Chapter 94

Chapter 94: A Total Change (Part one)

For their way back, the Lin Family didn’t want Tevez to drive them . They all just crammed into Xu Cheng’s little Volkswagen Santana . On the passenger seat, Lin Chuxue looked at the profile of Xu Cheng who was driving, and she seemed to want to say something but didn’t .

Three years had passed, and he had really changed . During the first meet after the long separation, he cleverly helped her escape from the siege of her fans and the media . Then, he considerately delivered her pizza just because he heard her stomach, and it was even her favorite pizza type . It meant he had never forgotten about her .

The second time they met, it was when he made the resolute decision to stand on the side of the government even at the risk of becoming a sacrifice, to challenge the master of North Gate . It was her first time seeing how he bravely fought over hundreds of thugs at once, and to be honest, her heart really ached for him . In her eyes, that scene really looked like Xu Cheng was a lonely wolf, roaring and defending his territory against invaders .

It seemed like they returned to their high school days . He was also blocked and bullied by people after school . At that time, Lin Chuxue knew that because of her, her childhood sweetheart Xu Cheng would suffer from her admirers coming after him for revenge or to vent anger . But, he just knew to stubbornly fight back, and after the fight ended, he would hide into a corner, not showing his wounds to anyone nor complaining a single word to her .

The third time was today, he faced the ridicule of an aristocrat so calmly, and he also beat the crap out of him . In Lin Chuxue’s memory, Xu Cheng had always been a guy that would suffer in silence and feel inferior about himself . But today, Xu Cheng not only fought back, he also became a lot more confident and powerful .

“Dad, don’t just see me as a gambler just because I won a lot of money today . I swear to God, I never gamble . ” Xu Cheng drove as he explained in a sweat . Although he just had the time of his life back in that casino, he really didn’t waste time in gambling at all .

Lin Guiren laughed, “You are all grown up now, I don’t care what you do, I would only be concerned if you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have the balls to do it . If you ever need money, just let Dad know . ”

Xu Cheng smiled and said, “It’s fine . Back when I made the decision to return to Huaxia, you should already know the choice I made . I just wanted to prove myself, and that’s why I came back to develop myself . ”

Lin Guiren felt quite gratified as he leaned over to the front seat and patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder . “Good boy, but Dad still wants to advise you that unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t reveal whose son you are . Actually, let me just directly advise you to not to go find the Ye Family . ”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled . “Dad, do you think that’s possible? Not just me, even if you were the one in my shoes, would you watch my dad’s ashes be only buried abroad? One day, I want to take my dad’s ashes back home, and I don’t care what the Ye Family tries to do to stop me . I will kill whoever stands in my way . ”

When Xu Cheng said that, Lin Chuxue withdrew her gaze from him . He really changed . In the past, Xu Cheng might not have had such an urgent desire for what he wanted, but now, it seemed like he was a lot more determined with all of his goals .

The family directly went to the high-end condo Chuxue bought in Shangcheng . It was a luxurious villa-style condo that even came with a garden and an open-roof swimming pool .

Inside, Assistant Xiaolan had been waiting for a long time, and she finally let out a sigh of relief seeing Chuxue back . But when she saw Xu Cheng with her, she became quite angry .

Chapter 94: A Total Change (Part Two)

“Sister Chuxue, why are you still entangling yourself with this guy? Young Master Chen even put pressure on the company, he’s still quite angry about the last time when he was arrested by this man . ”

Xu Cheng was too lazy to pay attention to Xiaolan, and he directly walked into the apartment and said in disdain, “You can go tell Young Master Chen to just come and find me instead if he’s a man . Don’t make things difficult for Chuxue behind our back . ”

“There’s someone that has the balls to try using the hidden rule playbook to play my daughter?” At this moment, Daddy Lin walked in as he looked at Xiaolan unpleasantly .

“Chairman Lin…” Xiaolan didn’t expect Lin Guiren from Britain to actually be back, and she immediately became a little puppy .

“I need to rest these days, tell the company to push all the scheduled appointments back or cancel them . ” Lin Chuxue needed some time to accompany her parents, and she also needed to think about whether she should divorce Xu Cheng or not . Her mind was a mess right now, and she obviously didn’t have the time to care about work .

As Lin Chuxue and Xiaolan talked, Lin Guiren gestured to Xu Cheng with his mouth, signaling for him to go outside with him to the rooftop terrace .

Lin Lei also quickly followed them out because he knew that Dad was about to torment Brother-in-Law again .

Mommy Lin saw those three and she speechlessly shook his head . “That old man, his fists are itching again . ”

Indeed, this seemed to be a tacit understanding cultivated between Lin Guiren and Xu Cheng . After both of them went out, Lin Guiren looked at Xu Cheng and tut-tutted, “Not bad, you actually dared to kill the gang leader Gate Master Yan . You grew up a little in the three years I haven’t seen you . ”

Xu Cheng smiled . “Dad, in the past before you beat me, you for sure wouldn’t probe me before the fight . Today, you did, so does that mean you are feeling a bit unsure?”

Lin Guiren grinned, “Me? Feeling unsure about beating your a-s? What a joke . ”

Xu Cheng: “There’s a saying about how you can’t look at someone the same after three days without seeing them, not to mention three years . ”

Lin Guiren and Xu Cheng’s dad were life-and-death comrades made from the battlefield, and they were both in the most elite special forces in the past . Although Lin Guiren went to Britain to become a rich aristocrat, sparring had always been a hobby of his . When Xu Cheng was young, Lin Guiren would feel bad if Brother Xu’s son grew up not knowing any martial arts, so he taught Xu Cheng a lot of techniques . This was also the biggest reason Xu Cheng could be targeted for bullying after school but still fight back and dominate .

As for Lin Lei, he wasn’t as talented, but he also liked this kind of stuff . Although he looked like a dream-boy, he had a wild heart . Mommy Lin didn’t allow her husband to teach their only successor martial arts, so Lin Lei would secretly learn a few moves with Xu Cheng, and that was why they were such good bros .

“Brat, it’s just been three years and you are already overestimating yourself? Tell me, what have you learned in the past three years?” Lin Guiren laughed and asked .

Xu Cheng closed his eyes, and when he opened his eyes again, he said, “I don’t know how to explain it, as I felt like I’ve learned nothing yet everything, just like Zhang Sanfeng’s Tai Chi . You seem to forget all the moves, but you actually mastered all the moves . ”

Lin Lei bitterly laughed, “Brother-in-Law, pull less agro . I’m scared for you that you will be beaten so hard by dad again that you won’t be able to get out of the bed for a day . ”

“Hear that? Kid, everyone still vividly remembers how hard I beat your a-s in the past . ” Lin Guiren smiled .

Xu Cheng extended one hand and said, “Dad, less talk, let’s go . ”

Lin Guiren lifted his brows . “What’s the meaning of lifting up one hand?”

Xu Cheng: “Giving you a handicap of two legs and one hand . I’m only using one hand . ”

“Hahahahahaha . ” Lin Guiren burst into laughter, “You are still like before, not yielding to defeat and being stubborn as f*ck . ”

Looking at the two men outside from the floor-to-ceiling glass window, Lin Chuxue sat down on the sofa and smiled, “Dad’s going to have an existential crisis today . ”

She had seen the fight between Xu Cheng and Gate Master Yan, so she naturally knew what Xu Cheng was capable of .

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