” at this area. If it wasn’t looked at carefully, then no one would have felt that the recorded video was off. The average person facing hundreds of video screens, wouldn’t have noticed the difference of a glitched second, but Xu Cheng stared at it a whole day, and he sensed that something was wrong so he asked the technician.

He was indeed correct.

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